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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options March 20, 2009

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Artist Track Album
Louis Moholo's Viva-La-Black  Mongezi-Frames part 1   Options Louis Moholo's Viva-La-Black 
Archie Shepp  Coral Rock   Options Coral Rock 
Mal Waldron  1–3–234   Options Free At Last 
Fred Lane  Rubber Room   Options From the One that Cut You 
Muhal Richard Abrams  1 And 4 Plus 2 And 7   Options Things to Come From Those Now Gone 
Ornette Coleman  Friends & Neighbors   Options Friends & Neighbors 
David Thomas & the Pedestrians     
Henry Cowell  Ostinato Pianissimo   Options  
  Article 0881022    
Quintron  Take Off the Wet Suits   Options  
Bruce Ditmas  Soweto   Options  
Martin Theurer & Paul Lovens  Pfiff Im Winter   Options Der Traum Der Roten Palme 
Hermann Keller  Schwebüngen / Brechüngen   Options Schwebungen – Brechungen 
Hermann Keller  Ex Tempore VII   Options Schwebungen – Brechungen 
Ron Geesin  More than Seven Dwarves in Penis Land   Options Music from the Body 
Ron Geesin  Dance of the Red Corpuscles   Options Music from the Body 
Love Live Life + One  Shadows of the Mind   Options Love Live Life + One 
Faust  [part of side A]   Options The Faust Tapes 
Vogel  Flaschen   Options  
Catalogue  Demnächst Mon Amour   Options Pénétration 
Video-Aventures  Venus   Options  
Hybrid Kids  Happy Xmas (War Is Over)   Options  
Wha Ha Ha  Akatere   Options  
Yoko  Don't Worry   Options Fly 
Gilli Smith  Shakti Yoni   Options  
Alice Cooper  No Longer Umpire   Options  
Cromagnon  Crow of the Black Tree   Options Orgasm 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 3/20/09 12:06pm bryce:

  Fri. 3/20/09 12:07pm Bäd R☺nald:

  Fri. 3/20/09 12:07pm Carmichael:

Ah HA!!
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:08pm Glenn L:

Y'know, I ....uh, y'know?
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:08pm texas scott:

ear shields UP!!
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:09pm bryce:

  Fri. 3/20/09 12:09pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Bryce, you seem well relaxed this week. Happy to have full reign again?
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:10pm bryce:

  Fri. 3/20/09 12:11pm Cecile:

hi everybody, especially Bryce!
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:11pm a listener:

i always felt you were a wild man, bryce. it was interesting to hear your colleagues confirm it.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:13pm Glenn L:

It's like,.........y'know.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:14pm texas scott:

Bryce is well-prepared....but, yes,kinda on the feral side!
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:14pm bryce:

  Fri. 3/20/09 12:15pm bryce:

whoops, that was for glenn. do not type when i type!
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:16pm texas scott:

  Fri. 3/20/09 12:16pm Bäd R☺nald:

What type are you?
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:17pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Bryce should inform us as to when he is typing some how so we do not make such a mis-step again!
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:17pm Valley Sheep:

  Fri. 3/20/09 12:17pm texas scott:

the dangerous type.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:18pm Clueless:

Can you play $$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$ again sometime?
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:18pm Glenn L:

Oh Bad Ronald,.......y'know.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:18pm still b/p:

Feral jockey,
Feral jockey,
Discez vous?
Discez vous?
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:19pm bryce:

domo arigato, domo arigato, sacrebleu
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:19pm texas scott:

just GOTTA hear 4444444 by 44 from the album 4444444444444!!!!
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:20pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

The last time someone requested a song during Bryce's show he put all of us in time out by playing dead air for five minutes so that we learned our lesson!
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:21pm Bäd R☺nald:

Mon Dieu!
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:22pm Yakov:

In Soviet Russia, Bryce's show listens to you.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:22pm bartleby:

So, what would happen if someone requested dead air for 5 minutes?
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:22pm Carmichael:

Pearly, I think it was the new Marcel Marceau CD.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:23pm bartelby:

would it cure my tinnitus?
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:23pm texas scott:

that would be too much to ask, Pearly.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:24pm SeanG:

Bryce deserves our silence
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:24pm still b/p:

I thought it was the movie soundtrack for Silence of the Jams.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:25pm Cecile:

Only Bryce may dance.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:26pm ssshhhhhhh:

damn,i missed that last part.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:28pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

During his show, Bryce enjoys crackers with a thin cut of SILENZIO!
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:29pm ssshhhhhhh:

Your comment: (No HTML, please)
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:30pm Carmichael:

Cecile, does that mean that all of my stylish, Arthur Murray-on-acid interpretive tribute dances were technically illegal?!?
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:30pm still b/p:

...And watches Bridge on the River Quiet.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:31pm bryce:

i'm gnabbing the biggest gnog.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:31pm Carmichael:

Silence is golden, golden. But my eyes still see.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:31pm Budgie:

Budgie on the River Quiet was one of my favorite movies growing up. Thanks for bringing back the memories, friend.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:32pm ?:

as long as you're not dancing in the comments section you should be ok.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:33pm Carmichael:

I was dancing in the moonlight. Everything was feeling warm and right ....
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:34pm Budgie:

Other fine movies in bird cinema: Budgiez in da Hood and The Discreet Charm of the Budgeoisie.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:34pm HTML:

No please, No comment only by WFMU DJ
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:35pm Luie Luie:

This song makes me want to do the touchey.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:37pm Roger Ebert:

Red Budgie of Courage.
Budgie Jones Diary.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:38pm antibryce:

I am always late,not very well-prepared,and like clutter.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:39pm Gene Siskel:

I'm still dead, but I occasionally post. SlumBudgie Millionaire was at once frightening, exhilirating and happy. 2 thumb bones up.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:40pm Alfonso Bedoya:

"Budgies? We don' hab no budgies. We don' hab to show you any stinkin' budgies..!!"
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:43pm Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:43pm Q.T.:

Guys. I want you all to look into seeing my new movie this August. It is called Inglorious Budgies and is bound to be the Summer Blockbuster of the year!
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:43pm Carmichael:

Buildups. Letdowns.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:43pm Sean Daily:

Star Budgie V: The Budgie Strikes Back
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:44pm Budgie:

Are you the real sean daily, the fake sean daily, or the blended super sean daily that defies explanation? Don't think I forgot!
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:44pm Sean Daily:

Budgie: Yes.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:48pm annie:

i'm really listening, really really.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:48pm Budgie Ebsen:

I earned a fair dollar doing "Beverly Trillbillies" and "Birdaby Jones" but I never got over losing the Tin Man gig.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:48pm Cranky Critic at USA TODAY:

I don't understand Clint Eastwood's The Budgies of Madison County, but then I don't understand any of the films that I review, so I'm giving it negative two and a half stars.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:49pm Pauline Kael:

I disagree, and always will; so help me budgie.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:50pm Budgie Sorrell:

Oh yeah? Think how I feel. I was the real brains of the operation, and 2nd banana to that skinny alky with the trophy wife.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:50pm bryce:

no leaves today, annie?
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:51pm annie:

of grass, yes. want some? wink wink
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:52pm Carmichael:

You're a naughty lady.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:52pm Ike:

Mmmm, Kael! No seriously, Pauline Kael is my hero. Mmmm, oolong.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:52pm annie:

hey, it's medicinal; legal almost
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:53pm Parq:

Apparently, I also post as "antibryce" when I'm not paying attention. And Alfonso beat me to it, but it's "I don't have to show you any", not, contrary to popular belief, "We don't need no".
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:54pm ?:

I was hopping there in the baseline, waving my wings.."get over the wall, ball, get over, go...!!!"
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:55pm ?%#$@*(!:

Question for previous is "Who is "Budge" Fisk, Alex?"
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:55pm Carmichael:

Over, Under, Sideways, Down.
Inside, Outside, All Around.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:56pm Cecile:

I want to see the new movie "Gentleman Budgies" directed by the Napoleon Dynamite dude.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:56pm Penelope Gillette:

Wait a gosh darn minute, don't I count for anything?
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:58pm ǾĦ №!:

that ornette coleman track was grand.
  Fri. 3/20/09 12:59pm Sean Daily:

Personally, I can't wait for Tarantino's "Inglourious Budgees".
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:03pm Bizzaro Budgie:

Has anyone posted as "Bizarro Bryce?""
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:04pm Parq:

David Thomas reminds me, how about "30 Budgies Over Tokyo"?
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:05pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

You guys here the latest album from the bonzo budgie doo-dah band? It's got that swing!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:05pm pearly sweets:

hear also. here is good. but hear is better.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:06pm maestro:

Hear here!!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:06pm texas scott:

annie how's the greenhouse coming?
gonna grow leaves this year?
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:06pm Bizarro Budgie:

Me fan made of bread, it work good but smell bad, remind me of Bizzarro grandma's house
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:08pm texas scott:

i guess bird is the word
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:08pm Bizarro Budgie:

Me want jerk now, present!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:09pm ssshhhhhhh:

jerk off,present!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:09pm Bobbie Gentry:

"Ode to Budgie Joe"
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:10pm Bizarro Cecile:

You are playing some strange music here.
I don't think I like it.
I also don't feel comfortable commenting in front of strangers.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:10pm annie:

scott, the greenhouse is all done. 8x4x6 ft tall. seeds sown and oregano sprouted.. woohoo! it is not very warm today. i'm not running heat in it, just relying on sunshine..
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:11pm annie:

leaves to follow.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:11pm Art Smass:

"Oregano." That's what we used to call it, too.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:11pm texas scott:

very nice,annie.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:13pm bartelby:

I'd better call AAA. I left my keys in the negation.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:13pm annie:

art, sshhhhhhhhhhh... i'm tryin to keep it a secret!! i'll lat you know when the "marjoram" is up too!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:13pm Bizarro Cecile:

You guys don't do drugs do you?
I've never done drugs or hung out with people who did drugs.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:14pm Brisbane Budgie:

You got got any budgieridoo music?
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:15pm Carmichael:

Back in the '70s, about the time Vic Hedges saved my life, I went through an experimental period where I was drug-free.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:15pm texas scott:

hey,where's the regular Cecile....we want her back.
she's much more fun!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:16pm Sean Daily:

Hey Annie (sniff) you got any you know (sniff) you got any oregano? C'mon man! I'm crashin' here!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:16pm annie:

i hear there's an upgarde to cecile 2.3
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:16pm Marshall Stacks:

That is one well-coiffed budgie.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:17pm annie:

meet me in the alley sean, no wait, meet me in the "bulk herbs" aisle at the health food store.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:19pm Bizarro Cecile:

  Fri. 3/20/09 1:20pm annie:

good thing i refused the cecile upgrade. the default is far wittier..
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:21pm bizarro texas scott:

commie fags!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:22pm Bizarro Sean Daily:

Me know what you mean, Cecile. Me think funny people all Commie dupes and fellow travelers and probably hommasesxshuls too. Me go cook dinner in refrigerator now.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:22pm Marshall Stacks:

Bizarro EBS?
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:22pm Frank Burns:

  Fri. 3/20/09 1:24pm Mike:

  Fri. 3/20/09 1:25pm bryce:

YOUR MOM failed.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:26pm Dead Man:

I won't take that lying down!!!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:26pm Mike:

  Fri. 3/20/09 1:27pm Marshall Stacks:

Evolution could not have created budgies that look like that.
They could only be the result of... Intelligent Design. Is it Wednesday?
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:27pm Bizzarack Obama:

Me hope nothing.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:28pm annie:

Bizzarack, you have alot of audacity!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:29pm bryce:

hey, did that test really not go out? i can't tell up here in my mother of pearl tower.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:29pm lolCecile:

Oh, hai, guyz. I miz sumthin?
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:30pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

I heard you talk about a test, Mr. Bryce. I heard it all.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:31pm annie:

crackling is all i got here and i loved every second of it
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:32pm Ike:

You announced a test in a highly appropriate and entertaining way, but no test went out.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:32pm Marshall Stacks:

It really didn't go out - at least, not over my little segment of the Internet. Just your announcement of an EBS test, then a bit of silence, then music.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:32pm north guinea hills:

weird, i have this hermann keller record, i still don't really know who he is...
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:33pm bryce:

all right, none of you work for the Funny Candy Company, RIGHT?
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:34pm Marshall Stacks:

They pensioned me off.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:34pm Budgie:

Bryce saying test = yes. A Real test = no.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:34pm Carmichael:

I did not hear any test. Just another Marcel Marceau cut.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:35pm AIG:

Recently we aquired the candy company and I have great news for all of our employees. YOU'RE DOIN' A GREAT JOB! Here's some kish!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:36pm Mike:

I won't tell if you don't....

....unless they have candy. I like candy.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:36pm Marcel Marceau:

What? Speak up, I didn't hear you!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:37pm bryce:

P A N I C ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:38pm Bizzaro Parq:

Annie, you get no snow down there? We get lots snow here, lots and lots, not just flurries. Me glad coz me love snow. Also, kid come home from prison downstate today, me want see her get stuck in snow.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:40pm Yoda:

The panic budgie you should hit!!!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:40pm Bizarro Annie:

me got no snow, only light flurries. i arranged for blizzard down your way for once. i got plants to grow, ya see? important plants
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:41pm Varg Vikernes:

lolerskates! U Guyz R SO GR8! I'd love 2 hang Out!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:43pm annie:

this is my favorite version of rhapsody in crude.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:43pm tom:

Hey Bryce,
Will tonight's SXSW showcase be broadcast over the air or just via internet or both?
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:44pm Skeeter:

Crap, so what? I'm still gonna hang around the keg with some of the guys, maybe some of the girls, with my left hand in my pocket. The we'll pop the hood on my IROC and check 'er out and shit.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:45pm bryce:

SXSW, oh yes! it all.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:46pm lolCecile:

U all R nutz

Varg, I think Indian food is gr8. We should totally hang outz. :D
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:46pm Varg Vikernes:

This Song TTLLY reminds me of when I stabbed Euronymous 23 times. LOL! You guys r MY BFFs!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:46pm Rolf Mao:

I can haz bujjyburger?
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:48pm Bizarro Gershwin:

OK, what did you do to my Budgie in Paris?
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:49pm Jeff m:

sounds extra yummy today sir. good stuff for relaxing in the basement.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:50pm Varg Vikernes:

lolCecile, that is such a GR8 idea! But Indian food is SOOOO made by the hands of the filthy unclean! Know N-E place that makes a good Smørbrød?
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:50pm Rupert Holmes:

Him, him, him. What'cha gonna do about him?
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:51pm Budgitte Bardot:

Non, non...don't eet booojie...non!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:52pm lolCecile:

Swedish consulate? mebbe?
Or if you haz xpens account, we can go to Aquavit.
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:53pm Art Smass:

Varg, I'll meet U by Herring-a-Go-Go at the food court. L8R!
  Fri. 3/20/09 1:55pm Cecile:

ooooh, will there be cameras under the stairs?
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:02pm Lunch:

Eat me.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:02pm Cecile:

bryce, who is this Fred lane guy you played a while back? That cut was messed up. In a good way.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:04pm Pearly Sweets:

Cecile - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reverend_Fred_Lane
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:06pm bryce:

big fmu hit 10 or 15 ago!
wacky alabaman, hung out with a bunch of music school students, who basically listened to him hum each song and turned it into that. couple of 'em have been active in avanty toonering since, tho they used fake names on the record. (Ladonna Smith, & Dave Williams)
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:06pm yea:

  Fri. 3/20/09 2:07pm Cecile:

  Fri. 3/20/09 2:09pm Bizzaro FMU:

Big live Barenaked Ladies broadcast tonight!
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:11pm zedprophfer:

the playlist needs more 4's.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:11pm bryce:

freakin wikipedia. obsolete MY anal retention, will you?
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:11pm bartleby:

It's not nice to call them "broads"
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:14pm Skeeter:

Even if they are. My ol' lady told me that.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:14pm Glenn L:

Shemp pal buddah.
Ship in a better sea.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:15pm Glenn L:

I have a headache.
I have a stomachache.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:17pm texas scott:

i have an earache.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:17pm Sean Daily:

i haz cheezburger so neener neener neener
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:17pm Bizarro Ken:

Anyone have an aspirin?
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:17pm bryce:

shrimp & udon
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:18pm annie:

hhmmm. shrimp........ udon... hhmm with toasted sesame oil... hhmm..
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:18pm Cheech y Chong:

Earache our eyes!
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:19pm Carmichael:

Now you're talkin' Bryce. There's a Korean BBQ buffet right down the street. No udon, but all the short ribs and rice you can ram down your gullet.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:22pm Carmichael:

This sounds like a peppy Syd Barrett.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:23pm Cecile:

are catalogue that one band that had that great song that started with a cough?
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:24pm pauldepiperssoninpranzlauerberg:

nice hearing the faust tapes track and bottle by bird. i go out now to get some beer bottles, 500ml good beer at 83 cent including pfand. the price of living in relative poverty here is great beer at cheap prices, great accomadation at cheap prices great live music less then a kilometre away from me tonight at cheap prices. nowhere is perfect obviously but...
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:30pm bryce:

cecile, yes!! jacques berrocal he smoke too much.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:31pm Anti Claus:

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas, suckas!
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:31pm Cecile:

  Fri. 3/20/09 2:32pm Carmichael:

Zing! Cecile.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:32pm Parq:

That was what "It's A Small World" would sound like if FMU people were the majority.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:33pm Eddie:

Hybrid Kids RULE!
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:36pm ?:

Bryce- 1st track you played @ noon- 2 drumset/percussion/sax- do you have the personell line-up??? keep it up
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:39pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

I might have a wiki for that too
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:39pm annie:

i love yoko..
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:39pm Sean Daily:

I know the kind of loving thoughts that are going through those budgies' little heads: "I'd KILL you for you doing this to me, human, if I could see you."
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:40pm Cecile:

me too
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:40pm stanky:

  Fri. 3/20/09 2:40pm dc pät:

  Fri. 3/20/09 2:40pm bartelby:

I passed Yoko on the street once, she's tiny
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:41pm dc pät:

this song rules.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:41pm Sean Daily:

Yoko Ono didn't break up the Beatles. The Beatles broke up the Beatles.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:41pm Budgie:

Wait... so where exactly are her hands?
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:41pm Ravi Shankar:

It sure as hell wasn't me.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:42pm texas scott:

  Fri. 3/20/09 2:42pm annie:

she wears some big-ass shoes tho, in a manner of speaking.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:42pm Steve Gugel:

  Fri. 3/20/09 2:42pm pauladepipersdaughterinparis:

fuck the beatles. meet the residents and avant reguard
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:42pm Doug from DC:

And she's a witch. This song is turning me into a newt.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:43pm Steve Gugel:

  Fri. 3/20/09 2:43pm bartelby:

I like this, I am going right out to buy this CD after work
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:43pm Steve Gugel:

Is she in the singing special olympics?
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:44pm frank in vt:

had to turn down the volume at work. for a second I though the coffee was getting to me
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:44pm AIG:

I broke up the beatles. I ate their soul's nector.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:44pm Doug from DC:

I picked up the Tater Totz side-long cover of Don't Worry recently. Yoko's version is better, but they have some crazy guitar sounds on their version.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:44pm Parq:

Yeah, Bryce, why did you play that weird music? Where are those cute 3 1/2 minute guitar-driven pop songs you usually play?
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:44pm Carmichael:

HAHAHA!! My Windows stream Just turned itself off completely. It has a Yoko muting circuit. I wonder what would happen if Bryce played Debbie Boone?
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:45pm Art Smass:

Here's the weird thing: those aren't budgies. Those are pigeons. Very festive pigeons.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:45pm Doug from DC:

AIG buried Paul.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:46pm John Lennon:

what Parq said.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:46pm texas scott:

they look like chickens,art....ready to party.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:46pm Jess:

Oddly, I'm more weirded out by the Christmas song than I am by Yoko Ono. I don't know what that says about me..
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:47pm Beavis or Budghead:

Ha ha ha! She said "Yoni," ha ha ha!
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:47pm Glenn L:

Your Windows Stream would light up yr life, Carmichael.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:49pm dc pät:

I really do like that Yoko tune by the way--best guitar work Eric Clapton ever did.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:50pm Jim:

Wow...Years ago I could empty my house by just playing one Yoko track...Now I see she was years ahead of all of us...Love you Yoko! PEACE TO ALL
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:51pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

This cromagnon album from ESP is great to listen too when you are driving around back roads half lost.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:51pm annie:

just call me a ditto head
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:52pm Doug from DC:

I agree, despite any joke I may have made, I really do like Yoko's music. And I did empty out a room once by playing "Why?"
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:53pm nick:

is that a lion bird?
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:55pm annie:

great show bryce.... thanks..
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:55pm bradd in spokane:

Bryce, great show as usual.
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:58pm bryce:

bye everyone!!! have nice weeks.

again, THANKS SO MUCH for helping keep shitty radio alive. love all around
  Fri. 3/20/09 2:58pm Marshall Stacks:

Just call me a double ditto head. Another great show, Bryce.

All this posting has done wonderful things for my arithmetic skills.
  Mon. 5/18/09 9:47pm Melody:

RE: Vic Hedges - A Memorial Service & Celebration of Life is scheduled for May 22/09 - would very much appreciate your comments!
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