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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options March 13, 2009: Week 2 of the WFMU 2009 Marathon with co-host Benjamen Walker

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Artist Track
44444444444444444  444444 444444   Options
44444444444  44 44444 44444444444444444   Options
444444  4444-4444   Options
444444  444444444444   Options
4444444 44 4  4444 4444444444444   Options
444444 4 44 44  44444444444 44444444   Options
444 4$4 444444 44444444 4  4444444444   Options
4444444444 4444  444 4444444444444   Options
4 4 444444  44 444   Options
44 44444 4 444444  44444   Options
44 44444444  444444 444 4444   Options
4444444444  4444444   Options
44 4444444  444 44 44444444444   Options
44444 44 44444444 44444  44444   Options
44444  444'4 4 44444 444   Options
44444 444444444  444444444 44 4444444   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 3/13/09 12:07pm $tingy d:

nice 4's
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:09pm Hector:

Best artist and song name in years...
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:10pm still b/p:

  Fri. 3/13/09 12:10pm BW:

Call in now and make your pledge to Bryce - win some "ethnic" premium? and help Bryce make his goals
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:10pm stingy d:

pfff... obviously you never heard 3333 3 333 33 333 33 3 3333
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:10pm bryce:

fuck that noise
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:11pm dc pat:

OOOOHHHH NOOOOOOOO THE FOOOOUUUURRRRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:12pm BW:

pledge for shouting..
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:12pm Cecile:

4s on the floor.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:12pm dc pat:

YER KILLIN MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Who is 44444444444 by the way, this is excellent....)
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:12pm still b/p:

The Psychedelic Fours.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:13pm stingy d:

aight tho
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:13pm Carmichael:

It's the configuration that makes them different. I liked the 11 Fours artist much better than the 17 Fours.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:14pm Carmichael:

The Four Skins.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:15pm Cecile:

Benjamin, are ya going to post some cool comix for us?
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:17pm still b/p:

I been through the desert on some fours with no name...

- and -

...how do ya like it, how do ya like it?
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:19pm Carmichael:

Ask not four whom the bell tolls.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:20pm Cecile:

4 your love...
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:21pm north guinea hills:

Bryce, your premium is one of the three premiums i picked up. I can't wait until i get my grubby hands on it!
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:21pm TommyB:

Revolution Number 4
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:22pm bryce:

it's a lie! i'm sending everyone a hamwich.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:26pm 4 44:

Wow, I'm really likeing this 4444444 44 4 track!
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:26pm still b/p:

4 wince and 4 all: Are you going..
...to Scarborough 4?
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:28pm Cecile:

4 once in my life I have someone who needs me.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:30pm Longfellow:

By the 4s of Gitche Gumee...
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:30pm Pearly Sweets:

Work keeps taking me away today! Bummer city
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:31pm still b/p:

Pearly's 4-lorn.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:32pm dc pat:

HEY, just when I was getting use to the 4's, he throws a fucking $ in there.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:33pm Cecile:

Include Sex Panther cologne!
60% of the time it work 100% of the time
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:36pm Cecile:

We used to have an Ikeyard sticker up in the WCBN studios.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:36pm Parq:

I am the God of Hell Four, and I bring you . . .
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:37pm dc pat:

the ONLY kind of music I like is music I've never heard before
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:39pm Hugo:

44 1/4 - lp played at the wrong speed ...
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:39pm still b/p:

Arthur..! Paintin' up his performance face before face-painting was cool or common.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:40pm bw:

if WFMU was a human body.. which organ would Bryce be???
call and pledge or leave your answer here
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:41pm dc pat:

Arthur is still playing
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:43pm Cecile:

bwwahwahahahahahahhahahwahahahaha, BW

No reason.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:43pm Pearly Sweets:

Not sure which body part Bryce would be, but Kenny G would be the Vas Deferens.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:44pm dc pat:

the skin

where'd the $ go?!!!
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:46pm Cecile:

Kenny G would be the id.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:47pm annie:

i say bryce would be the heart, absolutely.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:48pm Hugo:

the third eye ...
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:48pm still b/p:

Embers O'Memory: Glimpsed Arthur Brown a little ahead of the US chart curve. I was in Ireland in '68 -- saw him sing "Fire" on Brit TV, I think on the talent show "Opportunity Knocks".
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:49pm dc pat:

he had a pyrotechnics problem couple years back, didn't he?
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:50pm Hugo:

I put a 4 on you ...
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:51pm Parq:

Still, he did the whole thing -- extended intro, flaming headdress and all -- on the Tom Jones variety show ca. '69 in the US. Made quite an impression in this middle-school-aged kid.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:51pm smallybiggs:

the toe
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:51pm smallybiggs:

the toe
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:52pm smallybiggs:

the toe
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:52pm Parq:

Bryce is the pancreas, sending out hormonal impulses that drive what everything else is doing.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:53pm dc pat:

...put the $ back, man....
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:53pm smallybiggs:

the big one.
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:53pm still b/p:

Is Diane the teeth?

Arthur Brown Wikcerpts:
"...occasional mishaps, such as a Windsor, England show in which the methanol fueling of the helmet crown poured over his head by accident and caught fire; two bystanders doused the flames by pouring beeron Brown’s head, preventing any serious injury."

"Brown created a perception that he was always on the verge of setting fire to the stage, leading some concert organizers to demand he post a bond with them if he could not show he was adequately insured against uncontrollable fire and fire damages."
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:55pm dc pat:

is there any problem beer can't fix?
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:55pm BW:

can anyone multiply fabio's bryce pledge of .59 cents
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:56pm Marshall Stacks:

For some reason, I have a strong desire for some Burmese food right about now....
  Fri. 3/13/09 12:59pm still b/p:

Delicious Burmese cookie: Myallomar.
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:00pm HotRod:

Glad to hear my listeners are still coming through. Hopefully they got the DJ Premium as well.

NOW SHOW BRYCE SOME LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Fri. 3/13/09 1:00pm Cecile:

You can please Sumatra the people all of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:01pm Firesign Theater:

All right, Stetson, whose behind *is* the Giant Rat of Sumatra?
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:01pm HotRod's Parents.:

Shouldn't you be asleep!?
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:03pm G:

you mean, by The Fab 4444444444 4444
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:04pm dc pat:

ah, thanks bryce.
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:05pm HotRod:

Unfortunately, I'm now at work. Who needs sleep anyway! What I need is for all you listeners to PLEDGE!
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:06pm Tom:

its best-known musical output is probably dangdut, a rabab/saluang instrumental style.
The Sumatran Toba people are distinctive in their use of tuned drums to carry the melody in their music; this practice is very rare worldwide. The Toba also use an instrument similar to the oboe and several kinds of gongs. Ensembles include the gondang sabangunan.
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:08pm Mike Fun:

Woo Hoo! Just pledged! Beware the Sumatran Rat Monkey.
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:09pm Hugo:

Bahasa Indonesia!
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:10pm dc pat:

dang, wish my name was Mike Fun. The manager of my first band was named Mike Rage. Any relation?
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:12pm Mike Fun:

No relation. It's an Ironic nickname, like calling a big guy "TIny." I'm a total drag.
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:17pm Kenzo:

Bryce is saying he likes the Accuplaylist because it allows him to be less personal by avoiding the mic. Computers win again!
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:18pm Tom:

Honk horn!!!!!
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:18pm zed4phfer:

the keyboard is the new microphone!
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:18pm Hugo:

Mike Break would be a great name for a DJ.
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:20pm Tom:

It's probably not a good sign that I have to think as long as I do about the math problem every time I post a comment.
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:20pm Hugo:

Hey, the math answer to the last comment was 444. No kidding!
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:20pm dc pat:

DJ Mike Ded
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:22pm BW:

Station Manager Ken just dropped into the pledge hq and says WFMU still has a way to reach the goal for the 2009 marathon - so for all of you out there RIGHT NOW who have not pledged.. now is a REALLY good time to do it.. plus you can get Bryce's pledge cd - which is amazing
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:23pm bryce:

Bryce: Hello. I am BRYCE. How can I help you?
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:25pm Cecile:

what are today's specials?
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:25pm Tom:

C'mon people, get on the phone! Now's the time to stand up and be counted! I gave away my first kid's college tuition and I expect the same from you!
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:27pm bw:

the special is Bryce's premium.. his first ever
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:27pm VISA:

Token pledge amount: $15.
Generous pledge amount: $365.
Booster pledge: $3000.
Friday without WFMU: Bryceless
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:28pm annie:

if i donate any more money it will not be pretty.. and i just started a whole shitload of seeds AND i lost my truck. so... i am not gonna be hoofin it anywhere .. sorry..
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:28pm Cecile:

I am the empty shell the a dried husk of a stone you tried to get blood from financially.
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:29pm Cecile:

In short, I'm with Annie here.
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:30pm Hugo:

Mikey Dread - real name Michael Campbell - was a damn good DJ and had a label callled Dread at the Controls. Now, that's a good name for a radio show!

Bryce is pryceless!

(BTW, the kid got the premium on last week's show)
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:30pm ted:

who are 4 4 444444 ?? that brass is killer!
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:34pm dc pat:

jeezus, this IS cool... keeps getting better.
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:38pm marathon newswire:

Prodigious pledgers provoke peevish partners! Freeform finance foments family friction -- friendly funders face floggings/firestorm.
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:43pm annie:

denver rules.
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:45pm stingy d:

we gonna get it done don't worry.
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:54pm Emily:

hooray for the synthesizer!
  Fri. 3/13/09 1:59pm Kenzo:

Yeah, shit, keep playing this warbly synth for a few more hours. You turn my knees to jelly Bryce!
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:00pm Budgie:

Where's my present, Jerk?
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:01pm Cecile:

what I want to hear is "The winner of the next prize package is Cecile". But I never hear it. :(

what Budgie said
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:01pm Cecile:

machine gun is a real mofo of a CD.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:02pm Pearly Sweets:

Cecile, don't feel too bad. I also didn't win any prizes either. Mostly because I only donated during Kenny G's and Clay's shows and they didn't have any because they are lazy and good for nothing.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:03pm George 4man:

Good 4 nothing.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:05pm Nipples & Balls:

Hello friends, if you enjoy Machine Gun, you might want to try putting me in your ears also. I'm two of Peter Brotzmann's other bangin' albums, you shot callers.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:05pm dc pat:

damn, yes! Now THIS is MUSIC!!!
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:05pm Cecile:

well, I do have a Buddha machine 2.0 out of all of it.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:07pm Pearly Sweets:

Yes! Also a variety of shirts and DJ premiums! And the knowledge that I did a job well done. So that when I get Ken's e-mail I can read it and say "I am a giver, sir."
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:07pm stingy d:

i won a 28-cd sun ra box set from scott mcdowell's show. was late at nice.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:08pm BSI:

that was lovely-angry...
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:09pm Pearly Sweets:

A jazz professor I had in college once described Peter Brotzmann and Anthony Braxton as “the sound of a wolf sodomizing a goose."
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:09pm Cecile:

And I own Ken, can't forget about that!
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:10pm pearly s:

Stingy, you bastard! I am the most envious!
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:10pm Cecile:

I think of Braxton as more fox-like and crafty in his manners..
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:12pm BSI:

so Ken is no longer a freed-man.... is his forehead-name-tattoo healing nicely?
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:12pm Pearly Sweets:

I actually did do an extra tiny pledge yesterday to try and win that Wicked Witch CD that Scott Williams was giving away yesterday. But no go... not even a donation mention. I was total sad face.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:12pm G:

Is that Sumatran Boy Band in the photo making a pantomime 444 for the tray art on their greatest hits release, or something? The new number of the beast? And marked down one third off?
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:12pm Pearly Yesterday:

Yesterday is a beautiful word that should be said at least twice.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:14pm Someone in the know:

Low brow trance? Sounds like Kenny G's show.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:16pm stingy d:

sorry pearl. you could come over and listen to it if you want. i don't even know what to do with 5 cd's much less 28.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:17pm stingy d:

just so you know, my last math answer was "444"
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:19pm Hugo:

These guys could be Filipinos. The best bands in Southeast Asia usually are.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:21pm Parq:

Returning from my lunch break with sad news, kids. Disc-O-Rama on Union Square East off 16th Street has packed it in and moved to a different nabe. The mallization of Union Square is complete; every storefront on the Square, except for a couple of upscale restaurants, is something that you can find in any suburb in America. No wonder we’re all trying so hard to be there for this station -– the rest of the world gets less WFMU every day.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:22pm Pearly Sweets:

Next time I find myself up North I will take you up on it Stingy. We can listen to them all back to back with an expresso machine and yahtzee
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:22pm Carmichael:

Billy Jam's show will hopefully be as insane as last week. I'm going out for Nepalese food.

See you in a while.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:23pm stingy d:

that's going to be so much yahtzee
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:24pm Parq:

That's it, I'm changing the name of the CD to "So Much Yahtzee".
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:27pm fishmonkeystew:

Ok. I can't take it. I gotta give one more time. But that's it. That's all you get. That's the most I've ever donated to anyone ($255). Ever. And oh so worth it. Thanks you guys.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:32pm Pearly Sweets:

Hooray. I just got a steller performance review at work. The bad part... I was looking at this chat when the manager came to get me... whoops?
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:34pm fishmonkeystew:

errr, $225, that is. Math on a Friday-ugh.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:35pm G.:

Try using 4's instead of 2's amd 5's, and see if that helps...
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:36pm stingy d:

it's all stars pearl... you are afforded lapses of sanity when you are performing at a stellar level.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:41pm Kenzo:

Holy cow, my math answer was 444 also
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:43pm G:

Holy cow?

Unholy digit.

Mine too, BTW. Someone who knows how to code this site is involved in this 444 neosatanism. Any idea who, Kenzo? :-P
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:44pm stingy d:

holy toledo!
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:45pm zed4phfer:

  Fri. 3/13/09 2:46pm Ike:

<sexy voice> Hey baby, call me! Call me now! <rowRRR!>
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:47pm Pearly Sweets:

I'm just curious to see if my math number will be 444 also...
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:47pm texas scott:


Got any 44 by a group called 4444444444?
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:48pm Pearly Sweets:

442 + 2. BOOYA! (and this next one is 443 + 1)
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:48pm G:

and it was. fear the fourfourfour. discount satanism rules. $mall ¢hange ...
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:51pm Jimmy Safechuck:

  Fri. 3/13/09 2:51pm stingy d:

4's crying out loud!
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:51pm 1mckers:

Time to sell some crap on ebay.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:51pm BSI:

Discount Satanism!
You can't GET hellfire at these prices forever, people!
Pledge up! Who the HELL needs a MORTAL SOUL anyway?!?!
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:52pm 1mckers:

yah, 4s, too.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:54pm Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:54pm Cecile:

BSI, apparently Ken is on the mend...
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:55pm G:


hi 4's!!!!!!!!! even
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:58pm GP:

Ye Haw!..Texas Scott..glad to have a fellow Texan joining in as a contributing member.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:58pm Stannerlee:

Hi Bryce I got it first time like where have you been all my life! Devoted ever since.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:59pm Parq:

Great job, Bryce. Everybody -- 4 he's a jolly good felll-ow . . .

My math answer is also 444 - Kenzo, are you funning us?
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:59pm 1mckers:

I really hope Bryce is not doing that namaste-hands thing. That would be bad.
  Fri. 3/13/09 2:59pm GP:

heh he..the "math test" answer was 444! Or am I missing something ( as usual)..is that deliberate today?
  Fri. 3/13/09 3:00pm faust:

  Fri. 3/13/09 3:00pm Hugo:

Total pledges $440. Well, it was pretty close ...
  Fri. 3/13/09 3:00pm texas scott:

hey GP,I have been a serial pledger all this week.
new to the wfmu family!
go freeform!
  Fri. 3/13/09 3:02pm GP:

T.Scott....I gave it all to Trouble and Jason..wish I had unlimited funds this wek
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