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Artist Title Approx. start time
Small Faces  Watcha Gonna do About It   Options 0:00:00 )  
Rex Garvin  Sock It To Em J.B. Part 1   Options 0:03:40 )  
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels  Little Latin Lupe Lu   Options 0:04:05 )  
Bobby Patterson  TCB or TYA   Options 0:08:13 )  
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts  Roadrunner   Options 0:10:38 )  
Hi-Risers  One-Note Joe   Options 0:13:25 )  
Stooges  Real Cool Time (alternate take)   Options 0:22:15 )  
Stooges  1969   Options 0:24:18 )  
Cramps  The Crusher   Options 0:29:09 )  
Bobby Comstock  Let's Stomp   Options 0:29:56 )  
Allen Oldies Band  Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'   Options 0:42:25 )  
Dimensions  Yesterday's Love   Options 0:43:54 )  
Corky Jones  Rhythm and Booze   Options 0:56:51 )  
Neil Young and Crazy Horse  Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze   Options 0:59:20 )  
Neil Young  Get Back To the Country   Options 1:02:38 )  
Jerry Reed  When I Found You   Options 1:11:03 )  
Don and Dewey  Farmer John   Options 1:13:12 )  
Eddie Holland  Leaving Here   Options 1:15:59 )  
Black Hollies  Paisley Pattern Ground   Options 1:29:18 )  
King Kahn and the Shrines  Welfare Bread   Options 1:31:16 )  
Undertones  Teenage Kicks   Options 1:37:31 )  
Bobby Fuller  Shakedown   Options 1:40:17 )  
Knickerbockers  They Ran For Their Lives   Options 1:52:49 )  
Fleshtones  Never Grew Up   Options 1:53:48 )  
Replacements  Color Me Impressed   Options 1:56:12 )  
Fire  Father's Name Was Dad   Options 1:59:08 )  
Gary U.S. Bonds  New Orleans   Options 2:01:12 )  
Nick Lowe  Heart of the City   Options 2:16:10 )  
Nick Lowe  Marie Provost   Options 2:17:37 )  
Joe Jeffrey Group  My Pledge of Love   Options 2:18:54 )  
Nick Lowe  So It Goes   Options 2:21:52 )  
Neil Young  Bookstore Rap   Options 2:31:33 )  
Neil Young and Crazy Horse  Opera Star   Options 2:37:32 )  
Liverpool 5  Heart   Options 2:40:59 )  
Nerves  Hangin On The Telephone   Options 2:45:57 )  
Patrice holloway  Do the Del Viking   Options 2:53:29 )  
Sonics  Psycho   Options 2:53:12 )  
Chants R&B  Neighbour Neighbour   Options 2:56:17 )  

Listener comments!

  Tue. 3/10/09 12:07pm Cecile:

Hi and bye! Got a boring meeting, keep the rock goin' lads.
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:08pm GP:

a funkusoularific opening Joe Belock...wow!!
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:08pm Parq:

I love ya, guys. I got nothing left to pledge, but I do love ya.
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:08pm The Man:

I do not profit from this. Therefore I hate it.
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:08pm Dave B.:

Thanks for getting me thru another day.
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:09pm Joe B:

First prize - pledge of 15 or more - The Stooges s/t 2CD reissue on Rhino. Double CD. do it for Ron Ashton!!!!
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:10pm annie:

i just had a world tour of the donation locations.. wow.. great map!!
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:14pm JoeSteele:

Holy Crap Joe, I thought I was done, but you just got more of my money.
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:16pm GP:

Gotta spread the love next pledge season. Jason and Trouble took all of mine.
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:16pm jahna:

  Tue. 3/10/09 12:17pm Pearly Sweets:

You've got the whole barn shakin'. The kids in the back have the boog-a-loo fever and I think there is a good chance the soft-shoe might infect us all!
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:18pm GP:

I want to pick up my guitar....and I don't even know how to play...but I ccould hit that note......wowowowowowowow! what a start to the party!
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:20pm Rubble:

Give whether or not you have the money now. It'll come. Generosity is the best way to attract cash. Seriously!
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:21pm The Man:

If you dont pledge, then I win! Ha Ha!
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:21pm mike:

i think i have a crush on toddophonic todd
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:23pm SmokinJ:

I fuckin' love ya' man...
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:29pm Greg G from DC:

I am my boss and I'm never sure that I'm working, but I've had to change my pants twice already after hearing Mitch Ryder and now Iggy!!!!
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:30pm SmokinJ:

Hang on Greg.. It gets mo' better!
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:31pm Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:31pm dc pat:

The CRUSHER!!! Oh no..where's my wallet?....
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:32pm Pearly Sweets:

Sean, you've really be slacking this week,.
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:33pm fuzzco:

Is Joe even there today?
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:34pm Ambrose Wolfinger:

I've been saving this money for a divorce, if ever I get a husband.
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:38pm SmokinJ:

At least he'll know what's comin' Ambrose :)
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:40pm Joe B:

Pledge $15 nowto get in the running for Holmoes - Free the Preacher CD or the Allen Oldies Band - Ride the Wild Surf CD AND T-shirt!
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:40pm The Man:

Not pledging? Bwah Ha Ha!
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:41pm Joe B:

should read Holmes
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:44pm Andy:

Todd, Marquette MI is in da U.P. eh? Marquette university is in Milwaukee WI Keep on Rocking!!!!
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:46pm fuzzco:

Todd sure does a good job of filling up those boring parts of songs where the music is playing.
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:53pm cynthia:

Keep your hands off my man Bill Dolan!!
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:55pm G:

Running out to go to an appointment, but real quick --

Mouse pledged last week and "sponsored" JB on the flickr site. No, fuzzco, in case you're wondering -- it isn't true that I therefore have JB in my closet to do command performances --

Will be listening lo-fi and lo-tech in the car (as quite a bit of the show's music was originally designed for, lmao)
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:55pm PMD:

Hey - phone people can't hear when you call to pledge!
  Tue. 3/10/09 12:56pm PMD:

Ooooooh... just experienced the delay! just heard on the radio what I heard in the background when I called to pledge...
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:01pm Joe B:

Corky Jones -is Buck Owens. Pledge of 15 or more you are in the running for the great comps Country Goes Rock and Roll, Volumes 1 or 3
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:02pm annie:

ok, just started a coin collection for next year in my "loose change" jar.
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:02pm rubble:

thanks for adopting Joe Greg D!
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:02pm Joe B:

Pledge 75 or more - in the running for the grand prize - Neil Young 6-pack: Sugar Mountain live, Massey Hall live; On the Beach, Reactor, Old Ways, Hawks and Doves Cds. That same 75 gets you the premium Garden State of Confusion: 25 great New Jersey 60s gems!
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:05pm ?:

I can pledge. But don't call me shirley!
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:08pm Mopar Larry:

If it wasn't for you, i wouldn't have found about about the earblistering goodness of the Hi-Risers! here's some drnking money. The MAN's lousy comuter won't let me listen at work.. wahh!
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:09pm fuzzco:

Joe Belock in your closet? Talk about an angry monkey!
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:14pm moparlarry:

shut up. Meg!
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:20pm ferfudgesake:

  Tue. 3/10/09 1:20pm ?:

ghhkkk lor josh
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:22pm fuzzco:

Put your money where Todd-o-Phonic Todd's mouth is!
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:22pm Onid:

Don't ever stop talking over the music.
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:24pm dc pat:

ah, Lititz, PA, right next to Bird In Hand, and Intercourse, PA...no shit.
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:25pm TG:

I would like an entire show of Joe verbally turning listeners upside down and shaking the change from their pockets with a little music in the background.
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:28pm The Man:

Yessir, tune into my new Top 40 station!
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:30pm Rob F.:

Keep up the great work Joe.
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:32pm Joe B:

current prizes - Black Hollies - Casting Shadows CD or King Kahn and the Shrines - The Supreme Genius of ...
Pledge of 15 or more gets you in the running!!!!
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:34pm Cramton Bently, III:

Todd-o-Phonic Todd is in charge of the hoo-hoo-dillies and the tappa-tappa-tap-taps!
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:37pm Carmichael:

King Khan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is my new personal hero.
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:37pm The Man:

Working for ME, Todd!
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:39pm Muckity Muck Jr.:

Todd-o-Phonic Todd keeps being held down! You motherfuckers need to let that man be! Todd is going to crush you all with his size 12s! GET READY FOR IT, FUCKERS!
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:39pm The Man:

Don't listen to him! Get back to work. Arg!
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:39pm Mudcat:

Todd, did you ever read "Old Yeller" when you were a kid?
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:40pm dc pat:

  Tue. 3/10/09 1:43pm Carmichael:

The Undertones, jaysis! Are you in my childhood, Todd? Play some Stiff Little Fingers and you'll have raped my brain completely.
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:44pm fuzzco:

Shakedown? I just KNOW Jumpy is bothering some chick in the phone room and telling her about his rock and roll murder mystery novel - right now!
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:44pm Boss Appreciation Day:

Thanks guys! ... you still get no raises.
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:47pm fuzzco66:

The People's Chump!!!
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:47pm The Man:

Thats right, back under my thumb where you belong, everybody.
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:47pm Carmichael:

God Dammit, I wanted the King Khan CD. Tell me how, Todd and Joe.
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:54pm Rob F.:

Excellent Knickerbockers track. Good Choice.
  Tue. 3/10/09 1:55pm Joe B:

Pledge 15 now to get in the runnin for the Fleshtones - Take a Good Look CD or the Replacements - Hootenanny reissue!
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:13pm The Man:

Now you're talking Todd. More power to me!
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:15pm Topkat:

...another RAWK-US show! I had a windfall of sorts with a $30 win on a scratch-off ticket! I can do another $25 to Three Chord Monte on top of last weeks pledge and $5 for more lotto's. Pledge NOW if you have not yet done so!!! WOOO-HHHOOOO....WOW, did I just win the Fleshtones CD??? I am sssoooo lucky today!!!!!
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:18pm Joe B:

Curent prize - pledge of 15 or more to get in the drawing - Nick Lowe brand new 2CD best-of - Quiet Please!
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:20pm The Man:

I've got it. But you won't take my money. Damn you.
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:20pm jahna:

If I could, I would pledge again to win this Nick Lowe set. Damn! And, you're playing one of my all-time favorite songs! Go Joe!
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:22pm Rob F.:

I hope I win the Nick Lowe best-of!
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:27pm Pearly Sweets:

Can you play Soupy's "The Mouse"?
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:28pm The Man:

Yeah well I'm not too fond of most of you either. Why do you think I'm trying to keep you down?
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:31pm advocate:

700 is only 58 and change a month.. When you put it that way...
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:34pm Joe B:

Current prize - pledge of 15 or more - The Best of the Liverpool 5 or The Nerves - One Way Ticket CDs!
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:34pm annie:

ok, guys good luck the rest of the day and tomorrow am . not gonna be around. i'll be spreadin the word. good luck!!!
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:35pm Joe B:

Neil Young - Live at Canterbury House - part of our grand prize! Pledge of 75 or more gets you in the running!
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:42pm BZ:

Fat Burger stand up!!
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:44pm Hugo:

That "Heart of the City" was the first single out on Stiff Records. Great stuff!

They came up with some memorable slogans:

"In ''78 everyone born in '45 will be 33-1/3"

"If they're dead, we'll sign them"

"When You Kill Time, You Murder Success"

Not to speak of this one:

"If It Ain't Stiff, It Ain't Worth a Fuck"
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:51pm Frank:

Yeah, Joe! Thanks for the Nerves track. The Above loves Three Chord Monte!
  Tue. 3/10/09 2:54pm The Man:

  Tue. 3/10/09 2:54pm Joe B:

last two prizes - Mad Mike Monsters Vol. 1 and Chants R&B! Pledge 15 or more to get in the running!
  Tue. 3/10/09 3:00pm David Shortell:

I just realized I called the main number when I pledged, Joe. Sorry! Anyway, FYI, the Ribeye Brothers are playing Otto's Shrunken Head Friday.
  Tue. 3/10/09 3:10pm Rubble:

Good job Joe!
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