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That is you can't you know tune in but it's all wrong. (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 27, 2009

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Artist Track Album
ed shepp  the p is for pseuperpower pseu too   Options pseu's theme 
fredda  barry white   Options Les Filles (V/A) 
marissa nadler  rosary   Options little hells 
arbouretum  down by the fall line   Options song of the pearl 
neko case  middle cyclone   Options middle cyclone 
absu  night fire canonization   Options absu 
  This is the part where I'm distracted. There's two young men here. They have wired me. They are looking at me through a tube.
total system failure  wisom purifies ignorance   Options one of many eyes 
subject to change  call me ...the barber!   Options somerville speakout 
Hugo Montenegro  happy together   Options mr. groovy 
colossal yes  the fraudulent singer   Options charlemagne's big thaw 
journey to ixtian  ...   Journey To Ixtlan 
burnt hills  amphipacifica   Options amphipacifica 
jonathan kane  smear it   Options jet ear party 
stakey  continous dj mix   Options star bass 
humcrush  stream   Options rest at world's end 
the elect  I'm house   Options v/a clone classic cuts 
the underground failure  Make Your Own Kind of Music   Options The Underground Failure 
seth josef  alvin curry - strum city i. ii. iii   Options The Stroke That Kills 
adam payne  incidental arrangement   Options organ 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 2/27/09 8:09pm texas scott:

hello,dear pseu.
how are things on the jersey shore?
  Fri. 2/27/09 8:10pm john:

Wow, totally channelling Fran├žoise Hardy, that Fredda. And that's no insult. Swoon.
  Fri. 2/27/09 8:11pm pseu:

swoon away...this is the last week before....
  Fri. 2/27/09 8:14pm jOE:

Pseu rules
  Fri. 2/27/09 8:20pm texas scott:

where's byrce?
let him push the buttons.
  Fri. 2/27/09 8:39pm mjgoins:

hooray for black metal
  Fri. 2/27/09 8:43pm bartelby:

Pseu your show is great. Your commentary evokes imagery of an endearingly grumpy Delphic oracle. While I have a 2-day weekend lately, back when I worked every Sunday your show was the perfect lead in to a weekend squished into a night and a chronologically disoriented day. Even now during my post-layoff weekends this show peeled me away from my brandy-new heptane dispenser.
Yay Pseu!!
  Fri. 2/27/09 8:44pm john:

Why can't metal come in other colors? Puce, for example. Sky blue, perhaps. Ecru or Sage, for the Martha Stewart set.
  Fri. 2/27/09 8:55pm Websie:

this Absu epic wd be a great score to Quest for Fire (or some other cavemanfilm)
  Fri. 2/27/09 8:58pm SPUDS:

HIGH all, et tu Pseuu
The Bees are singing harmony from space in this ABsU piece. Interesting....
  Fri. 2/27/09 8:58pm Doctor B.:

There seem to be a lot of space cadets at WFMU, that is, people who know of and play some of the most unusual, wonderful ambient ("space") music that I've ever heard.

My compliments yet again to the DJ!
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:04pm Chop Scott:

Pseu- No marathon worries. I'm on board to answer the phones for you both shifts. If Kenny gets outta hand just give a nod through the glass... Great show tonight--as always!
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:15pm pseu:

I may have abandoned the playlist for a bit to address some human and technological concerns here.
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:22pm miketp:

hi pseu and fellow listeners. just checking in as this friday nite moves in a good way over
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:24pm texas scott:

pseu,don't stress over the marathon.
scientists have proven that 90% of worry never comes to fruition.
it's the other 10% that you REALLY need to worry about...
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:29pm john:

Or the announcement of having become a fan of Love American Style.
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:30pm miketp:

what movie is this from? i got that peanut butter pussy nice and creamy and easy to spread.
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:34pm texas scott:

hey mike tp
that movie ...bobcat was a clown
that's way funny
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:35pm texas scott:

  Fri. 2/27/09 9:36pm SPUDS:

Perhaps you should just admit, that that prior coughing was due to excessive tokage, you spilled the goodness on the carpet, and that is the real story of the Birth O the Whole.
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:36pm john:

  Fri. 2/27/09 9:38pm tramshed:

  Fri. 2/27/09 9:38pm texas scott:

birth of the hole!!!
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:40pm blubberhead:

he pseu how about bringing back lou the duck for marathon 2009
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:41pm gobbaghoul:

the magic is in the hole
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:42pm j:

hate all y'all nonsence. nice tune-age!
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:45pm pseu:

Thanks, gobbaghoul.
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:46pm ?:

the hole is greater than some of its parts
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:52pm bartelby:

Hi Pseu,
Yeah I am answering phones for you as well. Any trouble with Kenny G and me and that other dude will effect some suitably awkward machismo. Well I don't actually know how the other guy rolls but I can promise and deliver suitably awkward machismo.
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:52pm texas scott:

mike tp.
Shakes the Clown!!!
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:53pm SPUDS:

If parts is parts, and the hole is greater than the some of its parts...(even if spilled miss correcxedly)....... could we represent this linerally thusly: O = parts ^n
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:54pm pseu:

Happy birthday to listener Laurie. Of course she'll never see this as I'm sure she's doing something fun.
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:56pm texas scott:

fun...as opposed to listening to this show.

  Fri. 2/27/09 9:57pm SPUDS:

PSUE, I work the graveyard shift at the city morgue. And only you could imagine the fun we all have here when you are playing musick as lite and fluffy as this. Even from beyond we thank you. You are such a delite. I never use that term as it sounds too schwishy.
  Fri. 2/27/09 9:58pm ?:

although fun is defined in this congtext as the methodology prescribed for relief and medictation, It is not directly applied here
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:01pm Dogg Gallnert:

Catch a Wave, and you're sh*ttin' yrself on top of the world.
Yo Pseu, from D&A G.'s, in Queens.
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:04pm SPUDS:

Alas Yorick...I must confess. Medication (proscribed and other wise) as well as Relief is 'observed' frequently in our knightly endeavors.

And YESS we successfully apply our fun here.

With much gusto, please press number two and you will here "El gusto es mio". Goodbuy
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:06pm SPUDS:

Oh regarding the playlist..it is very Pink on Black..is that symbolic or simply bucolic ?
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:06pm Brian Oregon:

Psomeone really doesn't like Kenny G.
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:08pm mike tp:

the essence of mystery hey brian you from oregon?
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:08pm ?:

pleasure is swine
is not defined
clearer than some
its clear to me
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:09pm mike tp:

hey pseu lets get with the maestro gary null hell fixya up really.
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:09pm texas scott:

hey...? how could anything be clear to you? ?
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:10pm SPUDS:

PSUE, I have a neighbor who can attempt to Exercize the Daemons if you so desire? Let me know and I will send him round post haste.
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:11pm packing in BK:

This is the best bitchy-est radio show I've ever heard! you are in rare form pseu!
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:12pm ?:

oh man like what ever
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:12pm Brian Oregon:

not from, but now live in Klamath Falls.
I use that tag to avoid inadvertently being id'd as any other Brian.
But that might not work, because I am generally nice, but rarely tall.
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:12pm texas scott:

hey packing..bitchy is her strength!
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:13pm Helpingverbs:

Please us please ...from US in Oklahoma...
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:14pm miketp:

hey brian goin to portland to visit my 2 lovely daughters. oregon is a fine place.
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:14pm ?:

hey, ver been cinneplex 14 in coere d'lene. capote on peyote, ah shizzle
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:15pm ?:

that guys a narcoff
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:16pm miketp:

or a dunecuff
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:17pm SPUDS:

Etymology happens to be one of my degrees. Believe it or not Ripley, the name Brian is derived from the Gaelic implying high and noble, a warrior.

Never thought I'd be able to whip that out here, but there it is. Enjoy...
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:17pm Brian Oregon:

Mike -- I was in Portland earlier this week. It is a great city! Be sure to bring yr black t-shirts...
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:18pm ?:

what are these, mid-cruts prof'ionals, all getting po-lite, no, don't that
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:21pm packing in BK:

did i not say "best"?!! i wasn't knockin the complainin', loving' it!
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:22pm ?:

that's gross man
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:22pm Tom in Peekskill:

The only winning move is not to play.
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:23pm miketp:

hey pseu 8to 11 used to be lou the duck slot then r stevie moore i think. and bud stiple before them.
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:27pm bartelby:

You got me bustin' out my new rubber cement eraser
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:27pm ?:

insurmountable montain,
inscrutable scrivner,
burning sizzle, putrid emission
flesh and beak, don't burn
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:36pm miketp:

sounds like im back at aldos
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:39pm ?:

I love everyone. But howl can I do it?
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:40pm Helpingverbs:

..forgive me i am listening in and out taking turns with the blog updates...you are now being not listenened to in favor of Give the Drummer Some from a few weeks ago....
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:43pm pseu:

good to know.
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:45pm ?:

it's good, too, for I can't hold on it
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:49pm texas scott:

helpingverbs...i noun you!
you ,too ?
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:50pm Helpingverbs:

The songs did not match on the playlist there...i guess i am listening to this morning's show intermixed with your own...(this is the only station i can listen to)
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:53pm SPUDS:

Oh I just peeped in to see the last few tunes. What is the theme..I see Underclothes Failures followed by Strokes that Can Kill and the curr3nt condition described as an Incidental Arrangement of ones Organ. PSUE is Psysick psysick psyicxk.
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:53pm Helpingverbs:

I ....am...are was were be been.. .....
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:54pm Helpingverbs:

...and back to your show again now for a minute at least.
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:54pm ?:

i mean, we don't need it
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:55pm pseu:

It's been real....hope to hear from EVERY ONE OF YOU NEXT WEEK -- I only have next week, becasue Yo La Tengo is week 2, so please all check in NEXT FRIDAY with your support to WFMU and this show.
Thanks in advance !! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:57pm Helpingverbs:

Thank you! ...and to the next. Loved your ramblings..
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:57pm SPUDS:

GREAT tunes tonight Psueu, Thank you so much.
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:57pm texas scott:

pseu,i have never pledged smackers to ANY radio show,
but now i have a reason.
thanks for nothin;BIG smack to you,
see ya during pledgeweek!
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:59pm ?:

i deplore me too
  Fri. 2/27/09 10:59pm SPUDS:

When we pay Mz Braun so that she will entrance us with Pleasures and aural delights...Is that solicitation or AUralistitution ??
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