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Options February 20, 2009

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Artist Track Album
ed shepp  the p is for pseuperpower pseu too   Options pseu's theme 
telepathe  in your line   Options dancemother 
chris joss  zingy twangs   Options sticks 
outer space  i talk with telepathy baby   Options 7" 
wavves  so bored   Options wavves 
The Pains of Being Pure At Heart  gentle sons   Options The Pains of Being Pure at Heart 
Cheer-Accident  mescalito   Options Fear Draws Misfortune 
wino  Wild Blue Yonder   Options punctuated equilibrium 
Guinea Worms  lost and found   Options 7" 
erma bombeck  marriage   Options The Family That Plays Together gets on eachother's nerves 
cantana  kokiriko bushi   Options no 147 
zombi  spirit animal   Options spirit animal 
ryokuchi  miezarumon no kage   Options v/a what pleasing the lord looks like - Marriage: Extreme noise...and terror from japan & israel 
cadaver eyes  BaHoref Karrr   Options v/a what pleasing the lord looks like - Marriage: Extreme noise...and terror from japan & israel 
absu  nunbarshegunu   Options absu 
mark e. smith & ed blaney  luddite   Options Smith and Blaney 
die welttraumforscher  liebe lilli   Options v/a alec empire plays staubgold 
eric zann  threshold   Options v/a ritual and education 
ahlea  in da balkan style   Options cafe svetlana 
jonathan kane  blissed out rag   Options Jet Ear Party 
mike bones  like a politician   Options a fool for everyone 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 2/20/09 8:06pm texas scott:

Hey Pseu!You were missed,can you BELIEVE it???
what exotic location did you find yourself in??
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:07pm pseu:

Chez Braun, Scottie - The Pamper Zone.
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:10pm texas scott:

  Fri. 2/20/09 8:10pm mike tp:

howdy happy friday nite.feels good
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:12pm johnny joy:

actually, it feels great!
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:16pm risky!:

  Fri. 2/20/09 8:21pm mike tp:

dance on your knees
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:22pm Joe:

This album is soo goooooooooood. Good like peanut butter. Good like love.
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:23pm HotRod:

hey HEY!
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:28pm Peteski:

Whatever happened to Bill?
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:31pm Andres:

What's a virtual hot one?
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:32pm texas scott:

Andres...drop it like it's virtual...
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:34pm john:

If it was THAT BIG, are you sure it wasn't just a roll of toilet paper?
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:36pm pseu:

don't be naive, John. you're 56 today for fuck's sake.
Happy Birthday!
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:36pm Andres:

Thanks Scott. My attention was not entirely focused.
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:37pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Luckily, I've been able to fend off everyone else's cold lately. People here sneezing left and right. Then again, maybe I'm the carrier and they're all catching my germs.
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:39pm texas scott:

Pseu....yeah you.Got any Black Lips?
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:42pm blubberhead:

good drummer
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:43pm john:

66. Per-leeze. Old enough to know a roll of toilet paper when I hear about it on the radio.
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:43pm miketp:

im in the mood for some cactus
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:48pm john:

gee, that sounds painful
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:50pm Brian Oregon:

Erma Bombeck ??!! Flashback! Have any Art Buchwald?
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:50pm Jeffersonic:

Hallo pseu ...Hi everybody. Is it just me or have other people recalibrated their feelings toward chimpanzees now that we know they will eat your face (and jaw) off....and this isn't the first time, either.
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:52pm blubberhead:

i seen some big monkeys eat pink flamingos
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:52pm texas scott:

planet of the apes,jeffso
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:54pm kerneldak:

cactus is a bandand a dangerous house plant
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:54pm john:

but not a dangerous house band, if memory serves
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:55pm miketp:

ah nice bushi
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:56pm mike tp:

time to lite up
  Fri. 2/20/09 8:57pm texas scott:

way ahead of ya,mtp.
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:01pm Joe:

Anyone ever see Zombi 2? Where the zombie fights the shark?
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:13pm Andres:

Erma Bombeck
February 21, 1927 – April 22, 1996
That bit was gold!
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:14pm Glenn L:

Co-hosts Schedule
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:14pm texas scott:

can we donate a used smoking device?
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:16pm john:

Karen Finley has signed to star in a Erma Bombeck biopic, to air in twelve parts on ABC Family Network
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:17pm blubberhead:

is that like caligula
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:19pm john:

  Fri. 2/20/09 9:20pm texas scott:

  Fri. 2/20/09 9:20pm Brian Oregon:

  Fri. 2/20/09 9:21pm john:

oh for gosh sakes, read your comments! jeez.
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:21pm Jeffersonic:

  Fri. 2/20/09 9:21pm Websie:

I heard that Bryce is sposed to accept Jerry Lewis's' humanitarian Oscar if Jerry has to have another heart surgery.
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:21pm texas scott:

  Fri. 2/20/09 9:21pm jim:

  Fri. 2/20/09 9:21pm john:

I think you should definitely change it to "CHEESE!" so the patient will smile as he's being shocked back to life.
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:21pm Parq:

That's odd -- I thought everybody's heard that the Bird is the word
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:22pm arturo:

  Fri. 2/20/09 9:22pm Jeffersonic:

Nice Tattoo!
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:31pm blubberhad:

wish joe frank was on.
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:31pm r:

  Fri. 2/20/09 9:39pm C:

Funny fun, but since CPR and defibrillation is a very important thing to know about at those tense moments in life when one needs it, or needs to administer it to another, let's clear up two important facts. The call is, "clear", for the reason that anyone who is in contact with the person receiving the charge, will also receive the charge. The charge can stop a normal heart as well as the good thing it does, which is to reset the electrical pacing of a heart that is in ventricular fibrillation. Second, "KY" jelly is definately not appropriate for use with defibrillation panels. The jelly used is an electrolyte that enhances the transmission of the charge without burning the skin. Using defibrillators without the jelly, while better than not using one at all, does often result in burning the skin. Sorry if this comes off a bit heavy, but I am a doctor, and I take this sort of thing quite seriously, as should we all.
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:40pm pseu:

Clear. Gee, I wonder why we never for a second considered that it could be Clear. Perhaps it was more interesting to think of an alternate?
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:41pm john:

Wait. It's not "Cheese?"
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:41pm texas scott:

I think C is really Bartleby.
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:41pm pseu:

You should never, ever substitute vaseline for KY, btw.
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:44pm C:

No C is really a doctor, named Curt. Not Bartleby.
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:46pm john:

Pseu, do you mean under ANY circumstances? If not, explain. Use both sides of the paper if necessary.
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:47pm texas scott:

Dr. Curt,I have this pain that starts with my ears hurting and then spreads to my brain....I guess it's this infernal incessante sound coming from my computer?
got any medicine?
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:50pm SPUDS:

Scotty, that is simply the ravengous tape worm that has burrowed over the years, from your stomach and the First Happy Meal, in search of an outlet to Freedom and Life, give life Let It Be.
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:50pm C:

You could try temporarily listening to someything other than the Japanese horror film sountrack or whatever.
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:52pm john:

Some of these singers really need to gargle with salt water. C, could you diagnose tonsilitis from a recording?
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:53pm mike tp:

hey louie bellson passed away recent. big time like b. rich krupa shaughnessy
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:53pm texas scott:

thanks,SPUDS....I just knew there was a worm in there somewhere...
Pseu,you're being awfully quiet....
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:54pm Spooky:

Got any Terrorfact or Marching Dynamics?
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:55pm C:

No amount of salt water can help. This affliction is a genetic disorder found on chromosome 13 at the CM8mh (CookieMonsterAteMyHomework) loci. These individuals must be prevented from breeding.
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:57pm SPUDS:

Being Japaneese I must protest your comment. Japaneese whorror flim music is quite serene and can promote... calm centering... in search of oneself... and ones path.

This on the other hands is akin to funneling disparate meaningless noise through a Plutonium Noise Grinder. It is not pleasant and reminds me of Yankee Trash Sounds (Pet sounds gone way awry).
  Fri. 2/20/09 9:58pm texas scott:

dr. curt,you should volunteer as medic during the MARATHON.They probably need one during that sweatfest!
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:02pm Spooky:

Why are you yelling?
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:03pm SPUDS:

These sounds when compared to someone gargling salt water, makes the saltwater sing like a sweet Canary.
Yet these sounds are most unlike saltwater, they are more closely aligned with that made by Monkeys gargling Battery Acid, and yet not quite so sweet.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:04pm pseu:

  Fri. 2/20/09 10:04pm C:

I apologize SPUDS. I only referenced the music because that was what was playing at the time, and what I thought was being referenced as the source of texas scott's pain. The movie 'Audition' has some cool mood music. It scared me almost to death.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:05pm blubberhead:

everyone must be on the pufftonite
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:06pm Spooky:

Reminds me of Aesthetic Meat Foundation
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:07pm C:

pufftonight thats funny kryptonite's even greener twin
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:07pm texas scott:

C....'Audition' was scary!
What scares you ,Pseu-Pseu?
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:07pm blabber n smoke:

like the tower of babel
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:09pm SPUDS:

Blubber, Thank you, somehow your sublime comment made me roar with laughter, and I transferred into the ether the life sustaining evaporative elixir of cannannannabannanna - noids.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:13pm Spooky:

Every terror noise band should have an accordian!
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:15pm SPUDS:

Why must all die Wiermacht sounds resemble Goosen Steppen Kartoon characters chasing others round the Bierfest viess und Hatchetchen en Liederhosen?
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:16pm blubberhead:

hey when i was living home iwould raid the fridge my mom would get out of bed and saywhatya on the puff tonite. god bess mom
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:18pm miketp:

i dont like the skin on salmon either
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:19pm SPUDS:

Pseu, do you really mean to inform us that you have NEVER tried ANY variety of trout , ever ?
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:20pm Joe:

You're confusing Macedonia and Scientology.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:20pm brycepunk:

This show is confusing me. I'm not used to hearing my name over and over.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:21pm faux doctor:

you can never have enough mercury.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:22pm SPUDS:

Cinnabar is a rather spicey yet subtle natural source of fulmonate of Mercury, which is known by Science as the life extending fountain of youth used to feed the Immortal Gods of the Pagan Idoloters.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:25pm SPUDS:

Funny I have never heard Freddie Mercury on your show, yet WiF-MU has the highest concentration of Mercury?
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:26pm texas scott:

how much for a t-shirt?
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:29pm crunch berry:

God, I can't imgine what Brice has down there.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:29pm brycepunk:

There's already the archive.org, for just about any live show that can be legally circulated. Is this new archive you mentioned something different?
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:30pm gobba ghoul:

an armadillo
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:30pm bikodin:

pseu, you bumptiouss. had to say it! *shrug* (idk)
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:31pm crunch berry:

More music!!
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:33pm texas scott:

Byrce... someone called Crunch Berry scare you?
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:33pm john:

Hipstery area. Echo Park, like Silver Lake with fewer people who moved there because the cool kids were already there.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:36pm Spooky:

I love Silverlake, makes me homesick for Los Angeles.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:37pm texas scott:

bryce,what do you have down there?
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:37pm Murray Van Creme:

Back in the Good Old Days we never worried about no mercury. If a thermometer broke we pushed the little blobs around and ate them and stuff. It never did no damage to us. Did I tell you about how we used to play with mercury when we were kids? THESE STUPID ASSED BEDWETTERS TELL US WE CANT PLAY WITH MERCURY ANYMORE AND THEY GET THE GUVMINT TO PAY FOR THEIR HOUSES AND WE HAD COMET KAHOUTEK AND WIN BUTTONS AND JERRY FORD BACK THEN AND WHAT THE SHIT YOU BUNCH OF FREAKS.

Didn't Arthur Godfrey do enzymes?
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:39pm john:

No sooner did I dig out my WIN button than deflation hit. Dammit. Got the coffee mug too.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:40pm Creamy Von Donut:

I was just talking to my dad this evening and he was talking about playing with mercury as a kid in the 30's...
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:40pm miketp:

hey spooky do the movie tech people live in silverlake
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:42pm Spooky:

Perhaps, mike....btw....have we met ? (!)
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:43pm crunch berry:

Get Murray an 8-track recording of the Carpenters
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:43pm Murray Van Creme:

Hey, if you have some Western Electric mercury from the thirties, you can sell it on eBay for like $500 per blob.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:45pm Choco Von Bismark:

@MVC: Do tell...
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:45pm Spooky:

How would they know if its W.E. Mercury, if its just the blob?
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:46pm Kat77:

i will admit to playing with mercury as a kid but i never ate it.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:46pm mike tp:

spooky we never met but i know a married couple who live out there. ive never been.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:48pm Patty's Praline Pastry Pasties:

I wish I wuz driving a 49 Mercury...
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:51pm Murray Van Creme:

You know it's WE mercury cuz it sounds superior to anything if you use it in interconnects or speaker cable. Don't ask me how you'd get the stuff in there...I"m too busy looking for an 8 track player at the local Goodwill for those Carpenters tapes.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:53pm texas scott:

Pseu, you and Bryce suck...I love you both!
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:54pm mike tp:

i got an 8 track down my basement. 38 39 years old still works
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:54pm Spooky:

Scott, were ya from?Im in Fort Worth.
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:55pm texas scott:

fort worth here,dude!
  Fri. 2/20/09 10:56pm mannythemailman:

Hey Brice, how are you.
  Fri. 2/20/09 11:36pm texas scott:

luv ya ,pseu.
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