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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options February 20, 2009

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Artist Track Album Comments
Arthur Woodbury  Velox   Options    
Dajuin Yao  Satisfaction of Oscillation   Options    
Qubais Reed Ghazala  Silence the Tongues of Prophecy   Options    
Chris Watson  Adult Cheetah   Options    
Chris Watson  Southern Right Whale   Options    
Terry Fox  Labyrinth for the Purrs of 11 Cats [excerpt]   Options    
Christina Kubisch  The Cat's Dream   Options    
Annea Lockwood  Tiger Balm   Options    
Angus MacLaurin  Fugue   Options    
The Glass Orchestra  Glass Mind   Options    
Josef Anton Riedl  Glas-Spiele [excerpt]   Options    
Terje Isungset  Floating   Options   he's playing ice 
Terje Isungset  Green   Options   ice percussion, ice trumpet, ice harp, electronics 
Darrel De Vore  Bamboo Is   Options    
  Anklung Buhun   Java: Sundanese Folk Music   
Fast Forward  Stix   Options Panhandling   
Margaret Leng-Tan  Modern Love Waltz   Options   by Phil Glass 
Margaret Leng-Tan  Satie Blues   Options   by Toby Twining 
Gilius van Bergeijk  Vier Stukken voor Draaiorgel   Options    
Pierre Charial  Machines-à-sons   Options Music for Barrel Organ, Piano, Tuba, Double Bass & Percussion  cd is by Sylvie Courvoisier / Ocre 
Gyorgi Ligeti  Continuum   Options   adapted for barrel organ by Pierre Charial 
Gyorgi Ligeti  [a teensy bit from] Aventures, Nouvelles Aventures   Options The Ligeti Project V  laaaaaaaaaa 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 2/20/09 12:09pm Sean Daily:

10 minues in and still first comment! Woo hoo!
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:10pm George Jetson:

Jane! Stop this crazy thing!
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:10pm annie:

we waited for you sean..
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:14pm zoot:

Am I hearing a little Balinese ketjak in this?
very nice
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:16pm Parq:

People have been walking into my office and looking puzzled. Let them.
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:16pm bryce:

it's actually little fragments of mandarin
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:17pm fishmonkeystew:

I find this very soothing.
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:17pm Sean Daily:

You ought to be used to people looking strangely at you by now, Parq. I'm certainly used to people looking strangely at me.
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:17pm annie:

ah, yes parq, but since it is friday are casually walking in? and do they seem casually puzzled?
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:22pm *:

yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip... tele-phone...
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:23pm Sean Daily:

Now, will I be able to turn this Qubais Reed Ghazala song into something that I can use to contact my home planet?
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:24pm ~:

yip-yip-yip-yip-yip-yip... chee-tah
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:24pm Van:

You know, like a corn dog
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:25pm Ike:

Oh woah, that's awesome. Meow.
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:26pm Sean Daily:

Au contraire, Van. Au contRRRRAAARRRE.
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:26pm zedprophfer:

  Fri. 2/20/09 12:27pm ken:

Prrrrrrrr-fect show!
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:29pm LOLcat:

I can haz noiz-art?
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:30pm Goyim in the AM:

My cat is reacting very strongly (and sweetly) to this.
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:31pm bryce:

  Fri. 2/20/09 12:32pm Sean Daily:

Itteh bitteh noiz-art kitteh committeh!
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:34pm Ike:

I left the radio on at my apt. I wonder how (or if) the cats are reacting.

  Fri. 2/20/09 12:35pm Icanhascheezburger:

relaxing cat iz relaxing.
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:35pm My dog:

I'm hungry. While this is playing, can you get me some food?
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:36pm bryce:

im in yr apt rlxng yr cts
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:37pm zedprophfer:

this cat sounds weird. is it circuit bent?
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:38pm BSI:

......achoo........ snif.......
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:38pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

I'm lovin' this....
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:39pm Dr. Mittens:

Purrbox is out of alignment.
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:40pm N'Lo:

ha! have you ever heard Purrcast? http://purrcast.com/ It's just what the Dr. ordered and on demand when you're having a crap day!
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:41pm Jeff-a-chusetts:

Just what is this cat so happy about? Whatever it is, it's contagious.
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:41pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

Bryce ave a butchers at this.....http://www.benedictdrew.com/
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:43pm bryce:

nice! thanks
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:49pm mamacita:

First time listener here and probably not in your demographic horizon, my son latched me onto you. Have to hear more to decide if you're for me.here in Kansas.
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:51pm Sean Daily:

And we go from relaxashun kittehs to large men with gas and right back to relaxashun kittehs!
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:54pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

This is similar to Tod Dockstader's POND...
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:54pm zedprophfer:

kittehs with beards
men with fur
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:56pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

Nothing quite beats frog spawn sounds on a friday afternoon....
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:56pm Van:

Say it. SAY IT
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:59pm Ike:

Welcome Mamacita. Demographic horizon?! Demo obsessions are for commercial radio. You might be surprised at the ages of some FMU listeners. Some probably have seven toes in the grave. Well, maybe just five.
  Fri. 2/20/09 12:59pm Art Smass:

ok, "IT."
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:01pm Sean Daily:

Why can't you sing like that, Van?
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:06pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

It would be hard to record a sleeping cat and not be tempted to poke it!!!
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:06pm bryce:

hey, mamacita,

fmu sounds compleeetely different every 3 hours, so if i suck beyond redemption, don't blame the station — just come back later. there's something for everyone to hate!
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:07pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

.....even if it 'was' a Tiger.
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:08pm Frank:

hi Byrce, it's Frank from the Andy Kaufman Press Conference... I'm diggin the purr...
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:08pm Ike:

Completely different yet somehow cohesive.

Bryce, in 2010 your marathon premium should be 79 minutes of you making strange/awesome noises. People would totally pledge for that.
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:09pm Van:

sing it. SING IT
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:14pm Sean Daily:


  Fri. 2/20/09 1:14pm Parq:

Tristam, *especially* if it was a tiger.
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:16pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

Quite... oh my!!!
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:17pm 1mckers:

  Fri. 2/20/09 1:17pm postmanpaul:

bryce, tiger balm was my bogey man-eating orgasm noise of choice.
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:17pm Parq:

Somebody has to say it, so I will. The snippets of moaning would suggest that more than one type of pussy is at issue here.
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:18pm Sean Daily:

im on ur seeling. rilly rilly.

i can has corn weeny?
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:22pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

Don't scare off the newbies....!
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:23pm nna:

hahahaha this is all too much fun here today
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:31pm 1mckers:

I think I dreamed something about corn weenies the other night.
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:35pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

.....it's what's for dinner!
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:37pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

......the other white meat!
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:39pm postmanpaul:

nice backing vocals too.
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:42pm postmanpaul:

no, tit is philip glass einstein on the beach playing simultaneously thru player 2 woo hoo.
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:42pm paul from Sheffield UK:

The redcoats are coming !!
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:43pm postmanpaul:

no, tit is philip glass einstein on the beach playing simultaneously thru player 2 woo hoo.
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:44pm postmanpaul:

tit is?!....it is.
  Fri. 2/20/09 1:46pm bryce:

hey, frank nora!!!! just saw you up there.

see you in a bit?!
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:00pm Carmichael:

My boss just wandered in and wanted to know WTF are those noises.

I said, "It's Bryce." He said, "Anyway, ......"
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:02pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

Blame it on Bryce!!!
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:07pm postmanpaul:

WTF are those noises is written across my neighbour across the hallways face, only he is far to polite to comment.
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:09pm annie:

i think there has to be some kind of contest to get the weirdest comment from bosses or unbeknownst bystanders or otherwise... the best comment or some kind of award.. or even fundraiser premium.. kenny should be in charge of that.
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:10pm annie:

and i hereby proclaim that bryce should be exempt from station id...
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:12pm bryce:


Best FCC Commissioner Ever Annie!
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:12pm Frank:

I'll be over there later... excited about doing my first show!!
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:14pm annie:

every station has to have at least one non ID-er.

i really am listening, too. just all allergy-ridden. i hate histamine attacks.. if i took drugs.... .. as it is coffee will suffice.
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:19pm ken:

Months back my boss gave me the WTF comment, "you listening to somebody's bleepin' exorcism??", well, yes,,,,,,actually it is! Thanks again Bryce!!!!
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:24pm postmanpaul:

a friend called round and had to leave 'cause he felt a tinitus attack coming on. but i cannot really thank you for that bryce.
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:26pm postmanpaul:

last weeks hat screw pics freaked him a bit too.
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:27pm Jeff m:

cool show today, thanks :)
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:34pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

Eric Satie meets Linus....
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:37pm postmanpaul:

bryce, that was so cool! i am keeping rewinding it.
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:44pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

Sounds like Bryce has broken into a Kindergarten music closet!
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:51pm postmanpaul:

bryce, when the mad person in my street comes this way about this time i open the window and turn the volume up just enough for him to hear. he stands transfixed, trance-like, utterly absorbed and he smiles to himself. unlike my neighbour across the hall.
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:52pm emc:

ok, I'm hooked, that charial track followed by this here ligeti has torn me away from my overlistened-to collection of eyetunez...I'm clearing my side of the office with these organ pitches...
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:54pm nna:

Shhh! Quiet! He's going to speak!
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:55pm Mark:

Ni"dor\, n. [L.] Scent or savor of meat or food, cooked or cooking. [Obs.] --Jer. Taylor.
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:58pm hexalyn:

Wow, Ligeti -- I tuned in at the right time.
  Fri. 2/20/09 2:59pm kaaaarrrrreeeennn:

Do you have the names of any of the vocalists performing the Ligeti pieces? Thanks.
  Fri. 2/20/09 3:00pm Cris:

Thanks for another amazing show Bryce and Playlist folks
  Fri. 2/20/09 3:01pm bryce:

yeah, sure! i gotta clear out of this room....check back in about 10 minutes...

thanks everyone!
  Fri. 2/20/09 3:02pm north guinea hills:

i have that ligeti disc, pretty durn nice
  Fri. 2/20/09 3:22pm bryce:

hey kareen!

Ligeti lalas: Sarah Leonard, Linda Hirst, Omar Ebrahim
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