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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options February 13, 2009

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Artist Track Album
Eliane Radigue  Adnos II   Options  
Roland Kayn  Makro III   Options  
Jean-Claude Eloy  Kaiso   Options Gaku-No-Michi 
Eliane Radigue  Chry-ptus [original version]   Options  
Folke Raab  Was??   Options  
Annea Lockwood  Turning Gong   Options Glass World 
Annea Lockwood  Water Gong   Options Glass World 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 2/13/09 12:10pm Ike:

Music good! Brain not work! Brain operator error!
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:10pm annie:

i definitely hear a beat..
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:11pm The Jolly Listener:

Der organplayer ist alle asleepgefallen, yah?
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:12pm Marshall Stacks:

Take me to the bridge!
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:12pm J-Mar:

If I may say so, it's an excellent soundtrack for proofreading tedious donor listings for the nonprofit where I work.
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:13pm bryce:

wir ein mickey him geslipt.
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:16pm Marshall Stacks:

Not a bad soundtrack for writing software, either.
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:17pm still b/p:

It's that funky hip-hop guy from 20 years ago:Tone Locked.
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:19pm Marshall Stacks:

It's like one of Rauschenberg's White Paintings, only more pink.
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:19pm Jessica:

Yr drilling a heart-shaped hole in my cranium. Ahh. That i so much better. The dreck seeps out, the mud creeps in: let's all Meek out; it's a long weekend!
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:24pm Jessica:

+[s]. That *is* better, isn't it? Aye.
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:26pm J-Mar:

The best part about this piece is that I can play it really, really loud in my office, no one is asking me to turn it down!
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:32pm Parq:

Gee, talk about "any note you can hold, I can hold longer" . . .
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:32pm Brian Eno:

Even I'm beggin' for a little banjo or something at this point...

J-Mar, your co-workers are immobilized, frozen in suspended animation, stopped in mid-movement or sentence -- until Bryce plays the antidote.
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:35pm Bad Ronald:

Cool, Trepanation!
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:36pm HotRod:

Be my drummer!
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:38pm postmanpaul:

bryce - i guess screwing it into the cranium like that helps keep it attached, cool. simple yet effective, not unlike your playlist, bryce.
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:38pm bryce:

hot rod! i think it's too late...
some onez claimed it real fast. :(
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:39pm still b/p:

RNC Chairman Michael Steele: "Drill, baby, drill."
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:40pm bryce:

hey, everyone! don't touch that dial. you'll be electrocuted.
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:41pm O.K.:

This is always the last number at the Jedi prom.
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:46pm postmanpaul:

bryce - btw, how's your recently purchased mohammedean video player sizing up?
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:49pm bryce:

hahaaa, wow! :) still have to pick up a power converter at a travel store or something.....then i'll be NTSCisizing czech animation till i turn into a hamburger mannequin.
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:51pm AnAnonymousParty:

This must be what the world sounds like to Pete Townsend.
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:51pm contemporaryMan:

this music makes me feel like Im walking into a modern arts musseum!
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:53pm CamelCaseForYourFace:


I was just thinking that this music was made to homonize with someones tenitus.
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:53pm Parq:

Wouldn't everyone agree that "Hamburger Mannequin" would make a good name for a band?
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:54pm godzilary:

I keep forgetting that the radio is on, and thinking that I just now have a permanent drone happening in my head.
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:56pm Marshall Stacks:

Something to look forward to.
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:56pm Bad Ronald:

Agreed Parq. That and "Manburger Hammequin".
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:56pm still b/p:

Appearing tonight:
Hamburger Mannequin
Permanent Drone
Trepa Nation
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:57pm Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:58pm anh:

Hamburger Mannequin sounds like a band you want to see split, Manburger Hammequin sounds like a band you want to get stoned with !
  Fri. 2/13/09 12:58pm arp:

behind-the-scenes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIMPmZ0kTro
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:01pm contemporaryMan:

this music makes me want to eat a mannequin!
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:02pm bryce:

eliane and ozzy should make out already
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:04pm arp:

"c'mon, you fucking thing." -ozzy to arp 2600
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:05pm still b/p:

When Eliane makes a mistake in rehearsal, does she start again from the top?
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:08pm Marshall Stacks:

T minus four minutes and counting....
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:08pm bryce:

holy crap, you're good
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:13pm contemporaryMan:

i think I heard a different sound, like a hum, just for a quarter of a second, it sounded like something human. or at least a living creature. but it could have been an error on the machine
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:14pm Webhamster Henry:

It's funny - I'm testing my "SrutiBox" iPhone droning software and when I turn it off to listen to the Bryce Show, it sounds the same!
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:14pm justin Paszul:

oh god i can still hear it in my head
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:16pm Cecile:

I listened for about 11 seconds.
I'm just reading the comments, and they are cracking me up.
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:19pm bryce:

iShruti!! i love people.
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:19pm jeremy, the listener:

Hamburger Mannequin... awesome
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:24pm stingy d:

why ya so moody all the time?
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:25pm bryce:

  Fri. 2/13/09 1:26pm postmanpaul:

bryce - this could be affecting someone's hamburger without their being aware of it.
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:27pm C:

woah. it's pretty cool. if you rewind and go back to the first track, just start randomly skipping around. at first i thought it was all the same note and sound, but there were a lot of changes.
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:28pm jeremy, the listener:

hamburger <--- offended
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:29pm bryce:

yeah she's amazing, right? most of her shit happens just under the limen....& you win Lost Time. without the unsightly scars.
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:30pm BSI:

having a vision all of a sudden...
Victoria Stillwell, wearing a secured trepanning device on her head, taunting a dog with a plate of hamburgers...
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:33pm Cecile:

AMAZING vision...

Soon, the dogs eyes' then immediately pop out of his head on their muscular ropes and turn into twirly vines that knock her to the floor and grab the plate of 'burgers.
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:37pm BSI:

I've gotta get me one of those ropey-eyed burger dogs.
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:38pm stingy d:

  Fri. 2/13/09 1:42pm stingy d:

what's wrong with those hats?
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:44pm justin:

they won't blow off in the wind, that's for sure
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:46pm dc pat:

that Kayn piece was amazing. Can you play it again?
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:47pm stingy d:

you mean wind or do you mean wind?
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:48pm justin:

do i ever!
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:48pm zoot:

Thank you for the lovely Valentine's Day music. The tune by Eliane Radigue was playing when my wife and I had our first dance at the reception after the wedding.
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:49pm stingy d:

so wind then. HA that's a good one
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:50pm Ike:

Zoot, ha! Love it. Smiling for the first time today.
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:58pm stingy d:

hey i gotta run, but if someone could tell billy jam that i was mistaken for bisc 1 a couple days ago... he might get a kick out of that. he also might not... at all.
  Fri. 2/13/09 1:59pm stingy d:

this mario batalamenti stuff is great though
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:02pm angelo:

not mario
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:05pm texas scott:

this never gets old.
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:08pm bryce:

texas scott?? what are you doing in the light?
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:10pm texas scott:

shielding my eyes...
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:13pm bryce:

  Fri. 2/13/09 2:14pm Parq:

Bryce, today's show sheds new light on your assertion that you "like all the notes, in any order".
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:15pm texas scott:

I miss Pseu ...already!
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:22pm annie:

now, this i like... really really..
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:25pm justin:

it's making me dizzy, but in a fun way
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:25pm dc pat:

DAMmmmit there's something wrong with my computer...
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:26pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Now That's Minimalism!
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:26pm annie:

i love the high buzzing... out of the right speaker..
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:28pm Ike:

TX Scott has a point. Taking bets on William Berger's fill-in: 60% black metal, 70% black metal, 80% black metal, or 90% black metal?

Gotta find the right mood for that. Must psych myself up somehow. Maybe if I butcher something's carcass and bathe in its blood? Hmm. Nah, my employer might frown upon that. They only allow that kind of thing at the El Segundo branch.
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:30pm dc pat:

ah...fixed now.
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:30pm CamelCaseForYourFace:

So if that was the original version, was there a radio edit of Chry-ptus?
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:32pm annie:

bryce, i just do not know how you do it. music ostensibly unlistenable becomes a work of art... !
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:32pm Parq:

CamelCase, the radio release was a disco version.
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:33pm annie:

i think i heard a muzak version of this once in a high-rise.
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:34pm justin:

i prefer the reggae mix, myself
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:34pm bryce:

annie, you're the one with the stethoscope!
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:40pm Ike:

I want the CD single with the Kevin Shields and Diplo remixes.
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:40pm annie:

whenever i think i have bad hearing....... i only needs listen to fridays on fmu. wonderful how the nuances are so subtle. nothing can top dan menche, though.
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:52pm years ago....:

i listened to a friend describe a passage from sheherezade, a violin phrase. he described it soo lovingly ... whenever i hear that part, now i think of his love for the music.. this is close.. .... annie
  Fri. 2/13/09 2:58pm texas scott:

thanks,Byrce.Glass World just put me over the top!
  Fri. 2/13/09 3:00pm bryce:

  Tue. 2/17/09 2:40pm Abe:

I love this show; its great to listen to at work. thanks so much!
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