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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options January 30, 2009

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Artist Track Album Comments
Hans Reichel  The Youth of the Rare Bird Ymir   Options The Death of the Rare Bird Ymir   
Hans Reichel  The Death of the Rare Bird Ymir   Options The Death of the Rare Bird Ymir   
John Fahey  Red Cross   Options   "hey there, john" 
Jack Rose  Hart Crane's Old Boyfriend   Options Apocalyps. X.   
Hans Tammen  Das Becken Schaukeln   Options Endangered Guitar  more hanses. 
Jack Rose    [untitled 7"]   
Remko Scha  Throb   Options Machine Guitars   
Remko Scha  Thrash   Options Machine Guitars   
Six Organs of Admittance  Invitation to the SR for Supper   Options Six Organs of Admittance   
Ed Yazijian  Circuit House Fever   Options Six Ways to Avoid the Evil Eye   
Robbie Băsho  Variations on Ezumi   Options Art of the Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6 & 12   
Robbie Băsho  Pasha   Options Băshovia   
Robbie Băsho  Seal of the Blue Lotus   Options Seal of the Blue Lotus   
Ravi Padmanabha & Ed Chang  Elephant Calls   Options Elephant Calls   
Terry Fox  Segment of the Berlin Wall Scored for Sound   Options De Appel  piano wire attached to the berlin wall 
  Aqzheleng   Turkestan: Kirghiz Komuz and Kazakh Dombra   
  Gurbet Havası   Turquie: Musiques des yayla   
  Taksim Hüseyni   Turquie: Cinuçen Tanrıkorur   
  Ondort Binyil Gezdim Pervanelikde   Turkey: Bektashi Music. Ashik Songs   
Talip Özkan  Gurbet: Gut Gut Bogazi   Options Turquie: L'art Vivant de Talip Özkan   
  solo on the monochord "Bhapang"   Inde – Rajasthan: Musiciens Professionnels Populaires   

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/30/09 12:07pm Sean Daily:

First comment! For once! Woo hoo!
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:09pm chris:

My goodness Hans!
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:10pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/30/09 12:11pm ...zzzZEDDblablabla:

mercury tastes strange
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:12pm Matt:

Without fail, Bryce introduces me to something amazing at least once a week. I'm digging this Reichel.
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:16pm chris:

I have one of his daxophone albums from the early 90s. This is so different and cool
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:20pm Max:

wtf is that water thing, whats it doing?
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:22pm bryce:

http://tinyurl.com/am65z7 !
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:22pm north guinea hills:

i have one of reichel's table of the elements recs 7" from the nineties, also very cool...
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:27pm SeanG:

Strange Shite!
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:31pm zedprophfer:

aaaw... :(

r.i.p. ymir
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:34pm Hugo:

John Fahey did also release some Table of Elements records on the 90s. Still in the stack of stuff to be listened to. His last one for Revenant was spectacular. The cd goes mute for twenty minutes or so and then there's a final track lasting one minute ...
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:37pm north guinea hills:

I'm also such a dork i have the fahey table of the elements double 7", "at the mill pond".......
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:46pm trent:

this is a really strange song. is there something wrong with the thing?
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:47pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/30/09 12:48pm Hugo:

Speaking of the last one, here we have it! Bryce is on the case, as always!
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:50pm Matt:

I love the Red Cross album.
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:50pm bryce:

just following orders
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:51pm Cecile:

I do too. Matt. Really underrated in my book.
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:51pm Cecile:

ngh - so do I!
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:52pm Ike:

Wow, I had no idea it was a fountain of mercury instead of water until I followed the TinyURL. Thanks for the link!
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:54pm bryce:

hot & cold running mercury.

Bryce 2012
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:55pm Hector:

Umm...acustic guitars from hell! I really enjoy today´s show...
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:55pm Cupcake Dog:

Bryce 2012, do you have any Six Organs of Admittance or Robbie Basho in the on-deck circle?
  Fri. 1/30/09 12:57pm bryce:

get the fuck outta my head
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:01pm Cupcake Dog:

Me and my piercing, hypnotic blue eyes command you to play these.

And then give me a damn cupcake!
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:03pm zedprophfer:

have you got some De Fabriek somewhere?
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:09pm Hugo:

There was another guy who also did solo guitar records for FMP. The name escapes me at the moment. Gotta do a little research. Hang on a second ...
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:10pm bryce:

achim knispel?
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:13pm Cecile:

that Jack Rose was crazy good, bryce
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:14pm stingy d:

never thought it was possible, but i'm kinda sick of bagels.
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:14pm bryce:

yes, de fabriek! somewhere!

cupcakes from the right channel in 25 minutes.
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:15pm bryce:

stingy, where the hell have you been?? biyalis from the subcarrier in 38 minutes.
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:17pm BSI:

Cupcake Dog, all is forgiven!
Corn weenies from the blue gates of death in 25 minutes!
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:18pm stingy d:

oh snooch! i could get next to a bialy, and make hardobdy tongue romance to it.
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:19pm Cupcake Dog:

I accept your tribute.
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:19pm Hugo:

Helmut "Joe" Sachse, that's the one I thought of.

How about this?

Helmut “Joe” Sachse : g, fl, screwdriver, plastic bag, guitar case
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:21pm Cupcake Dog:

I want some corn weenies.
There's a place in Mpls that makes mini ones called Red Rockets that you dunk into mustard. Say It!

Hugo, that sounds AWESOME.
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:22pm Cecile:

Sorry, the red rockets post was supposed to be a Cecile post.

Cupcake Dog has been grabbing a'hold of my soul lately...
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:22pm stingy d:

Paramour "Wendy" Day: a, b, a, b, down, up, left, right, select + start
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:24pm bryce:

oh yeah yeah yeah!! crapola, mr. sachse is in his cubby at home, like a good piece of plastic.
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:24pm BSI:

Cupcake Dog is a stealer of souls.....
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:24pm Cecile:

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 666 ORGANS!
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:25pm stingy d:

people of the radio - i know you're up late masturbating right now.. i want to ask you to look into the reddio and tell me can you see b-bryce's body
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:25pm Cupcake Dog:

that's because I never get fed. Ever.
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:26pm lord sear:

  Fri. 1/30/09 1:26pm Cupcake Dog:

sorry, I'm not into primates.
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:28pm BSI:

bryce -- is this SIX ORGANS bit from the new triple-lp monstrosity dealie thing? must have!
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:28pm Hugo:

Yes, Knispel, too, solo and duo with Reichel ...
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:32pm zedprophfer:

does a cupcake dog smell like a cupcake? does a cupcake dog like to eat cupcakes? is a cupcake dog colored like a cupcake?

i need to know.
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:33pm stingy d:

all dog's paw pads smell like frito's
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:33pm bryce:

remote viewers, if you see fuzzy udon with a monobrow, please contact operation stargate.
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:34pm zedprophfer:

...pommes frito's?
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:34pm bryce:

bsi, it's from his first album!
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:36pm stingy d:

i called some chump a "bag of yogurt" the other day. he didn't like that, but he shut up tho. so that's what i wanted. and thats my new dis now.
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:38pm cv:

Hey is that Blue Sausage Infant BSI? 'sup.
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:40pm stingy d:

bialys per square inch
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:41pm Cupcake Dog:

I smell like heaven and poop flowers.

Here's my claim to fame:


I also invaded Doug from DC's soul and inspired him to write a poem from my point of view. It's in the comments section on Kenny G's show.
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:42pm BSI:

Guilty as charged!
The infant is here.
Stepping out for lunchbreak... difficult as it is, bloody radio...
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:43pm Ike:

Mmmm, Fritos. Now I want Fritos. Damn you Stingy. (Also, no apostrophe.)

For an insult, I'd go with "bag (or bog) of expired yogurt" or "rotting yogurt" or at least "off-brand ghetto yogurt." Because regular yogurt is good.
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:45pm Bad Ronald:

Hey Ike, wuddaya think of this?

  Fri. 1/30/09 1:46pm stingy d:

its nothing against yogurt. its just that keeping yogurt in a bag, that fucks it u'p. also the guy who won't shut up about how you should play this stephen marley song while you're dj'ing at the bar - he hears that and goes quiet on you. that's all i needed. so yea eat out them corn chips godzookie
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:48pm stingy d:

you should play kites are fun
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:50pm stingy d:

  Fri. 1/30/09 1:56pm Ike:

BR: Fascinating. Probably a gigantic can of (yogurt-eating grammatical) worms. Seems normal here though, except for Ike's Point. And I'm not making that up:
  Fri. 1/30/09 1:57pm Bad Ronald:

  Fri. 1/30/09 2:14pm Hugo:

Looks like this is turning into an all-string show. One of my discoveries in recent years is this guy who plays Carnatic ragas on the electric guitar. One might think that it can't be done, but it actually works out very well.


A tribute to Hendrix called "Electric Ganesha Land"?
  Fri. 1/30/09 2:16pm zedprophfer:

Six Organs of Admittance
Six Ways to Avoid the Evil Eye
Art of the Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6 & 12

  Fri. 1/30/09 2:21pm cv:

Really excellent show. I'm going to track some of this stuff down.
  Fri. 1/30/09 2:29pm Li'l bobby:

Amazing show! really loving it! and thanks Hugo for that site address.
  Fri. 1/30/09 2:32pm Ian Anderstan:

Aqzheleng, my friend, don't you ztart awhey unghezey.
  Fri. 1/30/09 2:47pm TheCleef:

Sounded like Turkish Johnny Cash.
  Fri. 1/30/09 2:47pm Parq:

I'm getting so used to hearing brainy, moody and sonorous music whenever Bryce is on the air that I'm at risk of taking it for granted. So I had to stop what I'm doing and add my voice to this praising this show. I'd want it never to stop, except that would mean not hearing Billy.
  Fri. 1/30/09 2:49pm owen:

too right! brilliant show, as always, bryce... Going to be listening to this one a few times over i thing.
  Fri. 1/30/09 2:49pm BSI:

Of course I was suddenly possessed to walk up to a very conveniently-located indie vinyl shop during lunchbreak & score the Six Organs RTZ album...... damn you, FMU!
  Fri. 1/30/09 2:49pm BSI:

...and by that I mean, uh, "thank you, fmu..."
  Fri. 1/30/09 2:51pm Cecile:

thank...damn...it's all the same to them. ;D

Chiming in with, great show Bryce!
  Fri. 1/30/09 2:52pm Doug from DC:

BSI - Red Onion?
  Fri. 1/30/09 2:53pm bryce:

geez! fmu is shelves and shelves and shelves and shelves of great music. you can close your eyes and just pluck it out of the wall
  Fri. 1/30/09 2:54pm Cecile:

hey, doug!
  Fri. 1/30/09 2:55pm MIKE COOPER:

Great show - Im sat here putting together a talk titled 'Listening To Culture' to give at an arts centre in Hong Kong in a couple of weeks time - thanx for helping me along.. Thanx Bryce
  Fri. 1/30/09 2:55pm BSI:

Doug: nope. SOM on 14th Street.
...although Red Onion gets credit for planting the seed in my brain with the "new arrivals" email... and then BRYCE with his goddamned awesome show..... It's just that SOM is a 10 minute walk from this desk, sigh.....
  Fri. 1/30/09 2:56pm Larry:

Hello Bryce,

I made some peanut brittle for you. How do I get it to you?

I can bring it to your house. My sister will drive me.

I will bring it to your house.

Where do you live, Bryce?

Keep doing a good show.

Your friend,

  Fri. 1/30/09 3:00pm still b/p:

Must choose...which cupcake: On Saturday night, should I go hear Turkish folk music and Arab popular and classic music at one local venue, or go for the Gypsy jazz trio, with tango quartet opening, at a different place?
  Fri. 1/30/09 3:00pm bryce:

larry, peanut brittle is delicious! how tall is your sister?
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