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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options January 23, 2009

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Artist Track Album Comments
Nguyen Thi Hai Phuong  Vong Cô   Options Viêt-Nam: Le Dàn Tranh   
  The "Cing Arap" Gong Ensemble   Vietnam: Music of the Montagnards   
  Gong Ensemble   Vietnam: Music of the Montagnards   
  Solo on the "gông" zither      
  Mouth-zither 'au pasiawa   Solomon Islands: 'Are'Are Intimate and Ritual Music   
  Bundle-panpies 'au po'o   Solomon Islands: 'Are'Are Intimate and Ritual Music   
Jan Bark  Bar   Options ARGH!   
Pierre Henry  excerpt   Options soundtrack to "L'Homme à la caméra"   
Henri Sauguet  Aspect Sentimental   Options    
Robert Cohen-Solal  Les Shadoks   Options    
Horacio Vaggione  Ash   Options    
Luc Ferrari  Tautologos 3   Options    
John Wall  Distil (1)   Options    
Music behind DJ:
La Monte Young 
Poem for Chairs, Tables, Benches, etc.   Options    
Phil Durrant  Depths   Options    
Kaffe Matthews  A Custom Skylark   Options cd Bea   
Pauline Oliveros  Applebox Double   Options Music from the Once Festival 1961–1966  with David Tudor 
Morphogenesis  Live at the Spitz (part 1)   Options In Streams vol. 1 (1996–1999)   
Douglas Quin  Canada Glacier / Wind Harps from the Taylor Valley   Options Antarctica   
Richard Lehrman  Rain and Knotted WIndharp   Options Within Earreach   
Chris Watson  Massed Knot Roost   Options Outside the Circle of Fire   

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/23/09 12:07pm annie:

ok, fine first comment..
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:07pm zedprophfer:

this music is yummy
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:09pm bryce:

helolo! you are poeople.
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:10pm Cecile:

very nice ...
a big contrast to the Trans Europe Express theme of last week...
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:11pm Ogunh:

Next comment
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:11pm Sean Daily:

First comment after those other five comments! Woo hoo!
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:13pm Ike:

This is dynamiting my mind open.
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:15pm Ogunh:

First comment after the last comment (and the last before the next comment) ...
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:18pm listening john:

wassup wassup
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:18pm Parq:

The party during GDS was a blast. Now I've got Bryce's brainy music to help me get some work done.
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:26pm bryce:

no, ike, not near the upholsteryyyyy
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:26pm Ogunh:

The comment in between ...
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:29pm annie:

it's so damn hard to leave the house, i go out and then come back and have to stay around listening.... geepers creepers
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:48pm zedprophfer:

this is the latest comment
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:49pm bryce:

  Fri. 1/23/09 12:50pm luigi russolo:

is this still Pierre Henry?
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:51pm bryce:

yussir. is the future as good as you expected?
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:55pm antonio russolo:

indeed. the future has arrived tomorrow. have you heard my intonarumori machines yet? made'em with my brudda.
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:55pm Woody:

I like this Pierre Henry piece....although it would definitely be more rocking with over-dubbed "cookie monster" metal voice. can you do anything about that? just sayin....
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:56pm Ogunh:

Commencing a comment ...
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:56pm Anatoly:

I dreamed of you last night Bryce. And when I woke up I had two extra pillows.
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:57pm zedprophfer:

Sorry, you didn't provide a comment!
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:58pm Cecile:

why be a species-ist?

How about some Hatebeak or Caninus?
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:09pm Ogunh:

No comments were harmed in the making of this comment.
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:11pm zedprophfer:

  Fri. 1/23/09 1:19pm bryce:

anatoly, i need my chairs back, too.

just leave them on your bed. please.
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:26pm Cecile:

Bryce, you have chairs missing?

Hmmm, that's a catchy phrase.
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:27pm zedprophfer:

chair music please
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:31pm Parq:

That's FMU's mission, spreading love and good chair. Oh, I gotta tell ya . . .
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:31pm Sean Daily:

I wonder what the sheet music for "Tautologos 3" looks like. "Okay, I'm supposed to play just one note on my trumpet every two seconds. Got it!"
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:32pm Glenn L:

Wire you inquiring about chairs missing, Cecile?
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:34pm Ogunh:

This comment refuses to lie down.
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:37pm annie:

said the table to the room: must keep a chairy disposition at all times and hide the pillows!
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:37pm zedprophfer:

  Fri. 1/23/09 1:38pm I. M. T. Fly:

no, that was me, Glenn L.
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:40pm north guinea hills:

always loved luc ferrari. i saw him at the kitchen right before he died when he played w/ dj olive. i have a fab recording of that concert.
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:40pm north guinea hills:

oh, and i got to shake his hand, that was nice.....
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:41pm Glenn L:

Someone should raise a pink flag against all this chair talk.
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:41pm Ogunh:

This comment has been officially authorized by the Chairman of the Board.
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:42pm north guinea hills:

the original lp cover for tautologos 3 was the inspiration for the design of the SYR album designs...
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:42pm Cecile:

I didn't know that, NGH. Thanks!
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:44pm north guinea hills:

you're welcome, Cecile!
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:45pm Glenn L:

You sure you don't want us to give you just a little more time, Ogunh. Our comments page will surely grow.
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:46pm Mark:

Bryce - Great listening as always! (For those interested in Mr. Ferrari - in addition to the recent Robot Records release - a documentary about him was also just put out on DVD.) Hoping to sit down and spend some time with both this weekend.
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:48pm Sean Daily:

This comment intentionally left blank.
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:58pm Ogunh:

This comment is about to end.
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:59pm Sean Daily:

Cool! Is Bryce going to projectile vomit on a Catholic priest now? And can you post video of it on the blog?
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:59pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

comments may have settled during shipping.
  Fri. 1/23/09 1:59pm Ike:

  Fri. 1/23/09 2:00pm xasthur:

that dj voice-over even scared me, the king of us black metal.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:10pm Lee:

Comments in mirror are closer than they appear.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:11pm Sean Daily:

  Fri. 1/23/09 2:14pm Ogunh:

This comment commends itself.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:15pm Sean Daily:

Dammit, Bryce, I'm a doctor, not a comment.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:20pm Cornmonkey:

When I look at myself in the mirror, I see Bryce. Or at least somebody who looks like Bryce. Does anybody else have this problem? It doesn't happen in puddles though.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:20pm Glenn L:

My comment is mad as hell and ISN'T GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:24pm Sean Daily:

Why, that's simple, Cornmonkey. It means that YOU'RE A VAMPIRE! Yes! You are a creetchah uff the naaaaaht.

Wait a minute, vampires don't see anything when they look in the mirror, right? Well, in that case, Cornmonkey, I have no idea, except that you're probably insane. But then, we all are, so welcome to the club.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:30pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ha ha...he said "cornmonkey"...
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:30pm annie:

comment period will expire in ten seconds.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:31pm frantic:

Last Comment!
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

comment list, please report to the front desk...comment list, to the front desk immediately.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:34pm jeff m:

very cool show today, enjoying it a bunch. thanks!
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:34pm Thomas Paine:

A little comment sense, please!
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:37pm Larry:

Hello Bryce. I'm home now. The signal is strong. Will you be playing songs today? Is a "track" the same as a song title?

I like songs. And candy.

How do I find out?

Did you receive my letter?

Keep doing a good show.

Your friend,

  Fri. 1/23/09 2:37pm Rosemany Clooney:

Comment-a my house, my house..
I'm-a gonna give-a you Eastah egg...!
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:39pm Ogunh:

This comment has taken refuge among the Montagnards of Central Vietnam
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:40pm RosemaRy Clooney:

Rosemany? ...that's a bouquet.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:40pm sahak:

hello peoples
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:41pm Three Dog Night:

Eli's comment!
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:43pm zedprophfer:

R.I.P. Comment Commentson (354 BC - 2009)
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:44pm Sean Daily:

Ah yes, the Riddle of the Comment List. Do you know it, boy?
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:44pm Parq:

For those of you who follow NY State politics, Joe Bruno was just indicted. See your favorite online news source for details.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:45pm annie:

i refuse to comment, and you can't make me.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:45pm JFK:

Ask not what your comment can do for you...
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:46pm annie:

really parq? and by the way patterson picked gillibrand for senate seat...
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:46pm paulthepostman:

Shawn Daylee, my day passed uneventfully without no poodle wee wee, HaHaHaHa HeHeHe!
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:46pm sahak:

is this recorded on a ship?
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:47pm Sean Daily:

Ceci n'est pas une commentaire.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:48pm annie:

comment allez vous?
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:49pm Ogunh:

This comment has not been endorsed by Bryce.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:51pm Sean Daily:

No poodle piddle, paulthepostman? Dammit! Well, I'll just have to kill you, then.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:57pm bryce:

hi larry,

i have not been able to find any songs at all today. this is beginning to be a problem. but techincally, i am allowed to play tracks, so station manager ken cannot file the grievance he has prewritten.

please stop mailing candy.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:58pm still b/p:

Comment of condemnation: I ain't in Kennedy's corner at all, but it's a little slippery and tawdry that a single source in the NY gov's crew, who wouldn't be ID'd, manages to throw as yet unsubstantiated rumors of nanny, tax and marriage troubles into the national news/conversation. Maybe true, but how about some support before reporting?
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:59pm Sean Daily:

@still b/p: You forget that this is the same national press that reported that there were no question about it weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and Saddam Hussein had without a shadow of a doubt planned the 9/11 attacks.
  Fri. 1/23/09 2:59pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Fri. 1/23/09 3:00pm Ike:

This comment was processed on equipment shared with tree nuts, corn starch, milk, chocolate, masala dosa, and Canadian goose meat powder.
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