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Options January 9, 2009

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Artist Track Album
ed shepp  the p is for pseuperpower pseu too   Options pseu's theme 
dj signify  the sickness   Options of cities 
Yura Yura Teikoku  trk 2   Options hollow me 
Robert Pollard  faking my harlequin   Options the crawling distance 
Astral Social Club  trk 3   Options octoplex 
conjuto de oliveira muge  suspensa a un filo   Options v/a cazumbi: african sixties garage volume 1 
bossanova  love hangover   Options v/a teen beat no. 1 record label 
William S. Burroughs  wonderful copenhagen   Options Real English Tea Made Here 
pentagram  flaming   Options like black holes in the sky: the tribute to syd barrett 
weave!  Mouthpiece hysteria   Options weave! 
glass candy  animal imagination   Options deep gems 
Teargas & PlateGlass  behold the sea of ills so vast   Options black triage 
cold cave  I've seen the future and It's no place for me, always someone   Options painted nails 7" 
magic castles  imaginary friends   Options the lore of mysticore 
loop  straight to your heart   Options heaven's end 
Heathern Haints  oh holy light   Options Heathern Haints 
Current 93  live 3   Options Birth Canal Blues 
sino basila  draconian   Options sino basila 
Ratas Del Vaticano  Encadenado a la Rutina   Options Mocosos Pateticos 
baris manco  derule   Options dunden bugune 
beaches  hoedown   Options beaches 
Huun Huur Tu feat. sainkho  dembildey (nomad dance)   Options mother earth! father sky! 
la dusseldorf  sentimental, Lieber Honig 1981   Options Individuellos 
animal collective  my girls   Options merriweather post pavilion 
plankton wat  forever glowing vista   Options crystal wizard 
aquella ilusion  hoy   Options meteorologia 
Hugo Montenegro  love is blue   Options mr. groovy 
Vernon & Burns  the bone grubber   Options sing it softly to the pebbles 
jurg wickhalder overseas quartet  four in one   Options furios 
final fantasy  Cockatrice   Options spectrum 14th century 
mark mcguire  different light   Options dream team 
james ferraro  evaporating night rose   Options Chameleon Ballet 
Lazy Magnet  magic   Options is music even good? 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/9/09 8:08pm The Decider:

A friend just visited Houston, where the megachurches are claiming that Obama is the anti-christ and he's gonna bring the world to an end in 2012. He got hold of the Mayan calendar, evidently. Pseu, explain this to us.
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:11pm faux pseu:

whatever DECIDER
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:14pm pseu:

I saw a documentary whre this man and woman have spent a lifetime trying to figure out that mayan mumbo-jumbo. They are not gonna figure out if Obama's the anti-Christ in time to matter, much less any smegmachurches.
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:18pm John, temporarily on Strong Island:

Apparently this device does not stream audio,and one is far away, so while it looks like Bob Pollard it could be, say, The Carpenters for all I know.
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:29pm pseu:

most listeners aren't really hearing what I'm playing anyway - so you're in good company.
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:30pm what??!?!!?!?!:

I listen with baited....hearing
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:32pm what??!?!!?!?!:

faux pseu? fu
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:35pm SPUD:

Oblama, the anti dog? THe Mayans are too advanced for us to decipher.
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:36pm what??!?!!?!?!:

the Mayans invented tortilla chips
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:40pm SPUD:

Nine on the tortuga chips. That was invented by Santanta Anna's madre when they invaded Tejas back in 1642. I just finished reading that book last weekend it was very riveting.
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:42pm Lawn Guyland John:

Well, got an eye on the playlist and Soul Plane on the flat screen, so at least I got that going for me.
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:43pm Braun Flakes:

Pseu me pseu you blues
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:48pm beezneez:

check out HCA and WSB cut-outs cut-ups
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:48pm what??!?!!?!?!:

well, the Mayans invented something.............rollerskates maybe
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:48pm SPUD:

They had to wait a few years to release it. The court ordered a 5 year moratorium at the request of Nancy Spungen's family.
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:53pm Brauny Papertowels:

Honey, do you still have that hook?
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:56pm pseu:

No, but I have douche-chills, buddy.
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:56pm what??!?!!?!?!:

i wish faux pseu would stop, or whomever it is RESPECT THE DJ
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:57pm SPUD:

Papertowels are a bit elitist with a sprinkle of Nihilism mixed in, and so anti Green.
  Fri. 1/9/09 8:59pm HotRod:

I dream of Pseu!
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:01pm SPUD:

Douche chills now have a cure! Don't chew ice anymore.
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:01pm pseu:

Hey HotRod! I have to check you on e-mail -- I have a fun idea. Fun for me anyway...
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:02pm HotRod:

Hit me!

hotrod20 at wfmu dot org
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:03pm what??!?!!?!?!:

DOUCHE CHILLS is that some form of Jello prodcut?
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:04pm what??!?!!?!?!:

man I hate dyslexia...I blame the lithium
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:05pm SPUD:

Careful on the Lithium, they overloaded the Hindenburg with it and we all know what happened there. A firey mess indeed.
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:14pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I tuning in now. I am all out of whack this evening. I listened to HorRod's archive starting 6:00PM and missed Downtown Soulville and part of this show. Please forgive me.
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:19pm what??!?!!?!?!:

Lithium Hamburgers
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:21pm HotRod:

I understand how you feel, Ken. :)

I hope you enjoyed listening again! Happy Weekending!
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:24pm C:

Ken was ripping you off this week, Pseu. Instead of "thing with a hook" he did "thing with a horn". Don't check his playlist though, it's pretty disturbing.
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:26pm pseu:

thanks for the heads up, C. You have to watch your back AND your pockets with that guy.
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:29pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks...That's the problem with the archives. When listening to an archive, I'm missing the live show. I suppose it's possible to play both simultaneously and experience a huge mash-up.
Ken's horn pictures were bizarre. They've got to be a Photoshop deal. I haven't yet checked Google to get more information.
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:32pm what??!?!!?!?!:

Loop huh? Thought it was Spacemen 3. I love it!
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:33pm pseu:

that was Ken's Aunt Hedda. Freal.
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:44pm C:

Are you going to do a best of 2008 post?
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:49pm bartlebyvqf:

Actually scientists have determined what constitutes a word in an Inca Quipu. While the Aztecs and Mayan's used pictograms and the Mayan's actually had books printed on paper made from aloe fiber with leaves for covers, the Inca quipu is a little different it consists of knotted stings which were read with the fingers. While the meaning of the word is unknown that it is a word or mathematical figure is extrememely likely. These devices were probably used like spreadsheets. The written word in Sumer had similar origins.

The Mayan codices, as the books are called were nearly all destroyed by the Spanish. The justification for this was that they were the work of the devil. In fact Mayan's practiced a form of baptism which was related to their water god, the symbol for which is a cross, also Quezelcoatl is described in Mayan mythology as a virgin birth. These reason's constituted the church's evidence that the devil's work was so insidious among native Mexicans that he even stole these cherished xtian traditions.

Some of the remaining Mayan scribes composed a book in the post-columbian erea titled The Popol Vuh.

Prescott's history of the conquest of Mexico, and History of the conquest of Peru is a pretty good read if long. He was actually half blinded during a food fight as a youth and composed these books in his later years when he'd lost much of his remaining sight.

I regret not being able to listen tonight. I'm actually renting time on a computer in a burger king.
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:52pm pseu:

SPUD, your gas-bagged response? C'mon.
  Fri. 1/9/09 9:53pm pseu:

it's gonna take me all of 2009 to read bartleby's comment.
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:06pm Jeffersonic:

Hi pseu, good evening.
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:09pm Ike:

HotRod and Pseu: Awesome ladies of this radio universe who kick jams and take names. Or something.
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:09pm pseu:

hello jfrsnc. how're things in the giant-winged-insect-alligators-in-your--driveway-oranges-gone-bad-hurricane-trailor-park state?
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:12pm texas scott:

...this show SUCKED!!!
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:15pm C:

I'll take care of this joker for you pseu
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:15pm pseu:

Hey Scott -- whatcha SUCKIN?
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:15pm pseu:

No! It's Texas Scott. We have a thing...
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:16pm HotRod:

Thing with a hook?
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:16pm texas scott:

there you are...a big fat nasty...that's what I suck...
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:17pm Jeffersonic:

Some amazing natural beauty yet remains, I'm in the Tampa Bay area currently, suburban sprawl is terrible, however, you can still see magnificent frigatebirds.(no joke)
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:17pm C:

Down on lover's lane?

Alright, you're off the hook this time, scott. sorry for the impossible-to-follow-through-with threat
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:18pm faux pseu:

what's with the birds?
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:19pm texas scott:

o k c
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:23pm pseu:

Scott you were suckin, I mean sayin?...
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:24pm SPUD:

Whilst working one of my papers at Camridge during finals week I suddenly became terribly bored. So I took the afternoon off and a book on similiar subject written by that fellow named von Daniken or something to that effect. His ideas were bewildering, evocative, and quite amusing. They were fun reads.

I really never thought much more about it. It was a tough year and afterwards I was invited to one of our Chancellors parties. A good time all round. There was an odd cat who was reciting limericks of the Welch type if you know what I mean. So everyone was laughing and chatting amicably. Turns out this fellow was von Daniken himself. It never registered till the following day who he was.

Funny thing is, your post reminded me that von D told us two stories of special import to him. One was that when the nuns caned him, it brought him instant and immense pleasure – such that he had never experienced since. Everyone became instantly silent when he dropped that little gem on us, I remember that like it was only a fortnight ago.

The other was that he was brought up in a Catholic hause which was very strict. At one time he mentioned he visited the USA and spent time with Carlos Castenada, they shared some outlandish experiences, and he told us he came up with this brilliant idea to mix traditional Jesus worship with a more earthy vision of the Gods as they truly were.
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:24pm Jeffersonic:

bartleby's comment reminded me that the Spanish slaughtered hundreds of shipwrecked Frenchmen just south of St. Augustine, (in 1565), when they refused to convert to Catholicism...
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:26pm texas scott:

...HR...missed your show today cuz of no electric at work ...spud interrupted...hey lil pseu
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:27pm pseu:

Holy SHIT spud, DO IT!!! Bartleblahblahblah, your answer?
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:27pm SPUD:

Sir Bart, my BK PC rental tyme is soon to expire and I wanted to finish my comment, can you pass me your debit card for one very brief encounter?
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:29pm faux pseu:

pseu is not lil...she'll kick yo ass
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:31pm Jawn from suffolk:

So does this mean I didn't miss anything?
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:34pm texas scott:

not a thing...(yawn)...
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:35pm Jeffersonic:

Say SPUD, are you SPUD from Bloomington, IN., via Baltimore? Friend of Bortt?
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:37pm deegee:

this Jurg thing is a nice song, Pseu!
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:39pm Simon Simply:

Pseu! You're cute!
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:39pm deegee:

i think i really meant the last one - the Cockatrice of love one, sorry...
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:40pm texas scott:

...I like this....cockatrice...reminds me...oh never mind...
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:41pm faux pseu:

thank you simon :)
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:44pm Simon Simply:

Happy birthday, Elvis
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:44pm SPUD:

Dear Mr Jefferson sir. It is indeed a pleasure to be addressed by such an honourable Citizen as yourself. Many things die and yet you live on. Did we meet sir at Mr Franklins last year whilst he was giving a concert on his beloved armonica?
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:45pm dead elvis:

i'm dead already,JEEEEZZZ!!!!
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:46pm Joan Jett Travolta Mars:

band on the runn -squish- CIAJ
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:50pm texas scott:

nice show,pseu...now SUCKIT YOURSELF!!!!!!
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:50pm Jeffersonic:

The last time I saw ye SPUD, woulda' been hoisting drinks at the Charles Lounge in Baltimore, with Bortt.
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:52pm pseu:

I would SUCKIT Scott, but you're already SUCKIN' IT.
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:52pm Simon Simply:

Waitress, can I get a straw, so I can SUCK IT!?
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:54pm texas scott:

don't be jealous....I LOVE U + hotrod...see ya!
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:55pm Pee Size Cheng:

I thought Pseu played the last long cut to take a pee break, but i see she's with us.
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:55pm Jeffersonic:

However SPUD, whether or not you're the SPUD of my acquaintance, I've got to warn you, watch your back! Senator Craig wants to make a super tuber out of you.
  Fri. 1/9/09 10:56pm Moody:

  Fri. 1/9/09 10:59pm John:

Now that was worth coming back for!
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