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I'm Loose

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Artist | Song

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 6 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 7 (false start) Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 9 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 11 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 12 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 13 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 14 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 15 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 16 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 17 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 18 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 19 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 20 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 21 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 22 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 23 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 24 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 25 (false start) Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 26 (false start) Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 27 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Taken 28 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 1 Options

> The Stooges | Loose Take 2 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 3 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 4 Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 5 Options

> The Stooges | Loose (demo) Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 1 (labeled I'm Loose) (false start) Options

> The Stooges | Loose, Take 2 (13 May 1970) Options

> Kenny and Irwin | Sing Loose Options

Listener comments!

  Wed. 1/7/09 1:51pm Cecile:

Hey, Kenny. this whole rock royalty thing is cracking my sh*t up.
  Wed. 1/7/09 1:51pm SmokinJ:

Fucking brilliant KG!
  Wed. 1/7/09 1:51pm Swami:

I sure like this song. . .what is the title again?
  Wed. 1/7/09 1:53pm Cecile:

I think it's called "Moose", swami.

If the Stooges = MC5 baby brother band, then
who = Kenny G's baby brother DJ?
  Wed. 1/7/09 1:54pm ~L:

Just curious, do you know which take is the final version, which one did they choose?
  Wed. 1/7/09 1:54pm Jim Osterberg:

Do you have the movie promo for "Giant" starring Liz and Rock?
  Wed. 1/7/09 1:55pm Ghengis Jung:

Wow. Comments!
  Wed. 1/7/09 1:55pm Ken:

Please keep it postive folks. This is Rock Action who passed away after all.. so keep it all respectful here for Iggy and Ron and everybody.
  Wed. 1/7/09 1:56pm Ken:

I promised Kenny that everybody would be cool and not get pissed off about this cool tribute he's doing.
  Wed. 1/7/09 1:57pm paulthepostman:

Mr K, I love your home page.
  Wed. 1/7/09 1:57pm Cecile:

Do I sound like I'm POd?
  Wed. 1/7/09 1:57pm Kenny G:

Thanks Paul. Keep rockin it.
  Wed. 1/7/09 1:57pm SmokinJ:

I'm goofin on this..
  Wed. 1/7/09 1:59pm Negator:

Listening to the Stooges, normally, improves any and all DESIGN work, but, listening to 31 takes of the same song, "Loose", recorded in 1970, makes your mind like a scalpel. The scalpel that sloughs off the unnecessary and extraneous with great prejudice.
  Wed. 1/7/09 1:59pm jan:

I am (still) not listening. Your playlist is a great aid for avoiding the unpleasant passages of Kenny G programming
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:00pm Kenny G:

Jan and Cecile and Negator - Rock On!
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:01pm Cecile:

I remember running into Niagra drunk at a party back in the day after Destroy All Monsters (Mark II) broke up. She was nice.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:04pm Chris F:

If you play The Stooges today can you please play "Loose". Thanks.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:04pm Tony:

Okay, I'm postmodern on occasion, I think I get it, but still, the man did die just 2 days ago. I saw the Stooges this past Summer and they had nothing to be ashamed of. The YouTubes of their reunion shows - do indeed rock. Deal.

Ron deserves a little better than this
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:04pm dei xhrist:

Evidence of the Stooges for Generation Y; I saw an episode of Sonic the Hedgehog wherein the title character was singing "Cock in My Pocket" to himself. But he was using the phrase "rocket in my pocket" and I can't remember what he used instead of "fuck".
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:04pm detroitdave:

Wow WABX, the first detroit radio station to play ALBUM versions of songs instead of 45's. CREEM magazine from Detroit did a few articles on the Stooges
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:04pm Scott Muni:

Kenny, you're doing a fine tribute, one I'd be proud to host.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:04pm Cecile:

Kenny, you are the true spiritual heir to Dan Carlisle.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:05pm Ken:

Tony, I wouldn't have said that those Stooges youtube videos rocked so hard if they didn't.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:06pm Ken:

I also remember Niagra from a few parties. She scary when fucked up.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:07pm Cecile:

Yeah, but she was a happy drunk at this one.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:07pm Ken:

Will Iggy call James Williamson now? I shudder to think what could happen...
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:07pm wilbur Twinhorse:

rock on ron!! so this is how smoke on the water was born?
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:08pm Jarrod:

Rock on and on and on and on and on and on...
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:08pm Cecile:

But I can believe it.

I truly am enjoying hearing my favorite Stooges song over and over. I can never put on Funhouse without playing this song about four times.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:08pm Mark Arm:

Where are versions 1-5 of The Stooges song "Loose?"
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:11pm Mac:

I remember that show. The band came out and stood on their Wa-wa pedals (including the drummer) for a 2-minute riff. Iggy came out. Did his dive-lunge for the mic stand. Hollar'd: "hey". Did his snake dance for a second and then dove off the stage. As this venue had wood and steel seats right up to the edge of the stage, Iggy knocked himself out-cold. The band did not skip a beat and kept riffing. The ambulance pulled next to the stage, loaded Iggy inside and drove off. The band stopped riffing and walked offstage to a combo of cheers and jeers. Ah! Memories of Rock Gods in the Motor City!
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:11pm Iggy:

Now look out
I took a record of pretty music
I went down and baby you can tell
I took a record of pretty music
Now I'm putting it to you straight from hell
I'll stick it deep inside
I'll stick it deep inside
Cause I'm loose
I feel fine to be dancin', baby
I feel fine, I'm a shakin' leaf
I feel fine to be dancin', baby
Cause it's love, yeah I do believe
I'll stick it deep inside
I'll stick it deep inside
Cause I'm loose
And I'll stick it deep inside
And I'll stick it hey
Well I'm loose, well I'm loose
Well I'm loose
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:11pm Negator:

I am reading the Lester Bangs book, 'Psychotic Reaction and carburetor Dung' in which he reviews, 'Funhouse' for Creem. He plays it once and immediately hated it. He did not play it again for a couple of weeks, until friends came over and saw it, and insisted he play it. He said, listening, in that context, he began to understand what was going on and he began to play it, over and over and over again. It occurred to me after reading this passage that these many years ago, when I first heard 'Funhouse', I was not impressed, but partying, excessively with friends, the record began to fit in a context that was specific. I appreciated it with friends getting 'LOOSE!' then it became part of my soundtrack for everyday, if you will. Of course, I had to put that away, later, but, now I own most Stooges records on vinyl!
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:13pm Greg G from DC:

One of my favorite Stooges shows was at the Detroit Eastown Theatre in 1971, when the drummer Scott Asheton was hurt in a car accident and could not perform. Some poor soul sat in for a few songs (with the set sounding much like the 29 takes you are currently playing of Loose only it was the song "1969" going over and over )and Iggy would stop in the middle of of the song, go over to the drummer and get him off the stand, sit down and play riffs in order to show him how to it should be done. After about 10 takes of the song 1969 with constant howling and yelling from the audience, Iggy jumped off stage and started to fight any all who were displeased ... while the band played on ... it was truly a surreal experience, bloody noses and scratches with everyone surrounding the fights on the floor, totally mayhem, totally motor city madness ... at its best!!!!
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:13pm Sean Daily:

Fifth comment! Woo hoo!
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:14pm Sean Daily:

Maybe not fifth comment! Maybe like 75th comment! Or so!

Woo hoo!
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:15pm Cecile:

Wow, even in death, the Stooges cause a melee.
Who would do that to Ron's family? That's a shame.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:17pm Siouxie, Brooklyn:

Thank you for the Fun House outtakes, guys! Pulled out my LP.

Long live Iggy and the Stooge. RIP: Ron Asheton
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:18pm SmokinJ:

I think they naled it on take one...
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:18pm Vivian:

I caught the end of the article, Kenny who published the article?
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:21pm Rob Tyner:

Only a few versions left of loose.. sniff...
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:23pm Ron:

I get tired of "Loose" because I played it so many times. I won't do "Dirt." I've TRIED to do it with other people and it just can't be done. I refused to do it with the Wild Rats. They kept going "Do DIRT!" I said "Dudes, here me now, believe me later. I will never play that song. It can't be done." In Dark Carnival and Destroy All Monsters, everyone wanted to do that song and I'm going "you can't re-create this. It can't be done." It was just so perfect the way it was done with that group of people. I would never play it. "Loose" I played with Dark Carnival, Destroy All Monsters and a thousand times with the Stooges. I like all of the stuff. The ones I wouldn't want to re-create... that's why I love "Dirt" so much. Friends of mine who were junkies would get in the bathtub, light candles, put on "Dirt" and shoot dope over and over and over... I'm going (sarcastically) "Wow, that makes me feel REALLY good!" I'm glad they enjoyed it but God... What a compliment.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:26pm Lizardner Dave:

Ken sounds like he's on the Tramadol again.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:27pm xangoir:

These are TRULY modern times!
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:27pm bb:

can we do this with "good vibrations"next week?
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:30pm Cecile:

Madoona even asked the Stooges to be her induction band at the ROck 'n' ROll hall of fame.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:31pm Ike:

Who read that New Yorker profile of Phil Schaap a few months ago?
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:35pm ?:

I read an interview with James Williamson that he has no interest in playing guitar with Iggy or anyone else - he says he is retired from music.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:38pm Cecile:

picking takes would be like choosing between children. I think you should move on to "Dirt"
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:38pm Israel Devilbis:

If James Williamson doesn't want the job, why don't they get Curly or Moe?
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:40pm Sara Skrong:

And now I'll never forget where I was when I first heard where Ken was when he first heard John Lennon had been shot.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:42pm mike:

How about playing some Stooges songs then?
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:44pm lewis:

lennon is not on the Rolling Stone list - Harrison is at 21... based on this site
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:45pm Dancing Lady:

I vote for version number 27 please. Of Loose.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:46pm Hatch:

Sing it, Kenny (and Irwin... and Ken?)
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:47pm Pheezy:

Kenny, will you be releasing the box set of all the outtakes of this show?
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:52pm owen:

i like take 2 because it is the only one without a comma.
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:52pm Steve Barton:

Take 13
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:54pm Cecile:

take 27
  Wed. 1/7/09 2:56pm Greg from Detroit:

(false Loose)!!! This is "Down on the Street" ... you're ruining the minimalist purity of this show!
  Wed. 1/7/09 3:00pm Jarrod:

...and on and on and on and on and on....
  Wed. 1/7/09 3:00pm Bruce from Capitol Hill:

I'm numb with emotion. I thank you the bottom of my rock and roll heart. Honestly, I like them all. Each one is a testimony to a great guitarist, no artist, who has joined the Great Band in the Sky.
  Wed. 1/7/09 3:01pm Greg G from DC:

I vote with Cecile on Take 27, it has that vibe that brings back the memory of those old live shows of yore, though I have been listening constantly since Ken's show earlier, so my ears are bleeding quite nicely and are all takes have soundied very, very good!
  Wed. 1/7/09 3:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

wow, what did I miss? hahahaha.
  Wed. 1/7/09 3:09pm Jarrod:

...and on and on and on and on and on....
  Wed. 1/7/09 3:11pm Ken:

Yes, take 27 was just the right amount of looseness.. had good Iggy yells on it.
  Wed. 1/7/09 3:13pm Cecile:

awesome take 29.
all it needs is Billy Jam.
  Wed. 1/7/09 3:13pm stefica:

loose grows in richness and subtlety with each hearing. a fine show, kenny.
  Wed. 1/7/09 3:16pm Ken:

What happened to The Stooges song, Loose? I am confused.
  Wed. 1/7/09 3:21pm greg G from DC:

Like Ken, I'm a fossil who remembers Ron Asheton, Iggy and rest of the Stooges from days of old, but it does not mean we are stuck there, oh, no, no no ... for we love the new too, just letting others know that their was something special going on with bands like the Stooges and the MC5, years before the Ramones and Sex Pistols became Punk and Flower Power was being unmasked as not exactly being utopia afterall!

Thank you for the "Loose" Ron Asheton tribute ... one for the archives, one in which ... the old and young can treasure for a long time to come.
  Wed. 1/7/09 3:32pm Evan:

I liked take 21 but would have to hear all of them again to make a definitive choice.
  Thu. 1/8/09 6:13pm spinky:

ummmmmmm...what did I miss?
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