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November 29, 2008 Options
Michael Smitreski R.I.P.
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Options The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

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Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes (NR = New Release) Approx. start time
THE MOVE  Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited   Options Shazam!. (1968) 0:00:00 )  
MAGIC CHRISTIAN  Tomorrow Never Comes   Options Evolver. Wizard's Den. featuring Clem Burke (Blondie), Cyril Jordan (Flamin' Groovies), and Eddie Munoz (Plimsouls)
playing soon LIVE here on the Cherry Blossom Clinic
www.myspace.com/magicchristian -NR
0:07:21 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  The Clown With the Broken Frown   Options Standing at the Gates of Time. Collectables. penned by Mike Smitreski
full tribute coming up at 5 PM
0:12:08 )  
PYNK PEACH MOB  Love Captured Me   Options VA - Psychedelic States: Wisconsin in the 60's. Gear Fab. -NR 0:14:20 )  
COBRA VERDE  I Could Go To Hell For You   Options Haven't Slept All Year. Scat. -NR 0:16:00 )  
WE THE PEOPLE  You Burn Me Up and Down   Options Too Much Noise. Sundazed. -NR 0:18:58 )  
TY SEGALL  The Drag   Options s/t. Castle Face. member of SF's Traditional Fools -NR 0:21:25 )  
NIGHTINGALES  Little Lambs   Options Insult to Injury. Klangbad. -NR 0:40:38 )  
THE BEARIES  I've Paid My Dues   Options VA - Don't Press Your Luck: The In Sound of 60's Connecticut. Sundazed. (2008) 0:44:30 )  
THE 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS  Slip Inside This House (single edit)   Options VA - Never Ever Land: 83 Texan Nuggets from International Artists Records 1965-1970. Charly. Boxed set. orig. 1967 -NR 0:46:48 )  
BROTHER JT3  Accident Waiting   Options Jelly Roll Gospel. Drag City. Vinyl. -NR 0:51:09 )  
MAGIC LANTERN  Deathshead Hawkmoth   Options High Beams. Not Not Fun. -NR 1:11:49 )  
THE APOSTLES  Stranded In the Jungle   Options VA - A-Square (Of Course). Big Beat. 1:23:07 )  
THE CEDARS  For Your Information   Options VA- Expolding Plastic Inevitable. Prae Pandemonium. CD box set. 1:26:25 )  
ROYAL PURPLE  Come to Me   Options The Time Element. Umbrella. www.myspace.com/theroyalpurple
request a free copy of this record -NR
1:28:39 )  
THE FIREMAN (AKA PAUL MCCARTNEY & YOUTH)  Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight   Options Electric Arguments. ATO. -NR 1:46:22 )  
Tribute to Mike Smitreski who passed away this week
Founding member of The Creatures of the Golden Dawn
Also played in The Steeds and Shadestream
Special thanks to Stu Rutherford, Mike Sin, and Sandra McCarthy for helping track down recordings!
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  I Can't Find You   Options Standing at the Gates of Time. Collectables. (1995) 1:55:38 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Just Like That   Options The Keys to the Kingdom. Collectables. (1997) 1:58:56 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Listen While I   Options 1,000 Shadows. Dionysus. (1994) 2:01:09 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  She Reminds You Of   Options The Keys to the Kingdom. Collectables. (1997) 2:03:50 )  
CREATURES  She's Pretty Frustrating   Options Get Me Out of This Town EP. Egarag. 7". (1988) 2:06:10 )  
THE STEEDS  Ready Go Burrito promo   Options 2:07:54 )  
THE STEEDS  A Crying Shame   Options 5 song demo. (2004) 2:08:20 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  Remembering Memory Lane   Options The Keys to the Kingdom. Collectables. (1997) 2:10:39 )  
SHADESTREAM  The Sky Is Falling   Options demo. 2:12:29 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  The Darkest Nights   Options 1,000 Shadows. Dionysus. (1994) 2:15:14 )  
CREATURES OF THE GOLDEN DAWN  The Golden Dawn Is Near   Options The Keys to the Kingdom. Collectables. (1997) 2:17:33 )  
THE NERVES  When You Find Out   Options One Way Ticket. Alive. pre-Plimsouls Peter Case -NR 2:25:42 )  
POP RIVETS  Beatle Boots   Options Fun in the U.K.. Jim's Records. 2:27:41 )  
PREACHER'S KIDS  Is This Love?   Options Wrecked 'em. 7". -NR 2:30:29 )  
CHEAP TIME  Back To School   Options s/t. In the Red. (2008) playing live on Brian Turner's show this Tues (12/2) btwn 3-6 pm! 2:32:52 )  
RED DAWN II  Action Woman/Life Stinks   Options Live. Party Store. -NR 2:34:29 )  
THE SIR FINKS  Spanish Flea   Options (Tres Mexicanos) Del Sur de Texas. Get Hip. mid-90's material pre-Ugly Beats -NR 2:39:08 )  
GENTLEMAN JESSE  Black Hole   Options s/t. Douche Master. -NR 2:40:41 )  
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW  Fish Fight   Options Live at Izola. Midgain Confidence. (2006) playing tonight at Music Hall of Williamsburg with Golden Triangle! 2:44:13 )  
GOLDEN TRIANGLE  Prize Fighter   Options Rob's House. 7". playing tonight at Music Hall of Williamsburg with King Khan & BBQ Show! -NR 2:45:44 )  
CREATURES  Get Me Out of This Town   Options Get Me Out of This Town EP. Egarag. 7". (1988) 2:55:37 )  

Listener comments!

  Sat. 11/29/08 3:27pm Mark Watkins:

Great opening set Terre!
  Sat. 11/29/08 3:43pm John John:

Hay Terre

What is tofu turkey?
  Sat. 11/29/08 3:44pm tim:

you are hilarious! Listeniing in philly doing some artwork. Is there a picture of you on wfmu website?
  Sat. 11/29/08 3:49pm cornelius:

mmm roasted duck
  Sat. 11/29/08 3:50pm Terre T:

Hey Mark in Philly - check out my myspace page (www.myspace.com/terret) and befriend me! There's pix there. - TT
  Sat. 11/29/08 3:52pm Henry:

Play some St. Vitus! Thanks!
  Sat. 11/29/08 3:57pm cornelius:

hey terre. how was your black friday?
  Sat. 11/29/08 4:02pm tim:

thanxs its TIM though your not 21 you sound so wise!
  Sat. 11/29/08 4:09pm cornelius:

fundamentalists murdered an employee at walmart yesterday...
Fri Nov 28, 2008 NEW YORK (Reuters) - A man working for Wal-Mart was killed on Friday when a throng of shoppers surged into a Long Island, New York, store and physically broke down the doors, a police spokesman said.
  Sat. 11/29/08 4:12pm overseasfan:

greetings Terre T, Liz and all
looked it up, Nightingales were nov 8th w/ great show
  Sat. 11/29/08 4:12pm cornelius:

jubilee is playing at BAM
  Sat. 11/29/08 4:13pm BTH:

She was also naked on the Girl+ EP
  Sat. 11/29/08 4:33pm Terre T:

Mark - I'll be recording a you-know-what for you soon!
Tim - Sorry...typing too fast!
  Sat. 11/29/08 4:42pm tim:

no problem terre. been listening for a while on and off. love your show! who's naked on what album?
  Sat. 11/29/08 4:47pm acid queen:

no names!

Never did angel dust....
  Sat. 11/29/08 4:49pm Zach in Philly:

So glad to see another listener from Philly! Howdy Tim! I'm working on an old VB6 app (for a friend, ugh, not quite as fun as I imagine art work would be:-)

Terre, I came in right as you were back as you were back announcing Brother JT -- Yeow! Something new!? I can't wait to check out the archive! Aside from that, I'm just happy to get to comment. They disallow it at my day job.
  Sat. 11/29/08 4:55pm gee:

wow, this kinda rocks
  Sat. 11/29/08 4:56pm tombom:

it does. crazy. who knew he could make anything which wasn't just dodgy soft rock? pretty cool.
  Sat. 11/29/08 4:56pm tim:

old VB6 app ? I am working on a drawing in metallic pens fall theme with a giant spider from a native american creation story. I give thanxs this thanksgiving the goddess has blessed us once again with the fruits of the earth.
  Sat. 11/29/08 4:58pm Terre T:

Henry-not sure abt St Vitus 2day-Check out Sue Per's show Fri in the morning 2-6am
Cornelius-Thx 4 that insane Black Fri story--i wanted 2 mention it
Overseas Fan-Thx 4 commnets & factchecking re: Nightingales Live session was Nov 8
  Sat. 11/29/08 4:59pm Mike:

Didn't know there was a signle version of"Slip Inside this House". Couln't imagine it being played on WABC!
  Sat. 11/29/08 5:12pm Zach in Philly:

Tim, that sounds very interesting! Anyplace handy to see past works? Regarding fruits of the earth, I'm right there with ya. To that end, I'm glad to have extra-work to do. The app was state of the art back in the day, and it still holds up pretty well.

The Creatures of the Golden Dawn sound righteous. I'm sorry to say it's all new to me. 'Going to have to learn more about them... Thanks for the sad but vigorous display of their talents!
  Sat. 11/29/08 5:19pm Lisa (Smitreski) Draper:

Thank you for the tribute to my brother. The family really appreciates all the love and support we have felt from Mike's friends in music. God Bless all of you!
  Sat. 11/29/08 5:19pm Mike:

  Sat. 11/29/08 5:23pm Another Smitreski:

We are listening to Mike and the Creatures and really enjoy the tribute. Thanks for all the love. We know Mike is smiling above (BEAM ME UP SCOTTY).
  Sat. 11/29/08 5:24pm tim:

Lisa, what would we ever do with out all of our crazy artists. they gotta do what they gotta do
  Sat. 11/29/08 5:25pm Brian in Muskegon:

What a Talent! Terrific Tunes! Than Kew!
  Sat. 11/29/08 5:27pm Zach in Philly:

Our 11 yr old son has been moving and bouncing along this whole Smitreski tribute set. These are some really great tracks.
  Sat. 11/29/08 5:27pm tombom:

yes, very cool stuff.
  Sat. 11/29/08 5:36pm stu:

Great tribute Terre!
  Sat. 11/29/08 5:49pm Elvis:

"Let's get real, real gone for a change"
  Sat. 11/29/08 6:03pm Sean:

  Sun. 11/30/08 9:42am Doug:

Thanks Terre for the great tribute to Mike Smitreski. Fantastic talent. I just love the Creatures of the Golden Dawn. So sad. He will be missed.
  Mon. 12/1/08 5:19pm John:

Terre, thanks for the terrific tribute to the Cryptic Zen Master, Mr. Mike Smitreski. I knew Mike for the past 15 years and he was definitely one in a million, a true friend. He will be sorely missed in the Lehigh Valley's music scene. By the way, the latest Steeds release (well, not yet released) contains some of Mike's finest work.
  Tue. 12/2/08 10:41am Rosie:

Thanks for the tribute to my brother Mike Smitreski. What a great station!
  Tue. 12/2/08 4:43pm Sandra McCarthy:

Thanks for the Tribute Terre and glad to see the Smitreski family and friends posts too.

I know that the Cryptic Zen Master is smiling from the celestial sky.
  Wed. 12/3/08 7:59pm Lee Joseph:

Sad news...I hadn't had much contact with Mike for years which makes it even sadder. I love the records we released on Dionysus and used to play the 7" EP over and over.
  Sat. 12/6/08 7:22pm Karen Smitreski:

Thanks for the tribute to my brother Mike Smitreski. You are all very special to us!!!
  Fri. 1/23/09 12:33am Chris Heilman:

Terre thank you so much for getting this most righteous stack of Mike. I didn't learn about his passing until just now. My condolences to the family.
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