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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options November 21, 2008

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Artist Track Album Comments
Jacques Berrocal, Dominique Coster, Roger Ferlet  Crytea   Options Musiq Musik   
Bruno Hoffman  Romance   Options Music for Glass Harmonica  Beethoven 
Henry Cowell  Iridescent Rondo   Options Accordion Revisited  played by: William Schimmel 
  Batterie de Capella   soundtrack to "Black Orpheus"   
El Sexteto Tabalá de San Basilio de Palenqu  Clavo y Martillo   Options Colombia: El Sexteto Tabalá   
"Guajira from the village of Guane"  El Verdor de la Campiña   Options Cuba: Musica Campesina   
Jack Costanza  Malagueña   Options Latin Fever   
Ferrante & Teicher  I Got Rhythm   Options Blast Off!   
Ferrante & Teicher  The Breeze & I   Options Pianos in Paradise   
  Words with Silent Letters      
Brian Woodbury  I Answered Themm   Options    
Holger Czukay  The Photo Song   Options Der Osten Ist Rot   
Brian Eno  China My China   Options Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy)   
Monty Cantsin  I Have to Go (Evidence)   Options Born Again in Flames   
Alvaro  The Whip of Indifference   Options Drinkin My Own Sperm   
Left Hand Right Hand       
Phew  Mapping   Options Phew   
Phew  Smell   Options Our Likeness   
After Dinner  Kitchen Life 1   Options    
Yellow Magic Orchestra  Tighten Up   Options    
Ooparts  Siphon   Options Out of Place Artifacts   
OOIOO  UJA   Options Taiga   
Yann Tomita  Music Life   Options Cool Sounds from Real Life   
Yann Tomita  Talk to Me, Talk to Me   Options    
Ono  Danger   Options    
Hail  Racer Hero   Options    
Azalia Snail  Another Slave Labor   Options    
Azalia Snail  Highway Vice   Options    
Home  Out   Options    
Fog  Melted Crayons   Options Hummer   
The Diagram Brothers  My Dinner   Options Discordo 45   
This Heat  Health & Efficiency   Options Health & Efficiency   
You Fantastic  Slowly   Options Homesickness   

Listener comments!

  Fri. 11/21/08 12:06pm zedprophfer:

the bryce theme song
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:07pm bryce:

  Fri. 11/21/08 12:07pm christina:

it's like the orchestra all took downers!
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:07pm Dianac the Magnificent:

Sim Sala Bim!
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:08pm stingy d:

more saw please
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:09pm bryce:

would you settle for glass harmonica?
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:12pm stingy d:

yea i would say thats a fair trade

unlike the move the diane's just made sending my favroite player to the my least favorite coast of america.
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:12pm Dianac the Magnificent:

May the fleas of a thousand camels nest in your wife's landing strip.

*holds envelope to turban*

Tony Blair, FDR and Rush Limbaugh...
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:12pm christina:

  Fri. 11/21/08 12:13pm Dianac the Magnificent:

Name a wimp a gimp and a blimp.

  Fri. 11/21/08 12:19pm Doug from DC:

I'm reading about the purported dangers of playing the glass harmonica. In the late 18th/early 19th cents., it was believed playing it or listening too much could cause you to go mad, suffer from depression, or become ill.
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:20pm stingy d:

my only diane carson joke is visual
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:21pm christina:

I was reading that too! then somehow I started reading about Donald Sutherland. Dang that wikipedia
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:22pm stingy d:

i love diane sutherland
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:23pm Cecile:

bryce, this henry cowell is quite jaunty
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:25pm bryce:

  Fri. 11/21/08 12:26pm bzul:

A glass harmonica is less strirring than an accordion and might push you to Bonkertown, but at least it won't pinch you purple.
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:26pm bryce:

the last great glass harmonica maker was an amazing german fellow who made them when he wasn't making precision glass bits for laboratories.

.........he got in his plane at lunch one day and fleeeewwwww awaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy.

  Fri. 11/21/08 12:26pm Doug in DC:

It's like six degrees of Wikipediation.
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:28pm bzul:

Wikipediane knows all, tells all.
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:29pm Doug in DC:

Bryce, it must have been the exposure to glass hamonica that drove him over the edge.
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:29pm Ike:

Listening to the glass harmonica could help *cure* depression and illness, not cause it, I would think.
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:30pm Doug in DC:

Maybe is stimulates too much yin.
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:31pm bzul:

I liked Bryan Ferry's version of "I'm Yin with the Yin Crowd".
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:32pm paulthepostman:

salutations bryce and posters, felt a bit queasy during that glass harmonica piece but I'll pull thru.
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:48pm Cecile:

ZOMG - the dueling pianos of Ferrante and Teicher. A formative influence for me.

Hey, got any Lionel Hampton?
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:55pm dc pat:

got any guys saying words with silent letters?
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:55pm dc pat:

Alright, rock!
  Fri. 11/21/08 12:58pm hjmaiere:

Holger Czukay! I'd forgotten about him. Thanks!
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:00pm christina:

I know, it sounds like a european commerical from the 70s for granola or something like that.
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:04pm Bad Ronald:

Taking Tiger Mountain is a superb album!
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:04pm zoot:

Are you familiar with Czukay's "Persian Love" that I think was on WOMAD's Music and Rhythm vinyl?
A quel swell tune.
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:05pm hjmaiere:

I was gonna mention "Persian Love"...
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:05pm bzul:

  Fri. 11/21/08 1:07pm stingy d:

i didn't fall asleep last night and everything is melting in front of my face all day
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:07pm dc pat:

jeeze, I borrowed a cd burner from a friend so I could burn my LPs....I think I got, oh 2 done. And that was a year ago. It's NEVER going to happen.
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:10pm paulthepostman:

  Fri. 11/21/08 1:13pm Emily:

Hi, I've never heard that China My China song before but it sounded really familiar - any reason why? Thx.
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:14pm diane:

hey diane, i feel like some modrin mope sampled it. also everyone imitates diane eno.
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:16pm bzul:

My plan is to check the cheap long-hibernating turntable for signs of life, hook it back up to the still-active Pioneer receiver of the same '75 vintage, output to laptop with audio software to create CD tracks. Not too many records, but really, would I get it done even with six months vacation and a gun to my head? I'd get an ark built sooner.
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:18pm annie:

i think we all have some kind of set-up like that, no one will ever get anything burned; it's all a bad dream
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:18pm hjmaiere:

"China My China" might have also been on the album "801 Live" or something like that. A two-second google consultation doesn't confirm it, but a trip to my attic might.
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:19pm hjmaiere:

Nope, no "China My China," just "Baby's on Fire."
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:20pm Bad Ronald:

and "Third Uncle" - which is off TTM...
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:21pm Bad Ronald:

Bauhaus did a nice cover of "Third Uncle".
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:21pm bzul:

Still remember full lyrics to "Fat Lady of Limbourg". Why?

  Fri. 11/21/08 1:22pm Emily:

Ha, ok thanks.
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:26pm Bad Ronald:

Because they're fantastic - I often find myself reciting them as well!

I love "furniture to get it right on"
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:28pm bryce:

because you are from the future
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:29pm annie:

must... get... away...from... computer... must get..some ...work...done... arrgghhh my head!!!
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:33pm paulthepostman:

bryce, you mean (we) know now what we will know then?
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:41pm Dianac the Magnificent:

Bim Sala Bim

May Edward Scissorhands perform your next prostate exam

*holds envelope to turban*

What's the frequency Kenneth?
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:42pm Dianac the Magnificent:

What's the first question Kenny G's urologist asked him?

  Fri. 11/21/08 1:45pm annie:

i'll stick around for any purcussion..
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:46pm diane:

this is awesome
play some diane next!
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:50pm bryce:

dianey s.
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:53pm dc pat:

you gotta love OOIOO

diane: what happened to stingy?
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:53pm Liz OShea:

Hi Bryce,

What album is the Yellow Magic Orchestra version of Tighten Up on? I'm a big fan of Tighten Up and I like to collect versions of it. I am listening over the Internet in Ireland. WMFU is now my second-favourite radio station in the world!
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:56pm diane:

listen diane... that guy is outta here... there were three virgins singing "nightmares nightmares nightmares nightmares" for 45 minutes into his ear when he tried to fall asleep, and then the men came through the window and turned into rats and ate his feet. then the whole world died and he tried to speak out loud but he was the only one who could hear himself. He changed his name to uncle lonely.
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:56pm doug:

hey liz. if wfmu is your second fave whats number one?
something local?
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:57pm Bad Ronald:

I think he got an exclusive deal w/RCA after they caught wind of his performance yesterday.
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:57pm dc pat:

Liz, how do you say "sit down and shut up" in Irish? A friend told me once but I don't think I'm remembering it right.
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:58pm Bad Ronald:

Or he tripped out and turned into uncle lonely...

dcp - "have another drink" - just kidding!
  Fri. 11/21/08 1:58pm diane:

no diane he did not receive said recording contract. he lost the ability to fall asleep and has been feelign really bizarre for a logn time at this point.
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:04pm dc pat:

Hooo, watch it Bad Ron, I'm 3/4 Irish. Liz and I will have to beat on you if you keep up w/ the .... wait a minute, need another beer...

diane: go home and go to bed.
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:04pm bzul:

He needs "Discreet Music" at bedtime, and follow the album instructions.
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:06pm diane:

i am going to put the golding institute to good use in short order
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:06pm LizOShea:

Favourite radio: Anocht FM. Sorry, Doug, I've very few words of Irish, and that phrase isn't among them!
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:09pm Cecile:


I ususually watch 90210 reruns. Those put me right under, even when I'm too tired to sleep.
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:10pm dc pat:

Liz: Uh, dc pat, as in Patrick as in the patron saint of Ireland.

Here's what I have (I commented this yesterday to trip up stingy):

"Na'ah be a kiench, agus sig sheaus"
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:15pm uncle lonely:

"di'ane di a ne, dianegus di ane"
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:17pm Bad Ronald:

Diane of Thirst
Anita Drink
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:17pm uncle lonely:

whiskey slappers
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:19pm Bad Ronald:

I thought I saw Diane smebbin through the park the other day...
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:21pm paulthepostman:

BR - you truly are the Doyane!
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:22pm diane:

in my scraper with my thumper
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:22pm annie:

ok, i been just reading the comments up til now, listening and observing... now i just have to say this... i been giggling and chuckling.. what fun
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:23pm Bad Ronald:

  Fri. 11/21/08 2:23pm paulthepostman:

bryce...the show's coming along nicely, than you.
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:28pm Cecile:

everybody wants some Billy Squier
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:33pm Hooty Sapperticker:

Azalia Snail is totally SKIRT OVER PANTS.
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:34pm paulthepostman:

Anyone seen or heard recently of the great raconteur Turtle?
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:36pm Cecile:

most of this is going over my noggin.
you young folk and your young folk talk and your young folk ways.
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:38pm annie:

cecile, just accept it, let it flow over you like a spring stream.... numbing you... mesmerizing..
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:40pm Cecile:

much like 90210 re-runs.
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:41pm annie:

  Fri. 11/21/08 2:41pm Bad Ronald:

Top hole. Bally Jerry pranged his kite right in the how's your father. Hairy blighter, dicky-birdied, feathered back on his Sammy, took a waspy, flipped over on his Betty Harper's and caught his can in the Bertie.
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:42pm Cecile:

okay, I'm cutting off your Ivor Cutler records, Bad Ron.
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:43pm Jack:

That track by Home is on Elf: Gulf Bore Waltz, unless it's an alternate version.
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:43pm dan:

cantist thee?
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:44pm dan:

my math was wrong for 666 .. it didnt let me add that..
  Fri. 11/21/08 2:51pm paulthepostman:

Cecile+BR - long may eulogise...
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