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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options November 7, 2008
Here's to your own death.

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Artist Track Album Year Comments
The Golding Institute  The Final Relaxation   Options      
  William O'Neill and Dr. George J. Mueller   Okkulte Stimmen - Mediale Musik: Recordings of Unseen Intelligences 1905-2007  1981   
  Female Entities   Okkulte Stimmen - Mediale Musik: Recordings of Unseen Intelligences 1905-2007  1970s   
  Paranormale Muisk   Okkulte Stimmen - Mediale Musik: Recordings of Unseen Intelligences 1905-2007  1968   
  Voices from Posessed children   Okkulte Stimmen - Mediale Musik: Recordings of Unseen Intelligences 1905-2007  1968   
Bob Larson  various "excorcisms"   Options     thanks Fatty Jubbo! 
  Instant Response Voices   Ghost Orchid: An Introduction to EVP     
A. A. Allen Miracle Revival Ministries    I Am Lucifer     
Ingo Swann  The Psychic Starship   Options Turn On Your Drive    Ingo Swann of Stargate 
Ingo Swann  At the Heart of the Universe   Options Turn On Your Drive     
Uri Geller  The Day   Options Uri Geller     
Aphrodite's Child    666    Vangelis' old band 
Louise Huebner  The Coleopterous Charm   Options Seduction Through Witchcraft    L.A. witch, had a syndicated column.... music is homemade cybernetic electronics by genius husband & wife team Louis & Bebe Barron. they also did the soundtrack to Forbidden Planet. 
Ruth White  Lovers   Options The Flowers of Evil    Charles Baudelaire readings, realized by early self-taught electronicist 
Ruth White  Owls / Mists and Rain   Options The Flowers of Evil     
Intersystems  Lately   Options Number One     
Intersystems  Vox 3/13/67   Options Number One     
Tangerine Dream  Geburt   Options Electronic Meditation     
Sonny  Pammy's on a Bummer   Options Inner Views     
Cromagnon  Crow of the Black Tree   Options Orgasm     
Ora  Hollym   Options Aureum     
Taj Mahal Travellers         

Listener comments!

  Fri. 11/7/08 12:08pm white russian:

Andy Lives
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:10pm stingy d:

oh yea... is the press conference today?
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:10pm chris:

this is making me both sleepy and giggly.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:11pm Ted from Baltimore:

Good afternoon, Bryce. I'm guessing this track isn't ending anytime soon?
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:11pm Sean Daily:

Fifth comment! Woo hoo!
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:12pm bzul:

NPR presss conf coverage starts 2:20 EST.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:13pm trent:

this song is weird
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:14pm E:

I'm losing control of my bowels.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:14pm zedprophfer:

this song is relaxing
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:14pm stingy d:

  Fri. 11/7/08 12:14pm billy jam:

I am too relaxed to move....so you better go til 6PM Bryce....MUST go to selep....the blood has left my toes.....my feet are numb
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:14pm chris:

I love the tremor in his voice. It makes him sound like a superhero villain - like he should be stabbing the air with his forefinger.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:15pm Sean Daily:

So this Final Relaxation recording comes with a lethal dose of hemlock?
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:16pm Parq:

Bryce, I'm going under, here. And for some reason, I wanna go take a nap in the city dump. But I don't have bus fare to Staten Island.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:16pm dc pat:

I think this song ROCKS!! WOOOO!!
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:16pm bryce:

hey, stingy! it's sunday morning.....
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:17pm stingy d:

yea i just looked up the site... i don't personally beleive it. but... nevertheless... i'm all interested
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:18pm bzul:

This sooooothe-sayer poet and the TV chefs are fighting for my soul.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:18pm chris:

I also like when he starts slurring a little ... is it a gin and tonic, or a stroke?
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:19pm Cecile:

Ah, the Final Relaxation!
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:20pm stingy d:

my chakras are so open
i feel a wave of diarrhea in my bottom
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:21pm E:

Oh okay. The bowel thing cleared up. Thanks.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:21pm chris:

I wanna hear all the Golding Institute records now.
*Sounds Of The American Fast Food Restaurants 7"
*Sounds Of The San Francisco Adult Bookstores 7"
*Sounds Of The International Airport Restrooms 7"
*Final Relaxation
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:23pm annie:

can you imagine happening upon this as you're driving around???
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:23pm Parq:

Bears can take out their teeth? I always thought that was just a Looney Tunes gag.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:24pm bzul:

I was thinking of the wrongest press conference altogether, eh? Coverage of the one "within a 10 mi. radius of Rutgers"...who knows? Rest now....rest, mmmmmm.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:25pm Sean Daily:

I'm just wondering what the police are going to think when they break into my locked room after undergoing my Final Relaxation.

"Well, Sarge, looks like the guy suffered a heart attack, but not before he tore his front teeth out."
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:25pm stingy d:

is this neil hamburger?
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:27pm Cecile:

I'm not hearing anything.
Stingy, I think it's singer dude from Faith No More and some friends.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:28pm dc pat:

Hey Sarge, look at this--apparently he hung himself w/ an imaginary noose too!
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:29pm bzul:

A mischief of rats chew my belly chew my belly!
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:30pm Cecile:

oh, it might help if I plugged in the earphones
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:31pm Sean Daily:

Hey, look, Sarge, looks like his fingers exploded, too.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:31pm n'lo:

  Fri. 11/7/08 12:32pm bzul:

Cecile...don't! Someone must tell the world what happened to us!
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:32pm dc pat:

Oh dear lord, Sarge. No, no... it..it can't be. His toenails have burst!
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:32pm Parq:

I've got work to do, but I can't tear myself away from this.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:32pm stingy d:

nah man... google-ing... gregg turkington is neeeeeeeiiilll haaaambuuurgeeeeerrrrrrr!!
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:34pm stingy d:

  Fri. 11/7/08 12:34pm Sean Daily:

Jeez, looks like he threw up after his toenails exploded, Sarge.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:35pm dc pat:

Well, waddaya think Sarge?

Sarge: Ah..put down "Died of old age."
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:36pm Cecile:

Oh, ok. Why did I think it was the faith no more guy. Hunh. I must have gotten him mixed up with someone.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:38pm stingy d:

i could sure go for some don rickles
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:44pm dc pat:

Sean, let's see who can post the LAST comment. Rules are, the comment has to be the last before the date/clock thing on the post says Fri. 11/7/08 3:00pm. So, as long as you're the last one before 3:00, you win. If it says 3:00, you don't.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:46pm stingy d:

can i play?
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:46pm chris:

Those aren't kids, those are British smokers.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:47pm dc pat:

anybody can, I just wanted to clear it with the woo hoo guy.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:47pm stingy d:

yo what the fuck with these kids man... fuck
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:48pm Sean Daily:

You and me, dc pat! Mano a mano! Code of the gladiator! (doing my best Brock Samson) COME ON!
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:49pm Doug in DC:

arghh...ugharggh...your mother sews socks that smell!
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:49pm Cecile:

that sounds like me when I had my cold a couple of weeks ago.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:50pm dc pat:

RIGHT ON! you want to open it up to other commenters?
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:50pm dc pat:

or maybe we should do 1 on 1 elimination competitions
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:50pm Sean Daily:



Ok, I'm done, waitaminnit, BLAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGH...

I'm not possessed. I just like projectile vomiting pea soup onto priests.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:51pm Ken:

It's great to hear a British Satan for a change. Satan is always American or German.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:52pm ross:

these kids just need a hug...
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:52pm Sean Daily:

Sure, dc pat. Why not? (doing my best Jesse Ventura) I'll take all'a you on! I ain't got time to bleed! Code of the gladiator! Ventura for governor!
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:52pm Cecile:

Golly, Satan has the syntax, phrasing and vocabulary of a fibbing grade schooler...
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:52pm Parq:

The really frightening thing is, when that kid isn't possessed, she's Dakota Fanning.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:53pm Jon:

I was looking for these recordings before when you play them weeks ago. The documentation seems a bit spotty.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:53pm Sean Daily:

So now someone's trying to exorcise Corpsegrinder from Cannibal Corpse?
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:53pm chris:

"I am paper cut"
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:56pm bzul:

For the second time in a week, I happily quote Karl, the house man in The Exorcist: "It wants no straps."
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:57pm stingy d:

as long as we are reprising... i vote for the troggs.
  Fri. 11/7/08 12:58pm dc pat:

ow, my eye..
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:00pm Harvey:

Hahah Bryce, you KILL me
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:01pm Sean Daily:

A. A. Allen... any relation to G. G. Allin?
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:03pm Cecile:

Wow, sinner pie.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:04pm Mizzou:

I knew it was the money....
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:05pm Sean Daily:

"Ah Christ, dough and blue hair. What a loser possession. Charlie, get me someone with a GOOD demonic possession, will ya?"
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:07pm annie:

great shit to clean house by...
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:08pm Sean Daily:

So, demons don't like the blood of Jesus. How about other bodily fluids? How about the sputum of Jesus? The lymph of Jesus? The intercellular fluid of Jesus?
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:13pm bzul:

I just don't get enough exorcise.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:13pm Sean Daily:

So we go from Christian silliness to New Age silliness. Great...
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:14pm chris:

It's like lemon sorbet in between courses - cleanses the palette.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:15pm stingy d:

i thought we'd be getting some black mass lucifer
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:18pm johnny:

fuckin eh
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:20pm bzul:

Or really, really scary dark mind-rippin' deep freak shit, like Cher's "Dark Lady."
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:21pm Cecile:

Space is cooler when the P-Funk Nation sings about it. Or Sun Ra.
Man, Ingo makes space sound like a suburban subdivision.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:22pm star chile:

I am bringin' it, and turnin' on my drive! Hope my boss notices!
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:22pm Cecile:

Or even Cheryl Lynn, the disco singer....
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:24pm Cecile:

or Lakeside...
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:25pm Cecile:

or Drexciya.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:26pm bryce:

wiki wiki wiki wiki
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:26pm Cecile:

god, now he sounds like Walter Koenig.

jam on it!
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:27pm Sean Daily:

Jimminy Crickets... What is thing you Christians and New Agers have with the end of the world?
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:27pm johnny:

yo what does wiki wiki wiki wiki mean i heard that before ????
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:29pm bryce:

jam ja jam ja ja ja ja ja jam jam
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:30pm Cecile:

Newcleus's Jam on it:
"to the postman, jam on it, jam on it - a wiki wiki wiki wiki..." was supposed to be imitating scratching.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:30pm Cecile:

  Fri. 11/7/08 1:33pm Cecile:

the burping people, the tuba people...
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:33pm Sean Daily:

We were walking along one day and we turned a corner and saw a book with seven seals and seven angels with seven trumpets, so we promptly GOT THE FUCK OUT OF THERE.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:35pm Sean Daily:

I want to cast MAGIC MISSILE.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:35pm Ike:

Sean -- HA!

Ugh, not this witchcraft crap again. This is almost as played out as "Satisfaction" on a classic rock station.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:36pm Cecile:

I want to cast A CHORUS LINE
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:36pm stingy d:

magic is not real
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:37pm signalstation:

magic is a collectible card game
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:37pm bryce:

sorry, ike!
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:37pm Cecile:

I thought a coleopetrous was an annual plant that liked shade.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:38pm bzul:

I want to cast a Mooselook Wobbler.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:38pm stingy d:

night people dispelled the concept of magic being real the other day. i hear that at around 6am thigns got interesting when this girl called in and talked and talked and talked
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:39pm Fred Schneider:

There's A Monster In My Pants!
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:40pm Alan Parsons:

There's a pyramid in my bed, there's one underneath my bed, and my lady's getting cranky.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:41pm Ike:

Well, I've picked on John Allen enough recently for his terrible selections, so I figured I'd spread my bitching and moaning around a little.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:41pm Joey Ramone:

I got spirits in my house!
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:41pm Alan Parsons:

WHoops, I meant in my head.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:41pm bryce:

time for a happy pill
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:42pm Bad Ronald:

Ike's not happy unless he's pissed...
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:43pm Eddie Murphy:

I got boogie in my but.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:43pm stingy d:

kim jong il is dying
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:44pm bryce:

great guy.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:45pm stingy d:

he doin his thing.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:45pm Bad Ronald:

But the hair-do will live on and they'll probably clone him from the top down.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:45pm star chile:

Jing dung al is coming?
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:46pm Sean Daily:

Can this be "The Flowers of EE-VILL"?
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:46pm Ike:

BR, it's more complex than that. I don't want to dislike stuff, but I can exorcise (EXORCISE!) that pissed feeling and get a vicarious thrill by ripping on something. It's like vomiting. You feel great when you get the horrible stuff out of your system. So, maybe being a critic is like having food poisoning. Or bulimia.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:47pm star chile:

The greatest Elvis impersonator ever to become a head of state.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:47pm Doug:

Those obviously-photoshopped pictures of Kim Jong Il - "he's alive REALLY!! Believe us!" - are hilarious
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:54pm star chile:

Kim does Elvis better than Bill Clinton, bc Bill never understood the jumpsuit thing.
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:54pm Bad Ronald:

Thanks for clarifying Ike. I fully understand and I was not insinuating that you were simple! Sorry if I came off that way...
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:57pm Bad Ronald:

Here's the tender sensitive side of Kim Jong:

  Fri. 11/7/08 1:57pm Ike:

No, it's cool, BR, I didn't think you meant THAT.

When I was born, I said, "Hey, those lights are too bright. It's too cold out here, put me back in. Hey doctor, your fashion choices are awful."
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:57pm jon:

neat sounds! what's this intersystems thing about?
  Fri. 11/7/08 1:59pm jon:

  Fri. 11/7/08 2:04pm bryce:

hey, jon — they were rather amazing. canadains, put out 3(?) albums in the late 60s. readings of Blake Parker, a couple of electronics folks....their performances were seriously crazy crazy crazy elaborate installations, mazes, lights, fog, mirrors, sudden blackouts, "games" with the audience.... people would go tripping their balls off and be treated to serious insanity.
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:04pm star chile:

Blake Parker was the love chile of Bonnie and Clyde, left in a gas station bathroom, with a copy of Songs of Innocence & Experience tucked in his nappies.
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:05pm Sean Daily:

So it's a rat that's into BDSM?
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:07pm Belmont:

Where can these Intersystems recordings be found?
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:09pm dc pat:

"No matter where I am, I want to be somewhere else."
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:16pm Parq:

Ike, you're going to make a great middle aged crank some day.
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:19pm dc pat:

what was that long piece by the Fugs about a caveman or something. Sounded a lot like this. Be good to hear that next. Think it was on there Kill for Peace album.
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:21pm dc pat:

  Fri. 11/7/08 2:22pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Tangerine Dream is dreaming of being Pink Floyd with this piece.
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:24pm dc pat:

Virgin Forest I think.
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:26pm bryce:

hey belmont, can't seem to find the cd re-ishes of their 2nd two albums anywhere. crap. there's always mutant sounds... http://tinyurl.com/6bztw3

looks like organ of corti still has repress of 1st lp + 7"...pricey, but a beautiful object http://cortical.org/spores.html

here's some info on blake parker - http://blakeparker.com
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:28pm Belmont:

Thanks Bryce
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:32pm esch oder anarchie!:

TD is way better than Pink Floyd, but it is a little pretentious to call the song "Geburt." I think "burt" would have done the trick just fine.
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:34pm Parq:

*jaw dropping open in recognition*
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:34pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what year did that TD piece come out, because Floyd did that on Saucerful of Secrets in '68. Same exact melody on organ part. Just wond'rin who was there first.
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:36pm cosmic:

hey everyone, hey bad ronald,
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:37pm Tom:

Hey Bryce,
I just gotta say that the TD into Pammy's on a Bummer segue was pretty inspired
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:37pm cosmic:

what i set! just got in but read the list and a lot of comments hahah
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:41pm bryce:

nice! thanks tom :)

DCE, drum roll........ '76 doh!
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:44pm Parq:

Oh man, Cos, you mean you missed "The Final Relaxation"? You need to go back and dig it on the archives, and read the comments that were posted while you listen. Judson Fountain (he of Ol' Pal Irwin fame) meets the Addams Family.
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:45pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yah dats what i thunk.

anyway this shit is tripping balls.
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:48pm stingy d:

just look at this picture
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:48pm Bad Ronald:

Hey Cosmic, yeah what Parq said...
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:49pm Cecile:

Parq, I thought it was more like Criswell meets Deepak Chopra, but six of one...
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:52pm stingy d:

FUCK! i missed pammy's on a bummer... fuck

  Fri. 11/7/08 2:52pm cosmic:

i saw that parq.haha i cant wait! its mushroom season here too. or wont i make it back?
i wont re-read the comments til i can play it.

whats the posessed kids thing like? is it real?
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:53pm dc pat:

Obama's talkin'
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:54pm The Guardian (not the Keeper):

this has been an exceptional show, Bryce!
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:54pm bryce:

stingy's on a bummer
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:55pm dc pat:

holy shit, Bryce's stream is perfect background music to Obama!!
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:55pm cosmic:

any recommendations on the perfect final relaxation experience br? im not afraid of total ignightenment
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:56pm Parq:

maybe someday he'll be back
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:57pm bryce:

hey guys, have great weekends! fucking warm

by the way,
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:58pm cosmic:

cheers in advance bryce!
  Fri. 11/7/08 2:59pm dc pat:

Last comment! HOO WOO!
  Fri. 11/7/08 3:00pm Ike:

Oh really?
  Fri. 11/7/08 3:00pm Sean Daily:

Last... comment! Woo hoo!
  Fri. 11/7/08 3:00pm Parq:

Thanks, B. You be cool too. Hey, dc pat won!
  Fri. 11/7/08 3:00pm dc pat:

You missed it, had to be timestamped at 2:59
  Fri. 11/7/08 3:01pm Bad Ronald:

U2 - Anyone watching Obama now?
  Sat. 11/8/08 9:53pm melllt:

i'm back for more, this has to be one of my favorite lineups..thank lucifer for the archives!
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