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Fist-pumping, air-drumming freeform mayhem. Caffeinated rock, experimental pop, oddball beats, and novelties.

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Options October 27, 2008: Kawaii Inu: Live Music from Yura Yura Teikoku

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(* = new, *** = special)

Artist Track Album Label New / Special Approx. start time
Growing  Rave Pie Only   Options All the Way  The Social Registry  *   0:00:00 ()
High Places  A Field Guide   Options High Places  Thrill Jockey  *   0:05:52 ()
Dump  A Love Bizarre   Options That Skinny Motherfucker With the High Voice?  Shrimper    0:09:49 ()
Telepathe  Chrome's On It   Options Chrome's On It  The Social Registry  *   0:16:41 ()
Crystal Stilts  Crystal Stilts   Options Alight of Night  Slumberland  *   0:20:18 ()
Deerhoof  Fresh Born   Options Offend Maggie  Kill Rock Stars  *   0:23:12 ()
Max Tundra  Nord Lead Three   Options Parallax Error Beheads You  Domino  *   0:26:42 ()
Marnie Stern  Shea Stadium   Options This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That  Kill Rock Stars  *   0:29:21 ()
Danielson  Flip Flop Flim Flam   Options Trying Hartz (First Fruits '94-'04)  Secretly Canadian  *   0:32:56 ()
Momus  The Cooper O' Fife   Options Joemus  American Patchwork  *   0:36:23 ()
Y Pants  Magnetic Attraction   Options Y Pants  Periodic Document    0:39:23 ()
Conceputol  The Space Invaders   Options Insert Coin - Liz Berg's 2008 Marathon Premium      0:42:31 ()
Quintron  Dirt Bag Fever   Options Too Thirsty For Love  Goner  *   0:58:53 ()
Yoko Ono w/ Peaches  Kiss Kiss Kiss   Options Yes, I'm a WItch  Astralwerks    1:01:46 ()
Mattress  Don't Forget   Options Heavy Duty  Reluctant  *   1:05:04 ()
Glass Candy  Candy Castle   Options Beat Box  Italians Do It Better  *   1:09:20 ()
Rainbow Arabia  Hear No See No   Options The Basta  Tiny Man  *   1:14:47 ()
Candie Payne  Take Me   Options Smooth Women on the Hard Beat: Trent's 2008 WFMU Marathon Premium      1:18:53 ()
Jean-Pierre Massiera  Ma' Jackson (Micky & Joyce)   Options Psychoses Freakoid (1976-1981)  Mucho Gusto    1:21:20 ()
Wee  Leavin' You Alone   Options You Can Fly on My Aeroplane  Numero    1:24:47 ()
Grupo Retrovisor  Mecanica   Options Colombian Street Party (V/A)  WMN  *   1:28:34 ()
Freddy Quinn  Wir   Options Hippies Hasch und Flower Power (V/A)  Bear Family    1:37:41 ()
Rudy Ventura  Sigo Sonando   Options Melenudos! (V/A)  Gorilla    1:41:10 ()
Mark Barrage  Boon Times   Options Delays  Shock  *   1:44:12 ()
YMCK  Socopogogo   Options Family Music  Records of the Damned    1:46:35 ()
J.G. Thirlwell  Warm Leatherette   Options Recovery (V/A)  Fractured  *   1:50:09 ()
Boris  Track 3   Options Pink  DIW / Phalanx    1:53:26 ()
Yura Yura Teikoku live on WFMU! Engineered by Jason Sigal, Nakamura Soichiro, and Adrian Caballero. Thanks to Justin!
Yura Yura Teikoku  The Communication   Options Live on WFMU      1:59:45 ()
Yura Yura Teikoku  Dekinai (Can Not)   Options Live on WFMU      2:05:45 ()
Yura Yura Teikoku  Sweet Surrender   Options Live on WFMU      2:11:26 ()
Yura Yura Teikoku  Tako Monogatari (Octopus Story)   Options Live on WFMU      2:15:56 ()
Yura Yura Teikoku  Into the Next Night   Options Live on WFMU      2:21:31 ()
Yura Yura Teikoku  Nai!!   Options Live on WFMU      2:30:14 ()
Les Rallizes Denudes  Track 4   Options Les Rallizes Denudes      2:41:44 ()
DMBQ  Magical Relation   Options Hercules Hits  Avex Trax    2:53:46 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 10/27/08 12:06pm Bruce:

First post!! Greetings from D.C.
  Mon. 10/27/08 12:07pm Sean Daily:

Second post! Greetings from Woo Hoo!
  Mon. 10/27/08 12:10pm nna:

I love High Places. They make me jealous for not thinking of it first.
  Mon. 10/27/08 12:14pm GP:

LoL...Liz ( and hello BTW)..is this really the name of this DUMP album?
  Mon. 10/27/08 12:14pm Liz B.:

Hi everyone, hope all of your Record Fair dreams came true this weekend!
  Mon. 10/27/08 12:16pm Liz B.:

GP, yeah the Dump album name is hilarious, eh? It's all Prince covers.
  Mon. 10/27/08 12:17pm (・ω・)yukkurishiteiitene:

WE LOVE YURA YURA TEIKOKU!!!! from tokyo japan
  Mon. 10/27/08 12:28pm Parq:

So far, the best part of this show is the list of label names. Although I agree that the name of that Prince trib disc is what the kids call epic.
  Mon. 10/27/08 12:34pm dc pat:

noticing a toy-drum-sounding theme going on here.
  Mon. 10/27/08 12:35pm Bad Ronald:

I guess Prince deserves a reference like that since he was so pretentious as to insist on being referred to as some unpronounceable symbol.
  Mon. 10/27/08 12:45pm Patrick in Seattle:

Y Pants, awesome! This is my 3 year old daughter's favorite band. She's been known to break into "What Do You Take Me For" at random. It's pretty great.
  Mon. 10/27/08 12:56pm Bad Ronald:

Anybody witness the DMBQ human drum riser? I saw the pic on Belock's PL it looked hilarious!!!
  Mon. 10/27/08 12:57pm Parq:

Bad Ron, not to mention that he was and is a skinny MF with a high voice, whose appearance consistently belies the power of his sound.
  Mon. 10/27/08 12:58pm Bad Ronald:

  Mon. 10/27/08 12:59pm Bryant:

"That Skinny MF With the High Voice?" is actually a self-reference from the Black Album track "Bob George."
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:00pm Bad Ronald:

tx for the background Bryant.
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:06pm GP:

I heard that Peaches used to be an elementary school teacher or something....I never had any teachers like that!
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:08pm Liz B.:

I heard that about Peaches, too! Crazy repression going on or something...
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:13pm GP:

Well..she sure isn't repressed any more!
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:14pm blk mofo:

glass candy is okay but sometimes the music they make can sound a bit boderline novelty...like a comedy spoof disco band
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:20pm Ike:

I don't always get Glass Candy but I liked this track. As far as "comedy spoof disco bands" (warning: tangent), I think Hercules & Love Affair fit that category much more accurately. And also Antony. One of these days he will reveal that he is an acolyte of Andy Kaufman and that he's been making intentionally terrible music for years and tricking indie rock fans into liking it. He's just a comedian deep undercover, posing as a musician.
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:24pm Paul B:

Going back to Slumberland records for a moment. Slumberland used to be run by some friends of mine from back in college; Mike Schulman, Mike "archie" Moore (Velocity Girl), and Dan Searing too for a while. I remember when they came into the Kinko's I worked at then with a Windser Mackay book to photocopy an illustration for their Logo. Who is running it now?
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:27pm mike g.:

Mike Schulman is still Mr. Slumberland...
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:31pm detroitdave:

And I say Liz B is competition for a Slumberland title..zzzzz...............Wait I'm at work! Cryin out loud woman PICK IT UP!!!!!!!!
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:40pm mb:

I love Liz Berg's show! It's my favorite. Keep it comin.
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:41pm Sean Daily:

Okay, Freddy Quinn is what Johnny Cash would sound like if he was German... FREAKIN' ME OUT, MAN...
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:42pm detroitdave:

Yeah but it's funny..........
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:42pm michael from doerentrup:

haaaaaaaa.............the lyrics to wir are so fucking anti hippy it`s unbelievable. super offensive. apparently he appologized afterwards and also recorded an anti vietnam war tune.
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:44pm esch oder anarchie!:

Actually Sean, there are recordings of Johnny Cash singing in German ("Wo ist zu hause, Mama?") on the WFMU Blog that give a very accurate impression of what Johnny Cash singing in german sounds like ... real good!
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:44pm mb:

just curious, but what ARE the lyrics? any idea?
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:46pm esch oder anarchie!:

  Mon. 10/27/08 1:49pm Ike:

"Who does not want to be confused with a bum? We!

Who cares about peace on earth? We!

Your lungert around in parks and streets,

who can not laziness your senseless act? We! We! We! "

Just a taste of Google Translate's rendering.
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:51pm Bad Ronald:

Who doesn't want to be confounded with beatniks? WE!
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:52pm Ike:

Oh wow, that's a MUCH funnier translation! "Confounded with beatniks!" I LOVE IT!
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:54pm michael from doerentrup:

who just wants to talk to you confidentialy : us
who also has their weaknesses : us
who acts in similar ways sometimes : us
who also has long hair, but washed : us

thia is basically the part of the song where he`s trying to make up with the young people. but as i said, it`s just totally offensive

  Mon. 10/27/08 1:54pm Bad Ronald:

it goes on to:

Who worries itself around the peace on ground connection? WE! You lungert around in parks and in lanes, who can't seize your senseless putridness? WE! WE! WE!
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:56pm jason:

arr, i can't believe i missed YYTK last nite... are they playing anywhere else in the tristate area anytime soon or is today all i will get of the mellifluous din from across the sea?!?
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:58pm Liz B.:

YYT is headed back to Japan, but they will return next year sometime and hope to play both NY and CA.
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:58pm michael from doerentrup:

lungert = to loiter
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:59pm mb:

thanks for posting a taste of those lyrics. sceeeeery
  Mon. 10/27/08 1:59pm detroitdave:

Yeah , you gotta watch those "translation" sites, I have to have German translated on a daily basis and these websites get you in the ball park but it is difficult to have a literal english translation to much of it. I have unintentionally said off color shit to my German counterparts because of Babelfish translations
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:02pm Bad Ronald:

Hah, that's funny like the Python skit!
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:12pm tatami:

「dekinai」means 「can not」
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:13pm Liz B.:

Thanks for the translation, Tatami!
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:20pm detroitdave:

Hey Liz,.......how bout something that needs no translating.........were so confused!
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:21pm Liz B.:

Gotta keep you guys on your toes with the translating!
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:21pm jason:

guitars need no translation
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:23pm detroitdave:

While Babelfishing I got jap sentences mixed with german because of your music selections...........but strangely it makes some sense
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:23pm tatami:

「tako monogatari」 means 「octopus story」
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:30pm michael from doerentrup:

detroitdave is freddy quinn...hehehehe
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:31pm randy in NC:

Sounds a bit like Wilco here...
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:32pm Liz B.:

I think "Into the Night" is their power ballad, nice!
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:32pm Bad Ronald:

yeah dd I'm sure you didn't mean it that way but "jap" can be considered offensive...
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:33pm Bad Ronald:

btw - totally digging the YYT set!
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:33pm detroitdave:

Nah.... I dont hate, at least not like when Sarah Silverman mowed down a dude because he looked like Osama.
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:34pm fishmonkeystew:

This is fantastic stuff!
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:36pm Liz B.:

I think you'll love their CDs, eagle_nyc, everything I've heard from them is fantastic, from pop to psych to experimental and all 3 fused together.
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:38pm tatami:

「nai!!」means「it is not」
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:40pm Mark:

The Yura Yura Teikoku sounds wonderful - thank you! (Hopefully they will make it back for a extended stateside tour sometime soon.)
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:40pm cosmic:

great album names!
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:42pm ~L:

Hi Liz,
Thanks for having Yura Yura T. on your show. They are amazing. I was lucky enough to get to see them at Maxwell's. It is so rare to hear a band that makes you feel honored to hear them. Everyone, go buy the "Live" record!
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:44pm cosmic:

they sound awesome, this is in the studio??!!
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:45pm mb:

really lovin this. thank you! i'm getting the liv album today... cause i didnt spend enough money this weekend
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:46pm jason:

LRD!!!!!!!!!! a band called LSD march from japan do a rather spot-on update of this sound.
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:46pm Liz B.:

Yes, the set was recorded in WFMU's Studio B! Thanks to Jason Sigal and Adrian Caballero for engineering alongside expert knob-twister Nakamura Soichiro.
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:46pm Liz B.:

I'm with you, Jason, LSD March is also fantastic!
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:49pm cosmic:

wow. that was great, thanks! i only just tuned in so ill have to check out the replay. .
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:49pm Gene K:

I have this LRD track on the album named 'le 12 mars 1977 a tachikawa'... I assumed it was a live performance..

This whole album is great..
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:51pm Liz B.:

Thanks for the info Gene, we've got this burned on a CD (7 tracks total), with no year, label, album info. From what I know, most of their available stuff is bootleg/live.
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:55pm Gene K:

Of course.. Thanks for putting this on.. it is awesome!

Here's the album info from discogs.. http://www.discogs.com/release/1031640
  Mon. 10/27/08 2:59pm cosmic:

hehe hercules hits
  Mon. 10/27/08 3:00pm detroitdave:

Good sounds...Bye Liz and great show!
  Tue. 10/28/08 1:15pm syed:

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