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Options October 17, 2008

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Artist Track Album
Kim Fowley  bad news from the underworld (pseu's alternate theme)   Options Son of Frankenstein 
The Human League  dada dada duchamp vortex   Options the golden hour of the future 
robin guthrie  lisa@dixo.com   Options 3:19 Bande Originate du Film 
L.B.  Roamnce in ab major, transmitted by Chopin   Options v/a okkulte stimmen - mediale musik 
My Little Red Toe  city bound   Options v/a high school record audiotracks 
Azalia Snail  silk breeze   Options petal metal 
a handful of dust  (from a soundtrack to) babelfiled   Options for patti smith 
pram  Hums Around Us   Options The Moving Frontier 
motoko shimuzu  Sgt. Kabukiwoman   Options jennie & me 
Antony & The Johnsons  hope mountain   Options another world 
Claire Hammill  afternoon in a wheatfield   Options voices 
loren chase and Michael Northam  waiting   Options the orolith 
jabladav  bin den drden tag levandre   Options jabladav 
marnie stern  rules   Options This is it and i am it and you are it and so is that 
mogwai  king's meadow   Options the hawk is howling 
Klangmutationen  trk 7   Options Schwarzhagel 
david tagg  withered projectories   Options v/a exercises in obscurism 
andrew russo  glenn kotche/commom   Options mix tape 
palms  boundary waters   Options it's midnight in honolulu 
bernd spier  san francisco   Options v/a hippies, hasch und flower power 
quintron  reborn   Options too thirsty for love 
proscriptor  liquid twilight   Options 726 
Prurient  dog of addiction   Options cocaine death 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 10/17/08 8:15pm Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

Great show so far as always cheers !!! Enjoying my Friday night with ya !!
  Fri. 10/17/08 8:35pm john:

Hey Pseu, great first set, which I figured I'd miss tonight (no really good stories about that, though)...there's an early saint etienne song that azalia snail track reminds me of, though i can't remember the title (but it's on So Tough) and oddly enough that's a compliment.
  Fri. 10/17/08 8:35pm Pete in LA:

I'll post but I'm afraid of the math
  Fri. 10/17/08 8:36pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi. We have a sink in the break room at my job. It gets a bit ratty at times, too. I'm thinking of putting up a sign "Is your mother coming in to clean up after you? No? Then start cleaning."
  Fri. 10/17/08 8:37pm Tommy (not to be confused with Tom):

Listening to your show doesn't make me feel like a loser when I stay in on Friday nights. Well...it does. But at least I don't feel alone.
  Fri. 10/17/08 8:37pm john:

Oh, and for what it's worth, I've long loved the Dead C, so I'm looking forward to this too
  Fri. 10/17/08 8:37pm Tim:

What is paranormal about the romance in ab major?
  Fri. 10/17/08 8:38pm Nick from Rockford IL:

Hey luv I'll do your dishes:}
  Fri. 10/17/08 8:39pm pseu:

it's niiice. I'm going to name today's guilty parties:

noon-3pm: GUILTY
3pm-6pm: GUILTY
6-7PM: GUILTY. new, but still GUILTY
People I might have to thank today: GUILTY
People who get paid here: GUILTY
  Fri. 10/17/08 8:41pm pseu:

oh yeah, one more:
That guy who posts on bryce's playlist who hates me:
  Fri. 10/17/08 8:48pm bartleby:

I used to end up doing the dishes back when I worked at a Brady Bunch like nonprofit myself *and* I was to only person who could fix the copier *and* the editors had the nerve to resent me for it. I'm totally feeling you in a very Platonic, don't bop me in the head, kind of way
  Fri. 10/17/08 8:51pm pseu:

facebook is not an accurate representation of real life.
  Fri. 10/17/08 8:56pm john:

real life is barely an accurate representation of real life. facebook never stood a chance.
  Fri. 10/17/08 8:56pm Bobby_G:

Pseu , I know what your talking about with waiting on line for tolls , I go threw that at the Holland tunnel ,and since I don't have E-Zpass I wait and get cramed threw the toll booth with every other angry NJ/NYC driver, yet some times I stare at the other drivers , and I see a woman , and in the time that we are moving through the line I get a crush , not a stalking crush , but that of a fellow traveller stuck in that momment of life , and I take in the momment to allow my self to dream that we could meet and then I see that she looks back at me. I want to take my eyes off her as I have been cuaght , but I can't ,and if she smiles back what are the chances she will pull to the side to get my name and I hers, but then she pays her toll and I mine , and we disappear into the lower part of Manhattan to never see one another again. ahhh.
This also is a great way to kill time , and not think about the fumes I have inhaled waiting in line.
  Fri. 10/17/08 8:57pm Tim:

Little Scars by Pram is good
  Fri. 10/17/08 8:58pm pseu:

Bobby, I am sooooo feeling that shit.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:00pm pseu:

john, are you wearing fake dreadlocks? I mean in your facebook reality.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:03pm Bobby_G:

So you know the feeling of drive-by crushes! The great feelings that all is not lost on the time we sit in our cars, but the car is where we can dream , listen to our favorite song, yell at the top of our lungs , and yes fall in love
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:03pm Dean:

Bobby_G, you could leave a message for her at craigslist.org under Missed Connections.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:04pm john:

well, I'm certainly not wearing real ones.

OK, so now you'll get a story. I was in LA, recording the day after going to a Dodger game and buying the hottest item at Dodger Stadium, the fake Manny Ramirez dreads. I actually sang all that night wearing my Manny dreads. Never sounded so good, I tell you. Probably never will again. I do have the dreads and do-rag here somewhere, though.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:05pm Swami:

This is Antony song is bee yoo ti full! It is helping me focus on my take home mid term. Thank you. I won't request any raga.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:07pm C:

it's just john being john, pseu
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:08pm john:

Anyway, so that was more or less realtiy reality, rendered in only two dimensions (sorry about missing out on the other three or four) on my FB page.

Reminds me of one of my favorite expressions, especially here in Fairfield County, CT: "As misunderstood as a white boy in dreads."
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:08pm pseu:

I'm wearing your dreads and doo-rag I think right now. Don't you WISH Olivia-Newton-John recorded this song here??
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:09pm john:

C--Exactly. Now give me a five year deal.

Pseu--No wonder I can't find them. I want pictures!
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:11pm Bobby_G:

Pseu do you feel better about your drive in than the dirty dishes now?
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:13pm bartleby:

Not a lot of falling in love on the bus. Maybe if I were in Minneapolis. There was a woman though who would blather to me endlessly on the #97 bus. She literally one day told me about the boil on her hindquarters. I don't remember if this was before I instituted the sit all the way in the back reading a book policy. I know things about her that I don't know about my closest relatives. She worked at J.C. Penney and had oil heat.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:16pm Bobby_G:

bartleby ,Maybe your on the wrong bus.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:17pm pseu:

Bobby: Hells no. I'm taking these issues to the pillow tonight. I'm gonna yammer on to every sorry soul who happens by. Also it's YOU'RE not your. ucch.
John: I'm burning those items.
C: Surprisingly John doesn't have his broads on facebook as friends it seems.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:19pm Bobby:

Pseu sorry I,m a lover not a writer.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:20pm Laurie:

Hi Pseu!
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:21pm bartleby:

I don't mind facebook so much. I get to see pictures of my new nephew, and keep in touch with my politico friends
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:22pm C:

again, no offense, john. but pseu's revelation further confirms my theory that some of your conquests are fake!
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:23pm Laurie:

Blow Pops? I prefer Blow Pops over Tootsie Pops
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:23pm bartleby:

Wait, is that what I'm supposed to be doing on facebook?
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:24pm john:

No, no, my friends on facebook are people I actually like. And exclusively people with whom I have been in actual contact. Though interestingly I never thought to put my daily political note on my page.

C--not a single one of my dating stories has been about anything that could in this universe or any alternate reality be called a "conquest." I only tell the funny ones. And now I want a seven year deal. No trade.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:25pm C:

haha. ok, considering i'm in DC, you can have your choice of the O's or Nats
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:27pm john:

On second thought, a one year non-guaranteed minor league deal with the Royals or Pirates will be just fine, thanks awfully.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:41pm pseu:

I wanted to only have porn stars as friends on my facebook and just ignore the other requests. Then I felt guilty.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:42pm Swami:

I prefer Blow Moms. Yeah. "Comedy". Sorry. Irresistible.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:45pm pseu:

Oh, that is so Dumb swarmi.
Anyway, I believe that John. I have a passive-aggressive ex as a facebook friend. And I don't mean LAURIE.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:46pm Mark:

I only want to have facebook stars in my porn.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:48pm pseu:

Mark, when I see you, I'm gonna smother you in Jesus just like when you were a little boy.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:48pm Swami:

I was possessed by the spirit of Michael Scott, Pseu. That's what she said.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:55pm john:

I was afraid I was going to have to become a porn star there for a moment. Despite the Manny thing, I'm notoriously camera-shy.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:55pm pseu:

OK, Ike is f*cking around on facebook right now. John is idle as usual and Laurie is just...awfully quiet.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:56pm bartleby:

I think linking people you've dated to your profile on a social networking site is a mistake.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:56pm Mark:

I'll wash my nether regions.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:57pm pseu:

I do not "date". ever. Waste of time.
  Fri. 10/17/08 9:59pm john:

Oh sure, now YOU signed off. I never remember what I'm signed in to. Probably still on the internal system of a job i left seven years ago.

And I think I may understand about dating finally. Just going and doing stuff is a whole lot better.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:01pm Mark:

When Friendster happened I eventually got into it, and loved it. Then MySpace got huge and I was really, really into that for a long time. Then by the time Facebook rolled around I dunno. I just have a hard time getting excited by it. My profile page is pathetically lame! Is this a sign?
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:01pm jt:

Monster show. Exemplary from Antony and the Johnstons to meta-metal. Beautiful. Top (free) form!!
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:05pm bartleby:

So we're supposed to have our little black book and pink flamingos on the internet. I think I could fit them both on a pocket calculator.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:07pm pseu:

bartelby you might have too many opinions IMHO.
Otherwise John, you've got nothing on that facebook ex -- he's a serial dater, a very curious bird.
MARK: did you put "stalker" as a search term in the facebook engine -- hours of laffs....
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:08pm Mark:

No, but I will! And together we can overcome this boredom that imprisons us all.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:10pm bartleby:

Well I do have pictures of my apartment, do garden gnomes make me a hypocrite? Mostly it's because I so seldom have guests.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:11pm john:

I went through that serial phase in the mid-to-latter part of the 1990s after a distasteful breakup form a long relationship. Hated it. Now, despite appearances, I'd rather stay in than, well, you know.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:12pm pseu:

..You mean you'd rather HATE than DATE??
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:15pm john:

Ha! No, no, quite the reverse. I was just really unhappy doing the serial dating thing all those years ago.

Perhaps I'd rather wait than hate to date.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:15pm Mark:

HATE DATES are the worst.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:17pm pseu:

I Heart Hate Dating. Oh my god, I really mean that.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:18pm john:

Not to change the subject, but changing the subject, I was just accused of using lots of SAT words in this daily note I sent out to an adoring but minuscule public. The only one I remember was "taradiddle." I may have said "foofaraw" too. It's been a long campaign.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:18pm Mark:

Revenge Dating runs a close second.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:28pm pseu:

those words are just, well...gay. Mark, revenge dating is in the realm of being a hater dater.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:29pm Bobby_G:

But what about drive-by ,get a crush dating???
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:30pm john:

Well, they were more fun than just saying "lie" and "sh*tstorm" again. And thoroughly heterosexual, to my knowledge. At least I thought so at the time. Are you truly suggesting the chicks don't dig SAT words? I'm shocked, shocked!
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:32pm Mark:

I get drive-by crushes all the time at after hours gay sex clubs.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:33pm Laurie:

Use Kiehl's deodorant. It's a cream deodorant, but it's not sticky and really good.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:33pm Bobby_G:

Pseu will look for passion as you travel threw the tolls as you leave from the station tonight??
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:34pm Mark:

In my wheelchair.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:34pm Bobby_G:

Mark: But not durning the day on the way to work?
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:34pm Laurie:

It's $16.00!! And it works. And it lasts. You just use a tiny dab.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:35pm whoa-y:

Pseu - i heart your pits
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:35pm Jayla:

Tom's deodorant... there ya go
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:35pm Mark:

Bobby: Work? Gay people don't work.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:36pm Bobby_G:

Put on your dashboard for the toll booth meetings with others.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:36pm Ike:

I find the crystal works better if you moisten it with water first, but yeah, it's still not very effective, as with many other fancy hippie deodorants. But sometimes the normal stuff irritates my skin. Fortunately, I don't sweat.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:37pm Jayla:

Dirty sweaty hippies!
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:38pm Bobby_G:

Mark: Then you have the day to hit a couple of toll booths
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:38pm Laurie:

I'm looking for new restaurants to eat at when I'm in New York, so I'm looking at menus on Zagat. Oh man, the menu for Butter has a dish with "moral mushrooms." Oh, that's funny.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:39pm scotty w:

I am so getting the Alzheimer's, i use so much corporate deodorant-anti-perspirant.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:40pm Mark:

Bobby: Oh, I'll hit them all right!
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:40pm john:

I was starting to riff on immoral mushrooms, but then I got all embarrassed.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:41pm Bobby_G:

Sad thing about Hippies is they don't have money for the tolls, but then they don't have E Z pass Ether
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:41pm Phil Risotto:

Restaurants? Forget Buttah -- go to the Peter Pank in NJ !

The beginning of this tune sounded like "Dreamer" by Supertramp with the electric piano.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:42pm Bobby_G:

I think I,m going to be a toll booth for Halloween
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:42pm bartleby:

I've used anti-perspirant fewer than 5 times in my life. I've tried the quartz-like stuff but even that irritates me.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:44pm Bobby_G:

bartleby: How do you smell?
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:44pm john:

Laurie, check out Toqueville if you haven't yet. My fave rave place of the last couple years.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:45pm bartleby:

Fine thanks, and you?
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:46pm Bobby_G:

Like a Toll Booth
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:46pm Jayla:

I've just come to Jesus on the anti-aluminium recently... that and cumin will save me from the forget-me-nots
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:46pm john:

Reminds me of an old Dick Cavett monologue, when he was talking about being asked in a restaurant "how do you take your coffee?" And he replied "orally." Stole that line, you bet I did.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:48pm daniel:

Great set tonight Pseu.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:48pm bartleby:

Well, they always have those air fresheners. Seriously though, nobody is backing away, I have a magical 6th sense called paranoia and would definitely know if people hated me due to my scent.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:49pm Ike:

Yes! Magnificent show.

EZPass is awesome. I rarely drive, but I got it anyway. No need for paranoia, unless you're a drug mule or something.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:49pm pseu:

PETER PANK RULES. There's also a Zagat-rated Vietnamese place on the other side of route 9 that serves a mean Durien shake and fishhaid soup.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:49pm Bobby_G:

Pseu think of me as you drift off in the pillow tonight.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:50pm Lumpy:

For the Thai crystal deodorant issue... yeah it can be a little dry and scrapey. Here's what to do... moisten the head of it with a droplet of water (or two). This works! Hear me now and believe me later. I own a stick of that stuff myself, but I never wear deodorant anymore. I think it's usually unnecessary.

  Fri. 10/17/08 10:50pm Panky:

Zagat,? Vietnamese? Route 9 ? I'M THERE ! The Trifecta.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:51pm pseu:

Bobby, I'm gonna be so full of car trunk vicodin I won't manage to conjure up so much as a recollection by the time I hit the pillow.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:52pm Bobby_G:

Then sweet dreams Pseu!!
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:52pm Mark:

Pseu: Have you considered armpit amputation?All the stars are doing it.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:52pm panky:

Car Trunk Vicodin - didnt they open at Arlene's recently ?
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:53pm bartleby:

Actually if you have them reversed they'll be out of phase and smell like the opposite of B.O.
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:53pm john:

The cuilinary delights of the Garden State (TM) are calling me.

Bartleby: O.B.?
  Fri. 10/17/08 10:57pm Ike:

NJ culinary delights: There's also Little Saigon, a great Vietnamese place in Montclair, and the awesome Chengdu #1 in Cedar Grove. Plus, for Spanish, Casa Vasca in Nwk's Ironbound.
  Fri. 10/17/08 11:03pm Pawnk:

Pseu has her off-spindle record goin again
  Fri. 10/17/08 11:05pm pseu:

Mark: No, but I'm thinking of having them cored out. It's all the roid.
There's a dim-sun place I went to last weekend. White man is odd man out. The owner kept calling White Russian "Boss". g'noit.
  Tue. 10/21/08 1:38am jelly:

hey pseu, sure wish you'd do the accuplaylist.
  Tue. 10/21/08 6:16am pseu:

this is an accuplaylist, Dr. Hawking. If you mean "Why don't you timestamp your playlists" it's because I'm not providing jukebox music for anyone, OK?
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