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Fist-pumping, air-drumming freeform mayhem. Caffeinated rock, experimental pop, oddball beats, and novelties.

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Options September 8, 2008: Grill baby grill!

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Artist Track Album Label New Approx. start time
Carcinogenic Static Carnival  Psychadelic Woman   Options Live At Zebulon  MassDist  *   0:00:00 ()
Mi Ami  African Rhythms   Options African Rhythms  White Denim  *   0:11:01 ()
Vivian Girls  I Can't Stay   Options I Can't Stay 7"  In The Red  *   0:17:38 ()
Lafi  Berries / Polska   Options You're The Same Kofi Fool, Creep!  Defekt  *   0:19:37 ()
Love Is All  I Ran   Options Love Is All Play 5 Covers  What's Your Rupture?  *   0:22:47 ()
Brian Wilson  Narrative - Cinco De Mayo   Options That Lucky Old Sun  Capitol  *   0:26:09 ()
Jeremy Jay  Alpharhythm   Options Alpharhythm 7"    *   0:26:56 ()
Sparks  Occupation   Options Introducing Sparks  Lil' Beethoven    0:30:11 ()
Lee Ranaldo / Yip Yip / Giuliani  Grill Baby Grill   Options       0:35:26 ()
If, Bwana  The Sound of Rain   Options Beware the Sleeping Squid      0:42:20 ()
Mike Kelley  Yummy Puffy Mommy Yoni   Options Yummy Puffy Mommy Yoni  Compound Annex  *   0:45:07 ()
Motoko Shimizu  Sgt. Kabukiwoman   Options Jennie & Me  Quodlibet  *   0:46:56 ()
Brightblack Morning Light  Oppressions Each   Options Motion To Rejoin  Matador  *   0:59:29 ()
Josephine Foster  Sim Nao   Options This Coming Gladness  Bo'Weavil  *   1:02:55 ()
Rosemary Krust  Private Amber   Options Slow Light  Spleencoffin  *   1:05:47 ()
Rodent Plague  Return to Zero   Options Blue Wave 7"  Kill Shaman  *   1:08:28 ()
Mij  Look Into The (K)Night   Options Yodeling Astrologer  ESP-Disk    1:11:50 ()
Maluco  Doped   Options Right Time  Karaoke Kalk  *   1:19:49 ()
Bruno Leys  Maintenant Je Suis Un Voyou   Options Wizzz! Volume 2 (V/A)  Born Bad    1:24:18 ()
XWave  Hangin' On   Options Heartbreaker  Breakdance the Dawn  *   1:33:33 ()
Wildildlife  Shinning   Options Live on WFMU  Crucial Blast  *   1:36:38 ()
Human Eye  Two Headed Woman   Options Fragments of the Universe Nurse  Hook or Crook  *   1:40:15 ()
Golden Error  Left Hand Path   Options Golden Error  Shandi  *   1:44:14 ()
Mors Ontologica  Parasite for Sore Eyes   Options The Used Kids Sessions  Old Age No Age    1:46:37 ()
The Traditional Fools  Milkman   Options The Traditional Fools  Wizard Mountain / Make a Mess  *   1:49:23 ()
Mutators  Bourgeois Fantasy   Options Secret Life  Nominal  *   1:51:20 ()
Kodac  Rough Parade   Options Tibet Tapes One    *   2:02:43 ()
Warbler  Awkward Sizes   Options Split 7" w/ Bromp Treb  Deathbomb Arc  *   2:06:48 ()
Zach Hill  Toll Road   Options Astrological Straits  Ipecac  *   2:08:43 ()
Research  The River Art   Options Notwave (V/A)  Rong Music / DFA    2:13:26 ()
Einsturzende Neubaten  Epharisto   Options The Jewels  Potomak  *   2:21:25 ()
Ulrich Schnauss  Stars (Maps Remix)   Options Stars EP  Domino  *   2:23:44 ()
Mogg & Naudascher  Moon Unit Pt. 1   Options DFA Presents Supersoul Recordings: Nobody Knows Anything (V/A)  DFA  *   2:29:31 ()
Titmachine  We Build a New City   Options We Build A New City 7"  Siltbreeze  *   2:40:01 ()
Nightmares on Wax  195 lbs   Options Thought So...  Warp  *   2:43:21 ()
Oh No  Shotgun Cop / Trapped In the Tunnel Pt 1 / The Stampede   Options Overstanding  Stones Throw  *   2:47:59 ()
Maga Bo  Longa Nahawand ft. Mohammed Issa Matona   Options Archipelagoes  Soot  *   2:50:43 ()
Curumin  Kyoto   Options Japanpopshow  Quannum  *   2:54:11 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 9/8/08 12:13pm Sean Daily:

First comment! Woo hoo!
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:14pm Bad Ronald:

Diggin the African Rhythms!!!
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:15pm pharoah tickles the sun:

oh my my! yessssssssssssss! diggin with all my paws!
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:15pm fishmonkeystew:

Yer starting the show off with a bang! Nicely done!
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:26pm dc pat:

wow. could you play the other 4 covers?
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:39pm Bad Ronald:

The Yip Yips rule!
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:40pm nate, yeah:

drill baby drill! hahahahahahahahaha
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:40pm Sean Daily:

Giuliani! Mmm, Giuliani. Ooooooh. Yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep...
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:41pm Parq:

Yeah, as Nuremburg rallies go, it was pretty successful.
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:43pm Sean Daily:

They seem very... easily amused. "Drill baby drill!" "WOOOOOOOOOOOOO." "Shiny keys!" "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:43pm marty:

drill baby drill lobotomies in giuliani, palin & mccain
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:43pm fishmonkeystew:

My wife and I watched that whole scene with Giuliani, mouths agape. It was like some sort of movie about a futuristic, corrupt government gone horribly out of control. Like a pep rally for the money hungry corporations right before they descend upon the masses. But it's real. WTF?!
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:45pm Sean Daily:

You don't have to, Marty. They already got 'em. Ya see, lobotomies are supposed to DECREASE aggression in psychiatric patients. Didn't have the expected results with them, though.
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:48pm dei xhrist:

I look forward to hearing Grill Baby Grill again. Please put its CD in a jewel case that smells like curry.
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:48pm Jay:

This song is cracking me up. Yummy Puffy Mommy Yoni....haha
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:50pm Sean Daily:

This Mike Kelley track sounds like an ad exec's version of Aum Mani Padme Hum.
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:55pm Hooty Sapperticker:

That's weird - my cat's name is Momotaro Shimizu.
  Mon. 9/8/08 12:57pm Scotty Boy:

OK, let's grill!
  Mon. 9/8/08 1:09pm detroitdave:

Hey Liz.........I'm at work here (and a little drowsy) Kick it up a little baby!
  Mon. 9/8/08 1:10pm Sean Daily:

But I wonder if the cold wants to see her shake?
  Mon. 9/8/08 1:19pm pharoah tickles the sun:

i am in mij heaven!
  Mon. 9/8/08 1:38pm SWAMI:

Deeeelightful mess!! Thanks Liz! Love the XWAVE!
  Mon. 9/8/08 1:38pm detroitdave:

zzz...............wha...da.. YEAH, YEAH THAT'S IT!!
  Mon. 9/8/08 1:41pm pharoah tickles the sun:

this wildildlife song wants me to destroy my cubicle. what happened to the ceiling? sun swallowing!
  Mon. 9/8/08 1:44pm detroitdave:

just in time baby...the boss just strolled by and I was ALIVE! Thanks Liz! Saving jobs in a hard time!
  Mon. 9/8/08 1:44pm Sean Daily:

Rocks me like the proverbial hurricane, Liz.
  Mon. 9/8/08 1:50pm SWAMI:

I just punched my day planner! No prisoners!!!
  Mon. 9/8/08 1:52pm Liz B.:

Tear up those cubicles and punch those day planners! Stick paperclips on your earlobes and pump your fists!
  Mon. 9/8/08 1:54pm detroitdave:

Seems were ALL SLAMMIN now! Easy on the day planner swami, you'll need it the rest of the week. Try a friendly co worker instead, they heal!
  Mon. 9/8/08 1:56pm pharoah tickles the sun:

i think i just got fired.
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:00pm detroitdave:

you didn't get fired...you tripped over a cord, go get some coffee!
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:13pm 1mckers:

drop, baby, drop!
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:15pm ?:

{{you didn't get fired...you tripped over a cord}}

Spill, baby, spill!
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:18pm 1mckers:

oh yeah
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:20pm Sean Daily:

Am I crazy, or did all that "Drill baby drill" stuff sound like a bizarre Pavlovian conditioned response? You say "Drill baby drill", and the Republicans cheer. You show them an AY-rab, and they salivate.
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:29pm 1mckers:

Do they not taste like chicken?
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:31pm Ike:

Wow, cool Ulrich Schnauss remix.
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:33pm Sean Daily:

Nah, 1mckers, that's the lib'rul media you're thinking of.
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:35pm Sean Daily:

You know, the liberal-biased media that's gonna back off of investigating Sarah Palin as soon as Rush Limbaugh says, "Boo".
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:36pm 1mckers:

  Mon. 9/8/08 2:37pm Parq:

Back off investigating? In one week, they've pretty much elevated her to Woman of the Decade.
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:38pm jon:

say isn't that the sound of those muppet aliens? I love those guys. I think they were all mouth and eyes.
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:39pm nh_dave:

more aliens!
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:39pm dc pat:

  Mon. 9/8/08 2:40pm Sean Daily:

Yeah, Parq, that's the liberal-biased media for ya. Excoriate the woman who's been in the trenches for decades and fought her way up to the candidacy, then fawn all over the pretty pro-lifer that had it handed to her by the Benevolent Fathers of the Party. Be nice to HAVE a liberal-biased media, if only for a change of pace...
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:45pm detroitdave:

Politics?? Punk is ANARCHY! Throw those monitors out the 4th floor windows and yell "I'm mad as hell, etc.
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:46pm Sean Daily:

'Course, the BLOGS have been tearing her a new asshole. But then, even in the Internet Age with the Information Superhighway and all that happy horseshit... who really reads those?
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:47pm Parq:

Dave, I'd rather throw them at Repubs.
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:48pm Sean Daily:

Yeah. Give the Democrats a chance to ruin the country. The Republicans have had theirs for eight years.
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:50pm detroitdave:

Cool, the target isn't deal, the rebellion makes the change!
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:53pm So Cow:

greetings from galway ^.^
just getting the tail end of the show...ace!
hope all is well and good!!
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:54pm Sean Daily:

DetroitDave, I'd love to see some more anarchy. I think the human race will be best served when it doesn't NEED government anymore. But I'm afraid we're gonna have to wait until the Great Consciousness Shift before we see that on a mass scale.
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:56pm Parq:

Hi, S.C., hope the weather's fine. A few years ago, I was in Salthill on a day so hot it made me wish I had a bathing suit. How many times do you hear tourists from the US say *that*?
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:56pm Sean Daily:

And I believe if I hear another Republican puke saying, "Drill, baby, drill," that I shall be forced to drive my fist through my monitor.
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:58pm So Cow:

Hi Parc...those days are gone! Grey skies above Salthill all summer but still a lovely walk along the promenade.
  Mon. 9/8/08 2:59pm So Cow:

parq, not parc!
  Mon. 9/8/08 3:00pm detroitdave:

Cover your hand with a mousepad first Sean. Hey, look at the past......only when large groups of young people rebelled did anything ever get changed. Too many people have been sleeping and there is no continuity between the soon to inherit! Find a wake up call!
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