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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options August 19, 2008: Play Misty for Me

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
SAM SACKS  There's Only One of You   Options V.A.: Joe Shlabotnik's Golden Throats  0:00:00 ()
ZORGONES  Herr Doktor Reich   Options 7"  0:01:40 ()
RESIDENTS  Loser = Weed   Options 7"  0:08:16 ()
CAL ANDREWS  Sundown at Sea   Options V.A.: Joe Shlabotnik's Golden Throats  0:10:25 ()
AFTERGLOW  Susie's Gone   Options Afterglow  0:12:10 ()
CHAIN REACTION  Only the Bleeding (Hey, Boy!)   Options 7"  0:14:40 ()
MISTRESS MARY  Jekyll an' Hyde   Options Housewife  0:16:36 ()
THE HOPE  News Report 1972   Options 7"  0:19:04 ()
JOHN NATCHEZ  Back Tracking   Options Listen  0:23:04 ()
LOVERS & FRIENDS (PARASITE)  Evangil   Options I Want to Go Home with You  0:27:07 ()
LOVERS & FRIENDS (PARASITE)  Misty   Options I Want to Go Home with You  0:34:38 ()
LOU HOMYAK  Angie   Options V.A.: Joe Shlabotnik's Golden Throats  0:41:49 ()
FLOSS  While My Guitar Gently Weeps   Options Cruisin'  0:45:32 ()
TOUR GROUP  Blue Note #2   Options 1  0:49:27 ()
SAME PEOPLE  Just a Song Before I Go   Options Horizons  0:53:26 ()
JOHN PALMER  Solitude   Options Shorelines  0:55:51 ()
MYSTERIOUS CLOWN  Why Do I Have to Tell Her   Options 7"  1:06:16 ()
THEE MUFFINS  Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying   Options Pop Up  1:09:24 ()
MYSTERY MEAT  Don't Take Me   Options Profiles  1:12:15 ()
CHAIN REACTION  Only the Bleeding (Hey, Boy!) [Oops! I did it again!]   Options 7"  1:14:20 ()
THE KYND  Clouds   Options 7"  1:16:21 ()
MASS CONFUSION ROCK BAND  Mass Confusion   Options 7"  1:19:11 ()
WHAZOOS  Inside of Me   Options 7"  1:22:53 ()
MASS CONFUSION ROCK BAND  The War Rages On   Options 7"  1:26:01 ()
PRUFROCK  Mr. Wrighter's Writing   Options Visions  1:33:55 ()
THE HOPE  Where Are You Going To   Options 7"   
FRUT OF THE LOOM  One Hand in the Darkness   Options 7"  1:44:26 ()
MYSTERIOUS CLOWN  Mysterious Clown   Options 7"  1:42:01 ()
TRENCHMEN  Chains on My Heart   Options 7"  1:46:22 ()
MYSTERY MEAT  Profiles   Options Profiles  1:49:05 ()
TRAVELING SALESMEN  Days of My Years   Options 7"  1:50:39 ()
PITTSBURGH PHIL  Don't Tell Her Lies   Options 7"  1:52:49 ()
THE DYSTRACTION  Where Are We Now   Options 7"  1:55:13 ()
CHRYSALIS  Dr. Root's Garden   Options Definition  2:03:59 ()
FRATERNITY OF MAN  Oh No I Don't Believe It   Options The Fraternity of Man  2:08:31 ()
DYNASTIE CRISIS  Faust 72   Options Dynastie Crisis [2nd LP]  2:14:39 ()
RUSSELL MORRIS  The Real Thing (Part 2)   Options 7"  2:18:27 ()
HOWIE THAYER & HIS PSYCHO-ELECTRIC HAPPENING PSYCHEDELIC SOUNDS  If Death Don't Get You (Then the Government Will)   Options 7"  2:21:58 ()
PENNY CILLIN  Boom Clap Music   Options V.A.: Joe Shlabotnik's Golden Throats  2:25:10 ()
REX GILDO  Speedy Gonzales   Options V.A.: Schmunzeln und Lachen  2:29:07 ()
JOAN WILDMAN TRIO  Synthication   Options Under the Silver Globe  2:35:13 ()
JOHN NATCHEZ  Living Silent Serenity   Options Listen  2:41:22 ()
SEVENTH DAWN  Jack Daze [bonus cut]   Options Dreams  2:46:02 ()
JOHN PALMER  Cloud   Options Shorelines  2:48:44 ()
SEVENTH DAWN  What Are the Clouds I See [bonus track]   Options Dawn  2:53:03 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 8/19/08 12:07pm GP:

Tony, Good mid day to you
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:11pm dei xhrist:

really dug that low-fi Howie Thayer!
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:12pm Bad Ronald:

I concur Dei
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:20pm north guinea hills:

i would love to hear a chain reaction (the german dubby ambient techno label w/ monolake etc) do a remix of the band chain reaction.
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:20pm GP:

Mistress Mary sounds like Kimya Dawson...or Kimya sounds like Mistress....whatever, this is a cool record
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:39pm ?:

I always thought that Resident's cut was called "Losers NOT Equal to Weed." (On the single it's the "not equal" sign, not the words "not equal to," but it is in a font that is very hard to read. Never quite understood the title...
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

lovers and friends is the shit
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:42pm Tony Coulter:

Yeah, I'm confused too. Looks like = (equals) on the CD, though....
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:45pm Matt:

This version of Angie is killer.
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:45pm Graeme:

I'm drunk on gin and tonic and Friends and Lovers are sounding like the perfect accompaniment
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:46pm gumby:

ain't it time Lou said goodbye
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:47pm Graeme:

Mick Jagger is sounding rough here
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:49pm Mike:

Isn't that what he really sounds like now?
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

nothing like flubbing a classic guitar solo!
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:52pm Graeme:

I dont know about ' gently weeps' this guitar sounds like its had a full breakdown
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:53pm 2600:

Floss' cover sounds like living-room jam tapes I have from 25 or more years ago.

At least it sounds like they're having a good time, studio "perfection" or not.
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:54pm gumby:

I wonder how they got the marbles out of Lou's mouth and into that guitar?
  Tue. 8/19/08 12:55pm gumby:

Even this guys drums are stoned!
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:11pm Graeme:

Mysterious Clown have a right old dilemma !
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:23pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

go to the bathroom and miss a band called Mystery Meat. next time I'll hold it.
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:24pm Swami:

Sounds Country Joe-ish
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:25pm Carmichael:

As a lapsed Catholic, I'm sitting here listening to Mass Confusion. Go figure, DCE.
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:27pm gumby:

damn hippies, the answer to mass confusion is always "grab my surfboard and head for the beach" damn hop-heads
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:29pm Carmichael:

The only way this music could be better is with an ocarina solo.
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:30pm gumby:

A Mass Confusion two-fer. Whaaaa-Hoooo!!!!!
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:31pm Graeme:

I'd like more Mysterious Clown if thats possible.
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:32pm gumby:

"no substitute for speed" damn hop-heads
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:38pm Tony Coulter:

Hey Graeme,

There may indeed be more Mysterious Clown coming your way....
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:40pm Bad Ronald:

I dig the mood of this Prufrock track.
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:41pm Graeme:

Cheers Tony - that would be great. This entire show is very enjoyable - we dont get this sort off stuff here in England.
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:47pm Graeme:

Mysterious Clown rool !
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:48pm GP:

2 fer TUESDAY! Yeahh
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:52pm Graeme:

I hope that DCE is not in the toilet again
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:53pm Geddy Lee:

  Tue. 8/19/08 1:58pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

aw fudge I had to answer the phone!
  Tue. 8/19/08 1:59pm Carmichael:

I'm doing an interpretive dance as we speak ....
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:02pm Graeme:

Too bad DCE - there will be no more Mystery Meat tonight i'd wager.
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:03pm GP:

That background track you are playing sounds suspiciously like a Portishead number trying to get started
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:04pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

don't you Brits call it the "loo" anyway, or the "water closet"?
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:06pm Graeme:

I'm a ' bog ' man myself
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:07pm Charlene Tilton:

  Tue. 8/19/08 2:09pm Turnstone:

Tony - tell us more about Chrysalis. This is so good !
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:10pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this is too f*d up for work!!
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

don't bogart that joint Tony
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:12pm Carmichael:

Heh heh, Graeme ... I'm a transplanted Bogman myself.
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:13pm Tony Coulter:

Hey Turnstone,

Chrysalis put out one absolutely brilliant LP in '68, which has been reissued on CD. It's definitely one of the best and most original '60s LPs imho....
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:13pm Graeme:

Where you from Carmichael ?
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:16pm GP:

W H O A ....this is trippy shiznit
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:17pm Turnstone:

Thanks Tony - I just Google'd them and yes , its still available on Revola.
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:17pm Carmichael:

County Wexford
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:26pm Graeme:

Oh , that sort of ' bogman' !
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:27pm Carmichael:

  Tue. 8/19/08 2:27pm Sean Daily:

Huh. Libertarian acid rock. Who woulda thunk it?
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:29pm SWAMI:

C'mon. . . this is really Daniel Johnston, isn't it?
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:32pm Swami:

Man, this has been an awesome show. Thanks Tony.
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:33pm cursorx:

I usually don't go for the psychedelic fork but you're playing some great tunes. Tuned in at One Hand in the Darkness, gave my usually 3 songs to impress, so glad I stayed.
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:33pm Sean Daily:

Oh gods, this Rex Gildo song ROCKS.
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:33pm GP:

Got a smile this W I D E

Thanks for that Speedy Gonzales tack.
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:39pm GP:

He he...sounds like "War" meets" Flim and the BB's"
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:48pm gumby:

Today was a blast. I offer the following toast in your honor.
May your bong water always be brown, your kool-aid electric,
your breezes filled with spinning peasant skirts and all of you rides ass, gas & grasseous.
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:49pm Bad Ronald:

well put Gumby
  Tue. 8/19/08 2:54pm Tony Coulter:

Thanks, Gumby and everyone else!
  Thu. 12/11/08 5:07pm Vinylcrisis:

Hi Tony and lucky people listening to you , good to hear Dynastie Crisis, don't forget their musical prog masterpiece " 4:PM " (Quatre Heures de l'Apr├Ęs Midi) 12'55 long time on 2nd LP. A must ! Best regards from France. Jean-Marie
  Sun. 1/18/09 5:33pm Skip Feher:

Hi Tony,
Came across this playlist. I was the organist in the Mass Confusion Rock Band...didn't know any copies of our 45 still existed.
Thanks for the memories!
  Thu. 11/5/09 1:07pm John Palmer:

Hi. I'm the John Palmer you have on your playlist. It made Shorelines back in the early 70s, and it's nice to see it getting some play! All the best, John Palmer
  Fri. 6/11/10 1:23pm Howie Thayer:

What a trip! Much love to Dei and Bad Ron for your comments...and especially to dj Tony. But may I ask a serious question: "How can you stand that *%#$ I did?!?" Ha ha barf ha barf barf ha ha hmm barf ha ha
Yes, mixed emotions. I hope my students never find out! Ok, I'll fess up. I took a doctorate, and changed my name to "Dr." legally. So, now there is no more Howie Thayer; I'm Dr. Dr. Thayer, and own 96.7 fm WZPH, The Zephyr, Zephyhills, FL, USA, Earth, Milky Way. wzphfm.com ONE MILLION songs in a row; NO commercials. email me sometime, and I'll call in too:
drdrdocthayer@gmail.com 813-948-3629 Much love to you guys.
  Fri. 6/11/10 2:37pm Cheryl Gifford:

Howie Thayer's "If Death Don't Get You" is such a catchy tune. I told him it's stuck in my head now!!!
  Sun. 7/11/10 11:36pm john sedwick:

john palmer! amazing.
  Wed. 11/17/10 3:17pm John Palmer:

Hi, it's John Palmer again. If anyone would like to hear a more recent song of mine, check out palmersopus.com. Thanks.
  Wed. 6/19/13 12:17pm Jon Feher:

My dad was in the Mass Confusion Rock Band. I still have his record the War Rages On. It's cool that all of you people still listen to this music.
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