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Shamanic vibrational love frequencies for the infinite mind. Shed all fear and allow the forces of nature to rattle your spine. We are the future. Welcome to the 5th Dimension.

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Options July 4, 2008: Why Are You So Meano? - SONIC YOUTH LIVE FROM NYC's BATTERY PARK!!!

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Artist Track Album Label Comments
Yann Tiersen  La Dispute   Options Amelie Soundtrack     
Sonic Youth  Simpson's Theme   Options All Tomorrow's Parties 3.0    Sonic Youth live from Battery Park in NYC today at 4:45pm EST!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Free Kitten  Erected Girl   Options Inherit     
Love Is All  Busy Doing Nothing   Options Nine Times That Same Song  What's Your Rupture?   
White Rabbits  Kid On My Shoulders   Options Fort Nightly     
M83  Up!   Options Saturdays = Youth  Mute   
MU  I'm Coming To Get You/Out of Breach   Options Out of Breach (Manchester's Revenge)  Output   
Music behind DJ:
Yann Tiersen 
The Zombies  Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)   Options      
Syd Barrett  Clowns & Jugglers (Octopus)   Options Opel     
Jim O'Rourke  Insignificance   Options Insignificance/Therefore, I Am    JIM!!!! 
The Melvins  Easy As It Was   Options 26 Songs  Ipecac   
Mastodon  The Wolf Is Loose   Options Blood Mountain  Relapse   
Hot Snakes  Braintrust/Hi-lites   Options Audit in Progress     
Boris  Laserbeam   Options Smile     
Faith No More  Got That Feeling   Options Album of the Year     
Meshuggah  Bleed   Options obZen  Nuclear Blast   
Music behind DJ:
Yann Tiersen 
La Dispute   Options      
Transmission  Battlecry   Options S/T     
Jill Kroesen  I Am Not Seeing That You Are Here   Options New York Noise Vol. 2 1977-1984 (V/A)     
Johann Johannsson  Odi et Amo   Options Englaborn     
AGF  Cognitive Modules Party II   Options Words Are Missing     

Astrobotnia  Lightworks   Options Part 01  Rephlex   
Komeda  Blossom (Got to Get it Out)   Options Kokomemedada     
Guther Platzek  Heavy Steel   Options Give Peas A Chance (V/A)     
Implog  She Creatures   Options New York Noise Vol. 3 (Music from The New York Underground 1977-1984)     
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  Spread Your Love   Options B.M.R.C.     
Pleasure Forever  Any Port In A Storm   Options S/T  Sub Pop   


Listener comments!

  Fri. 7/4/08 3:14pm ted:

but what a great song it is
  Fri. 7/4/08 3:14pm Starsonic:

Happy July 4th from Italy
Sonic Greetings
  Fri. 7/4/08 3:17pm HotRod:

  Fri. 7/4/08 3:45pm chicky:

great song of the zombies
chicky, tel aviv
  Fri. 7/4/08 3:47pm heel3:

What happened to the Feelies broadcast?
  Fri. 7/4/08 3:49pm HotRod:

Only Sonic Youth's set will be broadcasted over the air. Starts at 4:45pm!
  Fri. 7/4/08 3:51pm monica:

oh hottest of rods, terrific tunes today! may you have a festive 4th!!
  Fri. 7/4/08 3:52pm sweet anderson:

Greetings from Finland!
You're playing very interesting music.
  Fri. 7/4/08 3:52pm heel3:

RATS !! Thanks for the reply
  Fri. 7/4/08 3:53pm cristian from chile!:

im waiting for sonic youth, here, in santiago, chile!
greetings 4th of july for all !
  Fri. 7/4/08 3:58pm FromPoland:

Great album!!! Great song!!!
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:07pm zedprophfer:

yay boris! :D
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:16pm FromPoland:

Sonic Youth!!!
Sonic Youth!!!
Sonic Youth!!!!
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:16pm Randy in NC:

These fireworks look like they should be on someone's MySpace page, along with unicorns and happy hump day notes
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:17pm HotRod:

What's wrong with humping and what's so bad about unicorns?
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:18pm Randy in NC:

Nothin I guess, maybe it's the purple, magenta, and sparkliness
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:20pm HotRod:


Got any better animated gifs of fireworks? Email me at hotrod20 at wfmu dot org.
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:20pm Randy in NC:

Maybe Sonic Youth will play "Chapel Hill" today in honor of Jesse Helms' passing this morning...
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:21pm Randy in NC:

Actually they're a pretty good animation.
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:28pm ah pouch:

randy, ever hear the album manson made?
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:29pm cristian from chile!:

mm, i like firworks! nouns of no age is a great album, wht you think hot od?
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:29pm Randy in NC:

  Fri. 7/4/08 4:31pm ah pouch:

none other!
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:32pm Randy in NC:

I probably heard it here on WFMU of course!
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:32pm HotRod:

I've actually only really listened to No Age's Weirdo Rippers.
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:40pm zedprophfer:

5 minutes left...
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:46pm Laurie:

Way to rub it in, Kenny. Thanks for telling us how great that Feelies set you just heard was and also that they played a Wire song. :(
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:47pm HotRod:

Don't Ken and Benjamin sound lovely!?!?!?
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:48pm Clarence Washington:

C'mon Sonic Youthsters! I agree...let's hear "Chapel Hill"!
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:52pm Clarence Washington:

Yea...Euro 2008!
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:54pm Bozo the Clown RIP:

comments R 4 losers!
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:54pm Clarence Washington:

Can we cuss?
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:55pm HotRod:

You guys can cuss all you want in the playlist comments!
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:56pm xina:

i am so happy you are broadcasting this live! it's so great to be able to listen to SY live in the comfort of my own home.
  Fri. 7/4/08 4:58pm HotRod:

  Fri. 7/4/08 4:59pm Bozo the Clown RIP:

Thurston, it's ME!
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:00pm Bozo the Clown RIP:

The whole goddam world revolves around T-SHIRTS!
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:00pm felipe:

Lucky people suck
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:00pm Glenn L:

Any chance of real time visuals from Battery Park?
Hats off to the Broadcast Engineers!!
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:01pm Curt:

Listening live from the Netherlands! Nice to get a July 4th connection back home...
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:02pm Bozo the Clown Posse:

I am Saint Paul
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:02pm Clarence Washington:

Wow...sounds good. PS- I believe Anita Hill.
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:03pm Bozo the Clown Posse Helms:

Serious music!
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:07pm Bozo the Clown Posse Helms Not Insane:

1 chord! Seriously!
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:08pm Bozzio's a clown too:

Serious band!
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:08pm ~L:

Happy 4th!!!!
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:08pm PARIA:

-DAS IST GEIL - thanks a lot WFMU says listener PARIA from BERLIN
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:09pm Clarence Washington:

Yea, but what a chord! Hey - is this Bull in a Heather?
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:09pm Ismael:

I heart when Kim sings.
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:11pm Glenn L:

Why use two chords when one'll do just fine?
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:11pm Clarence Washington:

Was bedeutet das Wort "Geil" Paria?
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:12pm Clarence Washington:

Yea...chords are so 20th century.
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:15pm PARIA:

My online dictionary translates 'geil' as 'hot; terrific; wicked; awesome' ; I would say it means something like 'absolut great'
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:15pm mike:

I don't know whether to feel relieved that I can hear this show (albeit 1000 miles away) or even more jealous than I was already.
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:18pm Laurie:

Super sounding riffs from the Super Sonic Rascals!
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:19pm Clarence Washington:

Vielen dank, Paria. Auch, Berlin is sehr nett.
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:20pm JB:

quite a good signal - love to listen to SY - pretty well and clear sound here in Germany! Cheers.
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:21pm xina:

what song was that?
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:24pm Glenn L:

Love the old photos Hot Rod.
Sonic "Youth" indeed.
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:25pm Clarence Washington:

Wo wohnen Sie in Deutschland, JB?
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:28pm JB:

I live in Cologne, Clarence.
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:31pm ap:

on tour with ringo starr - listening to the youth live on wfmu! - coming from biloxi miss
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:32pm ap:

i love the way kim moves....
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:36pm Laurie:

Will this be archived?
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:40pm Curt:

Nice 'Hey Joni' - one of my favorites!
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:41pm ap:

anyone have a set list so far?
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:46pm depe:

its hey tony, not hey Joni, but goo anyhow
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:48pm depe:

i mean GOOD, not GOO, oh the youtrh brings confusion... OH NO!
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:49pm depe:

"gotta watch yer fuckin memory thurston, its guin outta window..."
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:50pm Curt:

"Hey Joni put it all behind you
Hey Joni now I've put it all behind me too"
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:51pm HotRod:

Not sure yet whether or not this SY set will be archived.
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:53pm depe:

its really nhot that important but
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:55pm depe:

america IT IS. daydream Nation. god bless.
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:55pm paulp in ber ber berlin:

smashed up against a car at 3am kids just up from basketball beat me in my head hyper hyper station
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:57pm ?:

Hey Joni
from: DDN Deluxe
  Fri. 7/4/08 5:59pm ap:

holy crap - how many times have they done this song... and she forgets!
  Fri. 7/4/08 6:00pm HotRod:

Smile like a sun, back over time
Crazy fr you, pleasure is mine
I love you, I love you, I love you, whats your name?
I love you, I love you, I love you, whats your name?

Youre coming thru, even it up
Going too far, try understand
I love you, I love you, I love you, whats your name?
I love you, I love you, I love you, whats your name?

Whisper kiss yr ear, Ill tell you what I fear
Whisper the kisses in yr ear, Ill tell you what I fear

Come on home, just aint fair
Name of rocknroll, where love dies
Couldnt find a soul, tell it like it is
Deep down inside, drunken butterfly
I love you, I love you, I love you, whats your name?
I love you, I love you, I love you, whats your name?
I love you, I love you, I love you, whats your name?
I love you, I love you, I love you, whats your name?
  Fri. 7/4/08 6:02pm Glenn L:

Even the most seasoned of Pros get nervous
When they're broadcast live on WFMU.
  Fri. 7/4/08 6:03pm Bozo:

  Fri. 7/4/08 6:03pm ap:

expressway should be one of the encores
  Fri. 7/4/08 6:04pm xina:

set list so far:
she is not alone
bull in the heather
silver rocket
the sprawl
the world looks red
jams run free
hey joni
cross the breeze
the wonder
drunken butterfly
  Fri. 7/4/08 6:06pm Joel:

Please archive HotRod !! I vote YES !!!
  Fri. 7/4/08 6:06pm ap:

from barracuda
  Fri. 7/4/08 6:07pm Kim Deal:

  Fri. 7/4/08 6:07pm cristian from chile:

and kool thing
  Fri. 7/4/08 6:09pm Christgau:

more instrumentals! less vocals! new look! same great taste!
  Fri. 7/4/08 6:17pm pierre:

from france
pink steam sonic youth more!!!!!!
  Fri. 7/4/08 6:20pm HotRod:

  Fri. 7/4/08 6:21pm ap:

all right - this is better than expressway...
  Fri. 7/4/08 6:28pm pierre:

  Fri. 7/4/08 6:29pm uta:


  Fri. 7/4/08 6:36pm zedprophfer:


damn, i wish i i was in nyc now :C
  Fri. 7/4/08 6:45pm formalhaut:

Yowza! SONIC YOUTH did such an amazing show. PLZ archive it. Big UPS to WFMU from Germany.
  Fri. 7/4/08 7:10pm HotRod:

  Fri. 7/4/08 7:14pm m c:

oh crap.
I missed it.

will this be available as mp3 eventually?
  Fri. 7/4/08 11:37pm Alex:

I was in the VIP section. It was very sweet. Gaylord Fields took my picture with Ira from Yo La Tengo.
  Sat. 7/5/08 9:05am Dan:

the concert was awesome. especially because I was just feet from the stage. Let me just say that there is a major difference between seeing them live and hearing the concert live. I really hope they archived the concert!
  Sat. 7/5/08 10:31am christopher:

the show was beautiful. does anyone have a complete setlist?
  Sat. 7/5/08 11:04am situasean:

She is not Alone
Bull in the Heather
Silver Rocket
Skip Tracer
The Sprawl
World Looks Red
Cross the Breeze
Hey Joni
Jams Run Free
The Wonder/Hyperstation
Drunken Butterfly
Making the Nature Scene
Pink Steam
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