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Fist-pumping, air-drumming freeform mayhem. Caffeinated rock, experimental pop, oddball beats, and novelties.

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Options February 25, 2008: 2008 Marathon Week 1 (800-989-9368)

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Artist Track Album New Approx. start time
Atlas Sound  Scraping Past   Options Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel  *   0:00:00 ()
Jeffrey Lewis  Wildflowers   Options Live on WFMU    0:04:18 ()
Skammens Vogn  Fly Bird   Options Live on WFMU    0:08:04 ()
We Are the Arm  Loaf Times   Options Live on WFMU    0:11:33 ()
About  Stack of Marshalls   Options Live on WFMU    0:14:40 ()
Stereo Total  Oh No   Options Live on WFMU    0:19:06 ()
Robert Wyatt  On the Town Square   Options Comic Opera    0:28:37 ()
Big Blood  The Grove is Hotter than an Oceans Oven   Options The Grove    0:34:17 ()
Jens Lekman  The Opposite of Hallelujah   Options Night Falls Over Kortedala    0:40:26 ()
Beirut  Nantes   Options The Flying Club Cup    0:49:06 ()
Deerhoof  +81   Options Friend Opportunity    0:53:27 ()
Magnetic Fields  The Nun's Litany   Options Distortion  *   0:56:18 ()
Stereo Total  Plastic   Options Paris-Berlin    0:59:36 ()
Buckner & Garcia  Pac Man Fever   Options Insert Coin - Liz Berg's 2008 Marathon Premium    1:02:59 ()
The Budos Band  Ride Or Die   Options II    1:14:21 ()
Mexican Institute of Sound  Escribeme Pronto   Options Pinata    1:18:09 ()
Blanketship and the Dollson Family Singers  To Be A Missionary   Options Music with a Message    1:21:31 ()
Battles  Atlas   Options Mirrored    1:24:23 ()
Absolute Body Control  Give Me Your Hands   Options Insert Coin - Liz Berg's 2008 Marathon Premium    1:31:44 ()
Long Blondes  Giddy Stratospheres   Options Someone to Drive You Home    1:41:43 ()
Delta 5  Mind Your Own Business   Options Disco Not Disco (V/A)    1:46:59 ()
Dungen  Gor Det Nu   Options Tio Bitar    1:51:02 ()
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz  Pierrot's Persecution Mania   Options Perpetuum Mobile    1:53:51 ()
MIA  Jimmy   Options Kala    2:07:22 ()
Madvillain & Fourtet  Money Folder   Options Insert Coin - Liz Berg's 2008 Marathon Premium    2:11:20 ()
Giorgio Moroder  Good Old Germany   Options Einzelganger    2:14:49 ()
Von Sudenfed  The Rhinohead   Options Tromatic Reflexxions    2:25:22 ()
The Deathset  Collision   Options Rad Warehouses Bad Neighborhoods    2:30:06 ()
OCDJ  My Friend Mayonnaise   Options Hooray    2:31:55 ()
Hrvatski  Marbles   Options Insert Coin - Liz Berg's 2008 Marathon Premium    2:35:05 ()
Gang of Four  To Hell With Poverty!   Options Peel Sessions    2:39:13 ()
Times New Viking  New Times, New Hope   Options Present the Paisley Reich    2:50:27 ()
Talibam!  Lunch Break at Naan   Options Ordination of the Globetrotting Conscripts    2:52:42 ()
Stereo Total  Chewinggum   Options Paris-Berlin    2:56:11 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 2/25/08 9:05am Vicki - DO or DIY:

Good luck everyone :)
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:06am David:

Normally i listen to the archive but i didn't want to miss the kickoff, happy marathon times!
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:06am bwalker:

  Mon. 2/25/08 9:13am gerardo:

qué tal, liz

here we are again, back and ready for a new and exciting 2-week marathon.

good luck to all of you, ¡felices 50 años. "y que cumplan muchos más..."!
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:14am Thom:

I don't know about you guys but I'm looking forward to two weeks in marathon HEAVEN!!!!!
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:23am Tom:

Liz rockin the NYTs! Remember us little listeners when you're at the top!
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:25am nEGATOR:

Negator will be pledging at 9:01am on Wed, Feb 27th.
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:25am ~L:

Happy Marathon, Liz and Ken! Ill be in tomorrow night to help answer phones!
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:28am fan of vicki bennet:

nice to see kind thought from muti talented human.x
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:33am Liz B.:

Thanks for the well wishes everybody, and don't worry, I won't let my back's fame get to my head.
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:47am Rebecca L:

Liz, I wanted to make a pledge before leaving and dialed wrong twice before I decided to look online. If you don't mind my saying so, I think you need to give it out on the air!!!! (On my way right now. I'm due at 11 today.)
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:48am Rebecca L:

That is I dialed wrong trying to remember it from last year...
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:49am Vicki - DO or DIY:

I also suggest you give the international phone number. Many people would like the thrill of phoning in from abroad rather than doing the web pledge.
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:49am Magda:

I wish I was there helping you guys out today. I will see you fine people on saturday. I encourage everyone to show love for WFMU!!!!!
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:50am Ken:

What is the international number?
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:50am Vicki - DO or DIY:

It wouldn't begin with 800 would it?That's just for the US?
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:52am zeno:

if we pledge an amount at the beginning, are we in the running for all the prizes in that show? or just for that one cd that's offered when we pledge?
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:53am Ken:

Liz Berg's Back here:

  Mon. 2/25/08 9:55am Liz B.:

Zeno, you'll be in the running for prizes that are offered at the time of your pledge. Everyone who pledges $75 or more throughout the show will be in the running for the grand prize.
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:55am Parq:

Liz Berg's back and the listeners have got her.
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:56am Liz B.:

The International # (minus country code):
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:56am corinne:

i just saw an old bumper sticker for the band HOLME AND THATS HOW I JUST FOUND UR STATION
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:57am Ken:

Ah, I see what you mean. Does the code for calling the US change from country to country? Humor me, I am just an ignorant Amerikanski.
  Mon. 2/25/08 9:58am Vicki - DO or DIY:

I was already humouring you :)
The code does change for leaving your own country, but remains 1 for entering the US. So you are safe saying +1 then the phone number.
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:02am HotRod:

Yeah Liz! What an exciting kickoff!!!
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:04am JJZ:

Oooh, Pac-Man Fever.
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:05am jonathan:

hell yeah! pac man fever!
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:06am lonnie:

i still have the original 45. i had the fever before i even knew what the video game looked like. the song was more exciting.
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:07am gerardo:

"Pac-Man fever/ it's drivin' me crazy" - hace añazos que no lo escuchaba - years without hearing it
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:07am jaypee:

Who's got WFMU marathon FEVER?!
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:07am Rebecca L:

The reason I said that was because I was listening on real audio and it is playing the same three notes over and over.
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:08am frog:

froggy's lament
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:14am bud:

please never let this track end
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:15am bwalker:

staff of five? where you hear that one!!!
enjoyin the show
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:17am Robert Moskal:

Give some credit to the technical person. Say their name. Unless they are a robot, or you crowd source one full time equivalent to the mechanical turk or something.
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:17am Wes:

Good morning to you all.
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:18am Ken:

Do tell, Benjamen!! How large are the online staffs at mainstream public radio stations?
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:20am wes thinks i am cat:

to waz fuck off
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:20am Ken:

Robert - We did - we mentioned Doron's name.
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:25am gerardo:

hi wes - long time no see

this show's gettin' better every minute - this is like party to me, everybody dance!
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:26am steve:

I'm so psyched about FMU, I might get a job! In the meantime I will pledge other people's money!
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:28am COBRA:

  Mon. 2/25/08 10:28am ear:

this is a great sound
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:32am bwalker:

You tryin to get me fired?
how am I gonna donate! with NO job?
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:39am Father O kinderfan:

sell your body
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:40am Trevor:

Hey Liz & Ken - excellent stuff, but I pledged yesterday and adopted the live board!
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:42am Negator:

Thank god we're not normal...
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:51am NEGATOR:

  Mon. 2/25/08 10:54am gerardo:

u r absolutely rite , negator - thank god we're not normal ;)
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:55am Ken:

Cmon Bwalker, nobody knows where you work! Let's say there was a hypothetical mainstream public radio station - how big would the typical online department be?
  Mon. 2/25/08 10:59am Bwalker's Dad:

C'mon, son, quit holdin out. Just tell us the truth and stop your damn moanin.
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:07am Laurie:

Jon Travolta has a weird waxen visage. It looked like he applied makeup with a trowel.
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:08am michael:

can you believe that one enchanted song that suddenly turned into some drowsy reggae mashup? i was genuinely shocked
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:08am dc pat:

Man Ken, I was thinking the same thing about Travolta--the man is whacked.
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:09am Tom:

Actually, since this is a leap year, the mouse of today pledge is LESS than a dollar a day!
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:10am gerardo:

Cool, liz

I simply adore MIA - and this version of "Jimmy Adja" is awesome!
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:14am reid:

jeffery lewis + big blood +deerhoof + battles + mia + madvillian x marathon = wonderful monday
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:17am Laurie:

By the way!! My first prize account pledge of the marathon, and I win something right away. Awesome. :)

Even more awesome than that? WFMU! Yay!
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:23am Doug:

This is going to be the best marathon ever.
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:23am Dwalker:

6 - 8 people!
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:27am Sean Padilla:

I'm so glad the marathon started on my payday.
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:31am gerardo:

thanks very much for your nice words, liz (i'm preparing some more material to send ;) ) - and hooray for the photo of your back and that amazing vinyl collection you have!

ken: "tira p'arriba" means something like "go for it" ;)

btw, will u two be singing on March 9th?
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:33am Alex:

hey Liz! Met you at Marty's going away party at Enods. Saw the picture of your back on the NYT! Great show!
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:34am Doug:

I got all excited when I saw that NYT article.
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:35am Tom (The Bactrian Support Network):

GREAT show - I'm a having a blast , but hey what's the link that shows all you folks ( I belive was a flicKr site) just curious can't seem to find it ..
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:36am Tom (The Bactrian Support Network):

Oh ""Marble Madness" now I'm dancing ......
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:37am HotRod:

Aaaaah!!! This Hrvatski track is SICK!!! Thank you, Liz!
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:38am Parq:

'Thon aside, the show has produced Liz's usual quotient of peppy musical fun for a Monday morning.
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:41am marty:

475 miles away.... hello from cleveland.
send liz & wfmu your love and empty your wallet.
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:42am Alex:

haven't heard this version of "to hell with poverty"
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:43am Alex:

those math questions are pretty tuff!
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:44am johnathan:

i wish wfmu would go back to playing more outsider music, i feel more and more like the outsider kind of stuff has become a sort of "psuedo-underground" am I overthinking things? I just feel like deathset and battles and all these other super hip brooklyn or portland or wherever dancey bands are the kind of run of the mill now, and wfmu used to have more interesting unique kind of music. I completely understand that the trust fund baby population of upcoming hip neighborhoods comprises a whole lot of the listener base now, maybe I'm just lost in thought but I have been thinking about this a bunch lately, anyway liz still rocks...
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:44am Alex:

hey Marty! from PITA
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:46am marty:

hello Pita...
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:48am Vicki - DO or DIY:

There have been a number of daytime and drive time show slots playing outsider music. This is a rare thing for a station with such a large listenership to not be shoving all this stuff into the midnight slot and beyond. In the UK this would never happen, apart from on Resonance FM, who are having real problems funding themselves, and also don't reach a fraction of the listeners that WFMU do. I really commend WFMU for taking as much a chance that they do in playing screaming and burping to people trying to drive home, and WANTING electronica and rock music.
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:49am michael:

johnathon, dude, have you stopped listening to bryce, ken, b. walker, fabio, acapulco, rich hazelton, dan bodah....ETC? plenty of music for everyone!
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:52am marty:

PITA kids come on and give your paycheck to wfmu!!!!
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:53am jonathan:

that wasn't me
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:54am Alex:

they don't pay us enough
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:55am Liz B.:

Hi Marty, hi Alex, thanks for checking in!
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:57am marty:

have a garage sale over there in gp and send the $$$ off to the fine folks playing this music
  Mon. 2/25/08 11:58am Alex:

Hi Liz, have a great rest of the day! And Marty, thats a great idea...
  Mon. 2/25/08 12:01pm marty:

listen to you next mon. in my new home!
  Mon. 2/25/08 12:01pm johnathan:

I suppose it's just that the perception of change bothers me, I started listening to wfmu quite a long time ago, I'm origianally from Jersey city, and seeing all the change that has happened the condos, the crap people, fake artists, etc..it just bothers me, and I feel like I hear it on wfmu, it's like it's lost the honesty factor, but maybe there's honesty, even in low level hip chic capitalism, it's just crazy, I used to listen to FMU all the time, carry a pocket radio and listen, and it was always fascinating, now it just seems far less interesting, but like you said, up top, it's what's going on, and I guess I'm getting old, sorry, just some heartfelt words from a longtime listener...
  Mon. 2/25/08 12:23pm arn:

Liz, love your show, even the fund raising stuff is fun to listen to! That said, and speaking of the station as a whole, I'd second Johnathan's comment. Being a recent listener myself, I don't have the same experience, but from checking out the archives, have similar impression.
  Mon. 2/25/08 2:53pm Ike the Phone Slave:

Johnathan and Arn, I've been listening since 1993-94 and I don't think it's changed that hugely. IMHO, Liz's show is, in a way, the successor to shows like Hova's and the early Jeff Cobb era, or maybe a cross between early Diane and Leila. And there was some crappy hip "lounge" music on FMU in the mid-'90s, which was the "chic" thing then. I like the current concept of "hip" or "chic" a lot better than that psuedo-retro, psuedo-ironic lounge garbage. But then, I don't go to a lot of shows or hang out in JC (except when volunteering) or NYC much, so I don't face the social aspect of your complaint.

Anyway, as Michael said, you'd definitely be more keen on archives of shows like Dan Bodah's Airborn Event and Fabio's show and Bill Mac and especially Pseu:
And B. Walker:
And the lovely crazed Bryce:
  Tue. 2/26/08 1:47am ike phone slave:

your wish is my command i wanna be your puppy
  Tue. 2/26/08 6:59pm Ike the Phone Slave (the real one):

Go away, Fake Ike, you mentally addled impostor. Have you ever even pledged to FMU? I bet you haven't.
  Wed. 2/27/08 5:32am ikes mentor:

i would be happier if ike wud stop his hate campain against mentally addled .do we take piss of ike as symptom of end of usa.no. hope u turn into bike at least your face will be sat on.by fat man.u wear ipod so wmfu still there.fat man e mail me make sure teeth clean and trim nasal hair fake tan on end of nose.
  Wed. 2/27/08 5:36am Sylvia PLATH:

  Wed. 2/27/08 5:40am VAN GOGH:

  Wed. 2/27/08 5:43am SCHIZO:

  Wed. 2/27/08 5:47am .LEGION:

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