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Ken and Andy further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards as the program enters its death throes. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options January 2, 2008: Andy's Gum Chewing: A Listener Referendum

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Listener comments!

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:09pm listener zero:

Are Beth and Hank already in or is tonight's episode another cop-out?
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:10pm Grant In Burbank:

Happy New Year Ken & Andy! Wearing my new 7SD shirt that came today!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:10pm B:

Happy New Year you two! Andy, your second resolution scares me. =P
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:10pm Lee:

LOVE the gum! KEEP the gum!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:11pm B:

The gum hasn't bothered me so far.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:13pm Grant In Burbank:

The gum is the essence of Andy. Lose the gum and you lose all that is Andy.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:13pm A different Tim from Seattle:

Chewing gum is the new smoking, makes you COOL like... someone I can't think of
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:13pm jeremy:

I support Andy's right to chew gum. Go GIANTS!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:13pm Tim K:

Listener Tim in Seattle continues to say STOP THE GUM!!!!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:14pm andyboy:

I'm anti-gum, and I vote.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:14pm Dan:

By all means - Chew gum!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:14pm Listener Kurt:

On-air gum chewing is bad form, which is Andy's charm.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:15pm jake:

go andy go!!!!! chew gum like the dickens!!!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:15pm fred s:

Please stop the disgusting gum smacking.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:15pm Lee:

The internets demand to be heard! GUM GUM GUM!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:15pm David H:

One more vote to take away Andy's right to chew gum [unless that means he will start doing something even more disgusting].
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:15pm Former Intern Patrick:

My caucus vote is to support Andy's gum chewing, however, I think that when he chews gum he should go by the name Andrew Breckman.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:16pm Jaylefus:

While Andy retains the right to chew gum, it is a reasonable restriction upon his masticatory activity to estop him from chewing gum while broadcasting, I firmly vote against his gum chewing, while I remain neutral regarding kazoos.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:16pm Derek in DC:

The gum chewing sounds gross. Lose the gum.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:16pm B:

I vote pro-gum! And good choice of brand. =)
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:17pm Abigail:

let him chew
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:17pm Chris in DC:

I think chewing gum in public is a seriously low class act. Chewing gum on the radio is just obnoxious and therefore fits Andy and I defend his right to do it.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:17pm Raj:

Lose thye gum, lose the will to live.

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:17pm Donna:

you sound like a cow chewing cud.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:17pm evan:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:17pm CG:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:18pm Dave:

like to hear more bubble popping.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:18pm me:

no gum
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:18pm KickTheBobo:

the gum should have received a People's Choice Award for it's role in Dead Air.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:18pm Mark:

Andy's gum chewing does a pretty good job covering up his lisp!
Chew, Andy, Chew.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:18pm A:

Anything to further render Andy's asinine commentary uninintelligible is most definitely welcome!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:18pm hjmaiere:

Political power lies not in the hands of the voters, but in the hands of those who decide for what and whom we are given the supposed opportunity to vote. Consequently, voting is not only pointless, it's counterproductive.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:18pm kliger:

let Andy chew, just do a bit when his teeth rot out of his mouth
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:19pm Gregory:

Let Andy chew his gum
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:19pm john from brooklyn:

anti-gum smacking BUT pro-rights...let ANDY chew!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:19pm Hugh from NY:

Anti - gum. Andy's saliva should not make its presence known on the radio.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:19pm Peter:

I think you should ask listeners if the are also anti-semite. I bet both anti-s correlate.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:19pm Steve:

The gum chewing is a different kind of annoying - not entertaining at all.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:20pm Lee:

I'll make Tim in Seattle's donation. Does my vote count now?
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:20pm Listener David:

Sorry Ken...usually on your side, but I'm pro gum also!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:21pm Matt:

Donor. Pro-Gum.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:21pm Woes:

Go Andy!! Chew that gum, don't listen to that stick in the mud
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:21pm tim b. in RI:

i'm a pro-gum tim
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:22pm trana enevoldsen:

gum rocks. tim sucks.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:22pm Katie:

Andy should be allowed to chew. Not because it's not annoying - it is. And not because of rights. But Andy would not be Andy without being ever so slightly annoying...
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:23pm Tim K:

If the issue is Andy relaxing couldn't he just take up smoking instead? At least it's quieter.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:24pm maria:

I think there is some hanky panky gong on on the internet gum voting community
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:24pm Tim K:

Oh fer crying out loud. There aren't enough of Andy's other qualities that are annoying so that "Andy could be Andy"?
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:25pm Trish:

Please lose the on air chew.

If Andy should win this vote, how about just going with it as an ongoing theme? Ramp it up with more mouth sounds - wet sneezes, horky coughs and phlegmy sniffs.. etc.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:25pm dragonflyshards:

i find andy offensive in many ways,but the gum chewing doesn't bother me.People,lighten up-that's andy's shtick.P.S.this guy,tim,is obviously an uptight snob.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:26pm Listener David:

As for age, I'm 44..and I voted pro gum.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:27pm Gordon:

Andy's great, but the gum has got to go. His gum chewing even bothered me as I watched the DVD of "Dead Air."
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:28pm Tim K:

There's no uptight snobbery here. I fall asleep listening to the show on my ipod and sometimes I awake in a panic from the sound thinking that Cthulhu is coming up from the depths to consume me!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:28pm Sean Daily:

I can't hear Andy chewing... but then, I'm streaming with crappy Windows Media Player. I have no problem with it.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:28pm CHRiS in WESTFiELD:

I have the right to fart in staff meetings and pick my nose at the dinner table, that doesn't mean the company I keep appreciates it. ANTI-GUM, motherfuckers!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:30pm george:

the gum chewing is more nauseating than hacking and coughing on mic...but you know...I like the show because Andy is so nauseating. So I am pro-gum.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:30pm Sean Daily:

And Tim K, there's nothing to worry about.

Cthulhu IS coming up from the depths to consume you.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Mitt Romney R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:30pm jeremy:

I vote NO to kermit voice
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:31pm Listener Tom in San Francisco:

I'm voting PRO gum because the last thing we need is another thing for Andy to complain about.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:31pm Tim K:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:31pm morphe:

let him chew so he tells less rape jokes.... do the 7 sec listeners not really get that andy's abrassiveness is andy .... not a sharpling.esque parody....
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:31pm Paul:

Pro Gum. It's just Andy being Andy
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:31pm joe bazooka:

gum has its place, just not in my ear.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:31pm Abigail:

ken doesn't have a kermit voice.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:31pm Tim K:

Andy is not Monk.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:32pm Lee:

I listen on my iPod, too...I never even noticed the gum chewing until it came up in a previous show...you must have some awesome headphones.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:33pm dina:

JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:33pm -max-:

I don't like the gum chewing sounds, but I LOVE that wheezy sound Andy makes in place of laughing.

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:33pm Ben from Warren County:

Pro listening to Andy struggle for his rights
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:33pm Tim K:

Leading us into an unnecessary war was just Bush being Bush so I shouldn't have an issue with that either.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:33pm Jason:

A Definite Chick Repellent !!!
If your intent is to keep women far,far away from you,
Keep On Chewing.
You're REPULSING every female here!!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:34pm Tim K:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:35pm B:

No he isn't... I'm female, and I listen on headphones... It's not repulsing me.

And I'm all for any excuse for another Monk marathon! =)
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:36pm Manny:

Against chewing, yes!! Having a radio show is not a right, it's a privilege. You should be respectful of people listening. And being respectful means spitting that piece of plastic.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:36pm Tim K:

WFMU dares me to turn away? Ok, and I'll take my annual donation with me.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:37pm Tim K:

Cunning linguist votes do NOT count.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:37pm Another Tim:

You can clearly hear Steve Miller taking breathes between verses on "Jet Airliner", but no one ever seems to mind that. Why? Dunno.

Also, I'm okay with the chewing for the same reasons I'm okay with the other 23 hours of programming. :)
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:37pm Lee:

Tim, you'd really withhold a donation over this? Seriously?
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:39pm Tim K:

>>Tim, you'd really withhold a donation over this? Seriously?

It's up to Andy to call my bluff.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:40pm Grant In Burbank:

Don't return the book to the store Andy! It's out of print, you can get more for it on eBay, see I thought about it before I got it for you.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:40pm Tim K:

Hank panky? No shit! There's no verification of users on the comments.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:41pm j redondo beach:

love the man, hate the chew
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:41pm Nicholas:

Please, no one wants to hear someone's mouth making slopping sounds. No gum chewing.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:41pm Woes:

I only voted once.... and it was PRO GUM with zero hanky panky
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:41pm ERIC:

lose the gum
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:41pm Listener Steve in Dunwoody, Georgia:

Already voted by phone, Chew Andy Chew!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:41pm jane jetson:

The gum chewing disgusts me and scares my children in the car.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:41pm jim:

NO, Andy sucks
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:42pm scott_uk:

I find the chewing noise most repulsive.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:43pm Nick the Bard:

Andy chews gum on the air? I never noticed it. Maybe he should chew strips of gun caps instead to get him to stop it.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:44pm tom:

Actually, having to hear Andys family members always calling in his even worse
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:44pm Joe B:

Whatever it is, I'm against Andy's behavior.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:45pm magic_toenail:

hey hey, ho ho, andy's gun has got to go!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:46pm striker:

Maybe if the writers strike continues Andy won't be able to afford any more gum. I hope the strike never ends!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:46pm Nicole D:

I feel compelled to vote against Andy, just on principle (although the gum-chewing only bothers me sometimes).
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:46pm Tipper:

Andy must be contained. NO GUM!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:46pm Raj:

That last caller just made this good radio
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:47pm david:

pro gum
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:47pm Bob:

pro gum by gum !!!!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:47pm amana988:

anti gum
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:48pm KickTheBobo:

anti-Gum. it aggrevates my TMJ
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:48pm bunnie44:

Stop the madness. Anti-gum1.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:48pm adam:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:48pm Ken from Hyde Park:

Anti-gum. It makes icky sounds over the radio. May I suggest one of those clay-filled balloons to relieve the tension (squeeze-ball kind of thing for the hands...not to chew)?
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:48pm Johnnie:

Why on earth are people so selfish that they have to control how Andy expresses his personality? If you're that grossed out just by the sound of gum, this probably isn't the show for you. Goodbye.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:48pm jason:

pro gum
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:49pm Tim K:

Andy must be controlled. He's a loose saliva cannon.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:49pm jon form long island:

Chew You, Andy!

If only because you slagged fmu's music.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:49pm Katie:

It's so close I feel compelled to change my vote to anti-gum
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:49pm dante:

I'm anti-gum just to keep things interesting
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:50pm toner_loc:

lose it bro
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:50pm Just Some Jerk Named Larry:

Andy's obdurateness foils him here...his gum chewing actually inhibits his berating of listerners/lonely hippies, etc Who knew?

I gotta cast an anti Hubba Bubba vote here, because otherwise the lonely hippies win, right?
PS Word on the Web has it that Ron Paul'tards are fixing this poll with pro Andy spamming like they do those MSNBC web polls...
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:50pm Stephanie Monseu:

A virtual finger shake at Andy. chewing gum is the quintessential sign of the casualization of American manners.. NO GUM ON THE AIR! It's equivalent to wearing sweatpants and flip flops to the airport, no class. what happened to elegance? who likes to see folks working their jaws like cows, chewing cud. Also, as an entertainer, you are setting an example for the common folk. Andy, don't compare yourself to George Burns! I shake my finger at you!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:50pm Jack:

the Chewing

Thank you.

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:50pm Abigail:

in highschool, you can't chew gum.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:50pm Chance From That Third World Country Maine:

I'm a fence sitter, but I'm willing to take a bribe.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:51pm KidScanner:

agreed. stop the chewing noises.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:52pm jimi-jimi:

HATE the gum...vote for Ken!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:52pm Mickey Mephistopheles:

Anti-gum, pro candy
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:52pm dragonflyshards again:

exactly.What's the diff between andy's gum chewing and the squeaky mic or squeaky chair-or all mouth & nose noises proudly presented by various radio hosts regularly.It's like freeform entertainment.'ever hear of that?..i dont always appreciate it when someone(usually a "chick",by the way)chews in my ear,but this is sound-for the sake of sound.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:52pm Tim K:

Minutes to go. Where are the voters?
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:52pm Archmo:

where do i vote?
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:52pm ?:

Pro gum. It puts Andy in the "F-you listeners" makes him so funny. Also the mood that prevents me from calling.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:52pm Naomi:

Love the show; can't believe my vote got through.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:53pm alberto:

no gum chewing, you should replace the smacking with something poignant to say
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:53pm emily:

we need more gum on this show
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:53pm Tim K:

Go Anti-gum!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:54pm JT:

Anti shows about the gum.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:54pm Abigail:

it isn't fair at all. let the man chew
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:54pm Tulio:

What kind of gum is it?
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:54pm B:

Go Pro-gum!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:54pm Rob:

Against gum.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:54pm Tim K:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:54pm scott g:

let the man chew.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:54pm bente:

gum is great
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:55pm Archmo:

I vote pro-gum! Let them chew cake!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:55pm Jack-o:

Gum is OK.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:55pm SSD donor:

I donate and say no gum.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:55pm Alex:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:55pm hjmaiere:

If this were Singapore...
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:55pm monica:

ok for andy to chew - as long as he doesn't leave under the console after the show!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:55pm Duncan:

How many times did Tim K's vote get counted? Recount!

PS: Let Andy be Andy!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:55pm larry:

STOP the annoying gum sounds...vote for Ken!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:55pm Bart:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:56pm Tim K:

Here comes the baby inside Andy when he doesn't get his way. Get help.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:56pm Eda:

No Gum Chewing, Please.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:56pm Sven:

Gums bad
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:56pm Charlene:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:56pm Dave:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:56pm Listener Kurt:

not a vote, i already voted pro-gum, but if kenny g did an hour of gum chewing, wouldn't it be all like genius? or does andy need to play some dang mussagorsky behind him for it to be acceptable?
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:56pm lauren:

star gum level mug rats
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:56pm erik:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:56pm joe b:

I like my radio gum-free.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:56pm fred:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:57pm greg:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:57pm hortense:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:57pm Matt:

Shenanigans! Tim K's stuffing the ballot box.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:57pm Trotsky:

Sans Gum
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:57pm bill:

NO GUM!!!!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:57pm superloosesocks:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:57pm ingrid:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:57pm barry wilson:

NO MORE Gum...
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:57pm jake:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:58pm little ol' ME:

Ken, Please chew Andy out for all of his gum chewing !!
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:58pm kevin:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:58pm Tim K:

Me stuffing the ballot box? Why can't you all just let me be me?
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:58pm lyle:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:58pm hjmaiere:

"but if kenny g did an hour of gum chewing, wouldn't it be all like genius?"

It's funny what becomes art when you put a frame around it.
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:58pm Chuck:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:58pm mel:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:58pm Lee:

Umm...because you started it?
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:58pm Jane:

The best part is that Andy won't stop just because you weenies want to stop him.. GO GUM
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:58pm nik:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:59pm david mazzeo:

let andy chew
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:59pm olaf:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:59pm dragonflyshards again:

since when is this show about poignancy?
  Wed. 1/2/08 6:59pm p[ete:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:59pm qbert:

  Wed. 1/2/08 6:59pm roger:

  Wed. 1/2/08 7:00pm frank:

  Wed. 1/2/08 7:00pm steve:

  Wed. 1/2/08 7:00pm Tom Cruise:

Scientology say NO Gum!
  Wed. 1/2/08 7:00pm CuticleGeorge:

no gum
  Wed. 1/2/08 7:00pm tom:

  Wed. 1/2/08 7:00pm jeremy:

I demand a recount!
  Wed. 1/2/08 7:01pm EM2:

...and it's over.
  Wed. 1/2/08 7:01pm Tim K:

YES!!!! Reason and good taste have prevailed!
Screw you Andy.
  Wed. 1/2/08 7:01pm Chance From That Third World Country Maine:

This is an outrage like the Kenyan election! Clearly, gum woN!
  Wed. 1/2/08 7:01pm Grant In Burbank:

And somewhere in history our forefathers are weeping!
  Wed. 1/2/08 7:04pm B:

Ah well, a close and exciting race... well done.
Andy - Don't listen to that very last thing Tim K said!
  Wed. 1/2/08 7:06pm dragonflyshards again:

P.S. it's funny what becomes art when the mind is open...and i'm not talking about andy warhole.
  Wed. 1/2/08 7:39pm dragonflyshards again:

methinks it in character for andy to ignore the vote result.(kinda like bush elections)..'twould be funny-esp since the baby prob voted 17X.....and it IS snobbery when one tries to use money as leverage.
  Wed. 1/2/08 8:05pm Raj:

Hey Andy!

Next week, buffalo wings!

Heil New Year!
  Thu. 1/3/08 11:13am Listener Dave:

I listen on archive, I am pro gum, and I donate.
  Thu. 1/3/08 12:08pm Ken:

I just checked the logs, and in fact the vote was OVERWHELMIMGLY anti-gum, because the ballot box here in this comment section was STUFFED by someone from Maine who voted for gum over and over and over again under assumed names. I knew there couldn't be THAT many pro-gum libertarians out there, even on the internets.
  Thu. 1/3/08 2:21pm Listener Dave:

Fair enough. Next week I vote that Andy start sucking on Life Savers. Or chewing ice. That'll make them all wish for the halcyon days of gum!


-Dave, who has never been to Maine (but has been to it's Canadian cousin, New Brunswick).
  Fri. 1/4/08 12:53am B:

I vote for the ice-chewing! ... I already chew ice while listening... Maybe it'll make me feel cool or something (no pun intended) if he does it too. Okay, no it won't. But I would be highly amused.
  Fri. 1/4/08 6:30am listener zero:

Great show, I eat my words. Listening forward to next week.
  Fri. 1/4/08 3:08pm XNet:

What a great show! It overwhelms me how you two could make such an exciting show out of so little.
  Mon. 1/7/08 12:01pm A.M. Thomas:

I know I am way late on this, but I say: GUM!
  Mon. 1/28/08 12:34am CRS:

Freedom for all gum chewers!

Hopefully there isn't a statute of limitations on the voting..
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