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A live, improvised sound collage experiment, going back 23 years, weaving mesmerizing new soundscapes from found and collected materials right in the present moment.
Pop music, speeches, live phone calls and spontaneous monologues become ambient loopy layered threads riding the liminal spaces between waking and dreaming. (Visit homepage.)

Wednesdays 5 - 7pm (EDT) (Web-only) | On WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio

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Options July 19, 2017: (Show #533) Dreams, impossibility, love | Download full MP3
Impossibility, love. (C) 2017 Ken's Last Ever
Life is impossible, yet it happens. Go forward. Do. Keep going.

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Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
Ken  Countdown   Options   2017    0:00:00 (MP3 | )
East Forest  10 Laws   Options The Education of the Individual Soul  2008  Loops   
Ken  Everything is impossible, and it's going to happen anyway   Options   2017    0:02:26 (MP3 | )
East Forest  10 Laws   Options The Education of the Individual Soul  2008  Always rest whenever you can  0:06:46 (MP3 | )
  Phone dial tone test         0:07:55 (MP3 | )
Owl City  Fireflies   Options     Loops  0:08:07 (MP3 | )
Miranda July  WSNO   Options The Binet-Simon Test  1998    0:09:53 (MP3 | )
David Weinstein  Brief moment   Options Ridgewood Radio on WFMU's GTDR 6/21/17  2017    0:12:08 (MP3 | )
God Body Disconnect  Rise of the Dormant Host   Options Dredge Portals  2016  Layers  0:12:28 (MP3 | )
Stanley Kubrick  HAL 9000 (Dialog Montage)   Options 2001: A Space Odyssey (Limited edition)  1968    0:14:03 (MP3 | )
Alan Watts  Limits of Language   Options       0:15:53 (MP3 | )
Clive Wearing  Living Without Memory (Part 2a)   Options BBC      0:17:14 (MP3 | )
Firesign Theatre  In The Next World, You're on Your Own   Options In The Next World, You're On Your Own  1975    0:18:12 (MP3 | )
Gene Wilder  Accept our failures with quiet dignity and grace   Options Young Frankenstein  1974    0:18:30 (MP3 | )
Steve Paxton  I have little memory, muscular or mental, of what I've danced   Options Chute  1972  The specific movements that my body executes when I improvise do not register consciously, and I can't reconstitute them.  0:20:05 (MP3 | )
Pink Floyd  My memory of it is this room full of tapes running around   Options Dark Side of the Moon (Classic Albums)      0:20:49 (MP3 | )
Guy Pearce  You think you're supposed to recognize somebody, you fake it, you bluff it   Options Memento  2000    0:21:00 (MP3 | )
Steve Paxton  Memory of past judgments tells me that prejudging is not secure. Memory cannot function consciosly.   Options Chute  1972  At these speeds, I can't think my way to safety  0:21:33 (MP3 | )
Barry Miller, Kathleen Turner  Time is like a burrito, you can fill it with whatever you want   Options Peggy Sue Got Married  1986    0:22:25 (MP3 | )
Guy Pearce  Memories can be distorted   Options Memento  2000    0:23:07 (MP3 | )
Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss  You don't remember me   Options Memento  2000    0:23:47 (MP3 | )
Paul Spurrier  I'll compute his head, memory, synaptic circuits. The brain's only a binary computer   Options Max Headroom: 20 Minutes Into the Future (pilot movie)  1985    0:24:37 (MP3 | )
Alan Watts, Miranda July, Pink Floyd, Clive Wearing, Gene Wilder, 2001, God Body Disconnect  All at once (quiet dignity and grace)   Options       0:27:15 (MP3 | )
David Weinstein  Kenzo reappeared   Options Ridgewood Radio on WFMU's GTDR 6/21/17  2017    0:28:28 (MP3 | )
Firesign Theatre  I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus   Options I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus  1971  with Owl City-Fireflies, and bits of other things (2001, Pink Floyd sample...)  0:28:54 (MP3 | )
Gene Wilder  Class is dismissed + applause   Options Young Frankenstein  1974    0:33:40 (MP3 | )
George C. Scott  Medical failure list ("transplants")   Options The Hospital  1971    0:34:06 (MP3 | )
Live phone call  Trying to remember, haven't listened yet   Options   2017  with Owl City  0:34:42 (MP3 | )
God Body Disconnect  Rise of the Dormant Host   Options Dredge Portals  2016    0:37:08 (MP3 | )
Ken  From here, where will we go (stream feedback echo chamber)   Options   2017    0:38:03 (MP3 | )
Live phone call  I miss you, a very long time, forever, resonance, contact improvisation   Options   2017  with God Body Disconnect  0:38:35 (MP3 | )
Justin Boyd  When something's looping   Options Sound and Time  2014    0:40:39 (MP3 | )
Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten  Sometimes it's hard to believe there ever was a night (this night will be a long night)   Options Gaslight  1944    0:41:37 (MP3 | )
Live stream feedback echo chamber  I love you, I miss you, bye   Options   2017    0:42:32 (MP3 | )
Ken  The impossibility of this show, no time anymore, reasonably balanced life   Options After Ken's Last Ever 6/14/17  2017    0:43:50 (MP3 | )
Albert Brooks  It's time to get out   Options Lost in America  1985    0:45:21 (MP3 | )
Ken  I suppose I'm surprised   Options   2017    0:46:06 (MP3 | )
Bill Murray  Do something or you'll get no life experience, take some time off   Options Charlie Rose interview about Rushmore 1/29/99  1999    0:46:18 (MP3 | )
Andre Gregory  What happens when people stay together a long time, they wind up dead or pregnant   Options Some Girls  1988    0:47:22 (MP3 | )
Fredric Lehne, James Spader  Sometimes everything is a clue (jealousy suspicions)   Options Dream Lover  1993    0:48:07 (MP3 | )
Clare Danes  Sometimes someone says something small, fits into tiny place in your heart   Options My So-Called Life: Pressure (Season 1, episode 13)  1994    0:52:06 (MP3 | )
Nicholas Cage  Sometimes this kind of story turns out to be something more, like one of those Japanese balls   Options Adaptation  2002    0:52:38 (MP3 | )
Matthew Broderick  Sometimes I say things (I was only talking)   Options Marie and Bruce  2004    0:53:13 (MP3 | )
Ken  Sometimes I don't know, sometimes they say small things   Options   2017    0:54:24 (MP3 | )
Jeffrey Wright  Sometimes finding one's purpose (a profound thing) isn't what it seems   Options Lady in the Water  2006    0:55:00 (MP3 | )
Ken  Sometimes, there are so many ways in, identifications   Options   2017  with God Body Disconnect layers  0:56:00 (MP3 | )
Ken  You can just go ahead and do it, just start, make a mistake, keep going, don't be afraid, do something   Options   2017    1:00:37 (MP3 | )
Live phone call  I thought I would just do something (success)   Options   2017    1:02:48 (MP3 | )
Tony Robbins  Failure can be your best friend   Options       1:04:13 (MP3 | )
Live stream feedback echo chamber  with live phone caller, Ken, Tony Robbins, God Body Disconnect...   Options   2017    1:04:56 (MP3 | )
God Body Disconnect  Rise of the Dormant Host   Options Dredge Portals  2016  Bright light  1:06:02 (MP3 | )
Tony Robbins  Just remember, it's impossible to fail   Options       1:06:32 (MP3 | )
Ligeti, Gyorgy  Lux Aeterna   Options 2001: A Space Odyssey (Limited edition)    with Clive Wearing  1:07:22 (MP3 | )
Stanley Kubrick  HAL 9000 (Dialog Montage)   Options 2001: A Space Odyssey (Limited edition)      1:08:06 (MP3 | )
Stanley Kubrick      1968    1:08:29 (MP3 | )
Harry Nilsson  Everybody's Talkin'   Options Everybody's Talkin'  1966  Loops, with Ligeti/Gyorgy and God Body Disconnect  1:08:37 (MP3 | )
John Wood, Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy  Futility: Extinction is inevitable, nature knows when to move on   Options WarGames  1983    1:09:42 (MP3 | )
Gene Wilder  I am not interested in death, the only thing that concerns me is the preservation of life!   Options Young Frankenstein  1974    1:12:13 (MP3 | )
Ken  Unpreparedness for this show   Options Before Ken's Last Ever 6/14/17  2017    1:12:54 (MP3 | )
Ken  Impossibility of this show   Options After Ken's Last Ever 6/14/17  2017    1:13:57 (MP3 | )
?  ?   Ridgewood Radio on WFMU's GTDR 6/21/17      1:14:51 (MP3 | )
Ken  Rushes to show, doing it once again   Options Before Ken's Last Ever 6/20/17  2017    1:15:40 (MP3 | )
Miranda July  Medical Wonder   Options The Binet-Simon Test  1998    1:16:34 (MP3 | )
David Weinstein  Kenzo's up after this, working his fingers to the bone   Options Ridgewood Radio on WFMU's GTDR 6/21/17      1:17:15 (MP3 | )
Negativland, Don Joyce, Mike Anderson  Dreams Part 2   Options Over the Edge      1:18:23 (MP3 | )
Jane Seymour  The man of my dreams is almost faded   Options Somewhere in Time  1980  Romance  1:19:27 (MP3 | )
Rossano Brazzi  You're hungry, eat the ravioli   Options Summertime  1955    1:19:57 (MP3 | )
East Forest  10 Laws   Options The Education of the Individual Soul  2008    1:20:42 (MP3 | )
Jane Seymour  I've lived without it all my life   Options Somewhere in Time  1980  Romance  1:20:48 (MP3 | )
Tony Robbins  Assignment: Meet your needs to create ultimate fulfillment   Options PPII - 24 - The Driving Force The Six Human Needs (Part 2)  1996    1:21:45 (MP3 | )
Somewhere in Time & Young Frankenstein  Applause x2   Options       1:22:05 (MP3 | )
Jane Seymour  The man of my dreams is almost faded   Options Somewhere in Time  1980    1:23:33 (MP3 | )
Clare Danes  Sometimes someone says something really small, it just fits into this empty place in your heart   Options My So-Called Life: Pressure (Season 1, episode 13)  1994    1:25:30 (MP3 | )
Jane Seymour  What would I say to him? Is it any wonder I failed to recognize you?   Options Somewhere in Time  1980  Written by Richard Matheson  1:26:03 (MP3 | )
Lara Flynn-Boyle  I know should be sad, but it's like I'm having the most beautiful dream and the most terrible nightmare all at once   Options Twin Peaks Season 1 episode 2: Traces to Nowhere  1990    1:26:39 (MP3 | )
George Peppard  People do fall in love   Options Breakfast at Tiffany's  1961    1:28:46 (MP3 | )
Mädchen Amick  In spite of everything, I love you, I really truly love you   Options Dream Lover  1993    1:29:59 (MP3 | )
Lara Flynn-Boyle  She loves him, she had an opportunity   Options Equinox  1992    1:30:30 (MP3 | )
Ken  Don't be ashamed   Options       1:30:48 (MP3 | )
Diane Baker  Why do people lie in the light, and wait until dark to make love   Options Mirage  1965    1:30:56 (MP3 | )
Harrison Ford  Nobody loves America more than I do, I couldn't bear to watch   Options Mosquito Coast  1986    1:31:32 (MP3 | )
Adam Sandler  I have so much strength in me, you have no idea   Options Punch-Drunk Love  2002    1:32:32 (MP3 | )
Stan Dale  If I do nice things for you, maybe you'll love me?   Options Human Awareness Institute      1:32:54 (MP3 | )
Fairuza Balk  I love you so much   Options Return to Oz  1985    1:33:21 (MP3 | )
Nicholas Cage  That love was mine. I can love whoever I want   Options Adaptation  2002    1:33:37 (MP3 | )
Gregory Peck  If you're not committed to anything, you're just taking up space   Options Mirage  1966    1:34:43 (MP3 | )
Fairuza Balk  I'll never forget any of you. I didn't expect to go so soon, hadn't said goodbye yet   Options Return to Oz  1985    1:36:09 (MP3 | )
Judy Garland  There's no place like home   Options Wizard of Oz  1939    1:36:24 (MP3 | )
Ken  Who is the man of your dreams? You never have to let go   Options   2017  with Harry Nilsson-Everybody's Talkin' loops  1:39:06 (MP3 | )
Ken  Identification   Options   2017    1:41:37 (MP3 | )
Ken  Why don't you change? Like I want you to? Like you're supposed to? Normal? Sane? Common sense?   Options   2017    1:42:23 (MP3 | )
Ken  Life is counting down/counting up   Options   2017    1:44:44 (MP3 | )
Ken  All of your life has built up to this moment   Options   2017    1:47:26 (MP3 | )
Ken  In this show there is no next song   Options   2017    1:50:04 (MP3 | )
Ken  I don't even have enough time   Options   2017    1:51:03 (MP3 | )
Ken  Identification   Options   2017    1:52:22 (MP3 | )
Harry Nilsson  Everybody's Talkin'   Options Everybody's Talkin'  1966  No more loops  1:53:30 (MP3 | )
Wayne Dyer  We become attached   Options       1:55:03 (MP3 | )

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 12:58pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Here it comes...today, 5-7pm ET!
Brand new show this week: Dreams, romance, impossibility, love. Life is impossible, yet it happens. Go forward. Do. Keep going.
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 5:03pm fred:

I guess I'm ready for this. Still oscillating between sweat outbreaks and shivering spells. No way I'm sleeping though
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:04pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

@fred, this is homeopathic healing
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:06pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

The high-quality archive of today's show will appear instantly upon the show ending in 2 hours!
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 5:06pm fred:

It is what it is, as Belichick would say. It does sound good though, most things that are don't
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:08pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Hello, who's listening today? Say hello or introduce a taste/color that makes you feel things
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:09pm Bliss:

Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:09pm mossy lightouse:

These loops are fantastic at this time of day also! sound can help us to remember and tune into the nuances and unique aspects of each time of day!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/19/17 5:10pm cklequ:

I'd like to introduce cherries and lime green.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:11pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Welcome, Bliss! Double-up greetings to past-and-future mossy lightouse possibilitywaves!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:12pm mossy lightouse:

I am enjoying dried small pieces of galangal root recently! they are a unique deep medium orange color.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:13pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

cklequ, the color is running up and back down my leg
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:13pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Thanks Bliss for pointing towards the music that's underneath this moment
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/19/17 5:14pm cklequ:

running up and down my legs too.........
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 5:14pm fred:

I like the taste of peat, well in whisky that is
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:16pm Bliss:

You're welcome. Cool to hear it here.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:17pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

This feels like a classic radio collage show to me, a bunch of tape reels and turntables lazily being faded around each other...
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:18pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

But waiting, listening, to find the moment where they tie together and seed creation.
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 5:20pm fred:

Sometimes it's a song that ties it together, sometimes it's a sound, sometimes it's a voice. But, always, something does
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 5:22pm fred:

Paxton, just wow
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:22pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Hyper accurate playlist today
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:23pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

The live players (pop-up, or external MP3) have the current sample pretty close to the moment they first begin
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:25pm mossy lightouse:

Yes! Early and middle era computers used parts very similar to tapes, and actual tapes in different ways, for a while.
Then today they are using parts that are as though tapes, adjusted to have additional or different capabilities. Although the show did not begin with computers, they are still in essence tape machines!! : ) :)
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:25pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Paxton makes a lot of sense to me. I practice contact improv as often as possible.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:25pm Bliss:

I threw a tiny rock into the trash. That tiny rock will be around, somewhere, long after I am dead, the bag has rotted and this building has been torn down.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:26pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Alan Watts says Rocks are Not Dead
  Wed. 7/19/17 5:27pm melinda:

Hi everyone!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:28pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Welcome, melinda! Glad you made it. Will you make it?
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 5:28pm fred:

I'm kinda surprised and dismayed Paxton didn't have more of a legacy in dance. Too much talk for me, and it's still prevalent
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:30pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Classic Firesign Theatre. Some Negativland Over the Edge later...but no Joe Frank.
  Wed. 7/19/17 5:32pm melinda:

I think I will make it. I'm about to attempt a re-installation of the window exhaust panel for the portable AC unit I just got. The panel is a piece of crap but I'm determined to make it work.
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 5:34pm fred:

Did any of you read the 17776 piece? Weird mix of stuff, not really SF, not really about football
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:34pm mossy lightouse:

This is a much more surreally wyrd first hour than i had guessed, in many good ways! I think i wouldn't have known whether to call in if i had been listening, because of how many ideascapes are already in play! : )
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:36pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

The call did come at a funny moment, yet it immediately made sense. Someone else called later and also sparked a new phase of the show, which wound of travelling to certain places that tied together
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:40pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

What 17776 piece, fred?
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 5:44pm fred:

@Kenzo: www.sbnation.com...
Don't worry, it's not really about football, or if it is it is as seen by space probes. It's pretty weird
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:44pm Bliss:

Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:45pm Rand al'Thor:

Here in time for the show machine!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:46pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Here to show up for the time machine, Rand!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:46pm Bliss:

Thor on Drugs?
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 5:47pm fred:

@Bliss: what did you make of it? I'm still not sure, but I guess I enjoyed it
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:47pm mossy lightouse:

This is when i was able to start streaming! i didn't know if both calls had been feeding back as much as this; i am thankful that one did loop, but not beyond any extent to which you were hoping it would!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:48pm Bliss:

I just looked it up for Kenzo. I have not seen it.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:48pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

All the feedback was self-induced, fear not!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:49pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

This show is best in headphones, but here's where the feedback decay from the phone call 10 minutes earlier had started to get to me a bit.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:52pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 5:53pm fred:

My problem with headphones is my left ear is pretty much shot. I don't have an eardrum or much of a middle ear, so I only get low frequencies through bones, and headphones suck at that
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:53pm Bliss:

Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 5:54pm fred:

@Bliss: no it's not
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 5:55pm Bliss:

My mom had a boyfriend that couldn't smell.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:03pm Bliss:

You were born that way?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 6:03pm Uncle Michael:

I might have been napping and dreaming, or I might have been listening to KLERE. One never knows.
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 6:04pm fred:

@Bliss: not exactly, but born to get there
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:06pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Uncle Michael! You were born napping and dreaming
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:07pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Also, you've always smelled
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 6:07pm fred:

@Uncle Michael: did I see you advertise a Cubs win?
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:11pm mossy lightouse:

PRIMER is the film Ken mentioned to me a few years ago! It seems to, among so many themes, indicate something about, not parallel universes/lifetimes as much as cooperating/contrasting universes/lifetimes.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:12pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Welcome and weird waves to all wanderers listening to these liminal lights!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:15pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Primer, forward, backwards, overlap...
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:17pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

I am working my fingers to the bone, it's true
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/19/17 6:19pm Uncle Michael:

yes, fred
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:21pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Speaking of Primer, Somewhere in Time (playing now) is a romance-oriented time travel twist film. It's like The Terminator without the violence
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 6:23pm fred:

But I thought the violence was the point of The Terminator
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 6:24pm fred:

Though with a time-warping show like this one, I should know better
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:24pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

No, it was the impossible arm. In SIT it's the impossible watch.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:25pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

In KLERE it's the impossible simultaneity
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 6:25pm Bryce:

was that terence mckenna back there?
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 6:26pm fred:

Then what is impossible in this show?
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:27pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

It's like I'm having the most beautiful dream and the most terrible nightmare all at once
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:28pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Oh Bryce, you heartbreaker
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:28pm mossy lightouse:

I will try to find Somewhere In TIme!
One of the many awarenesses i have learned from regularly listening and experiencing to your show is to try to appreciate how films created earlier have so much insight about how the present aspects of today's world interact, it often feels magnetic, where the distance within the mediums of time would pull on itself in many ways.
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 6:29pm fred:

Donna and James
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 6:29pm Bryce:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/19/17 6:32pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi, guys. A little late, but able to catch some notes here.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:35pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

My fingers are hurting from trying to keep up with this playlist
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:35pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

@Ken from Hyde Park: The archive will be going up at 6:57pm!
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 6:36pm fred:

What are the tracks beneath this?
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 6:38pm Bryce:

OH, it's negativland!! hahaaa

david wills talking about a dream ≈ terence meckenna
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:40pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Somewhere in Time written by Richard Matheson
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:40pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

fred, which part are you asking about? The piano is loops of East Forest. Now we're at loops of Harry Nilsson.
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 6:41pm fred:

Luckily, I've been having weird dreams lately. But they lack a sense of place
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:42pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

The Weatherman!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:44pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

I'm crazy glad you were all here, fred, Bliss, mossy, cklequ, melinda, Rand, Uncle Michael, Bryce, and the callers, the emailers, the FB'ers, the texters, the silent stream listeners from last night, the silent stream listeners from today, the silent radio listeners from last night, and oh you future listeners of the archive!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:46pm Rand al'Thor:

This episode is already among my favorites of this show.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:46pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Everyone, you can click the favorite star to the far left of the show title, and the one to the far right.
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 6:47pm fred:

I'm still awake, though I hope to be dreaming soon
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:47pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Facebook liking is also a thing that does something: www.facebook.com...
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:48pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

@Rand, I'm so glad! Yeah, out of nowhere, this went many places. Feverishly so.
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 6:52pm fred:

I'm not happy about how it went for me, but for everyone else I think it was a great show
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:52pm mossy lightouse:

Am I remembering that there is another new show next week?
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:52pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

fred, you'll only get better
Avatar    Wed. 7/19/17 6:53pm fred:

I'm already better. Best show to be sick by
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:53pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Show gonna end 4 minutes early, and then, the high-quality archive will be posted right here! Send me a note, email me (lastever.org...), write a comment, hit the favorite stars, use the FB thingy, listen next week!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:54pm Rand al'Thor:

Thank you for the show, Ken.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:54pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

mossy, there are new shows coming steadily!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:55pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

But they will all suddenly end. This takes more than there is.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:55pm Gary:

No Larry Grogan tonight, but I'll be playing extreme pop & anti-pop (Awkwafina, Die Antwoord, Big Freedia, GFOTY, etc.) from 7-10 PM: wfmu.org...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/19/17 6:55pm melinda:

I love Everybody's Talkin'
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:55pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

I'll give y'all 30 seconds of silence, then drummer stuff, then go check out Gary, who might just start early!
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:56pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Here comes the archive! I love you.
Avatar Wed. 7/19/17 6:56pm mossy lightouse:

Thank you Ken!! Thank you to everyone as well!!
  Fri. 7/21/17 6:12pm Ian! D. Allen:

The stereo pieces are challenging at times. I listen with headphones (haven't got the amp hooked up) and my left ear doesn't work. My computer doesn't have a "mono" button!
Avatar Fri. 7/21/17 6:23pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

@Ian!, you surprise me, with all that tech wizardry, you can't auto-mix to mono?
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