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Pledge $75 or more online or by phone, and be rewarded with one handcrafted premium from the DJ of your choice (check your selection on the pledge page). If you're pledging $180, choose any three of these items. Mouse of Today pledgers ($365) can select any seven of these items, and higher pledge levels merit even more -- details are on the pledge page. Any DJ premium level pledge also includes the other station swag listed on the pledge page. All items are full-length audio CDs, unless otherwise noted.

Monday   TOP

6 AM - 9 AM
Frank's CD Frank O'Toole's Found Sound Around
A selection of mixes, and a few mashups, collected by me, but not mine. I'll let you figure it out...

9 AM - Noon
Liz Berg's Rhythmic Rites
Pop mantras, worksongs, ritualistic rock, and other upbeat incantations to keep your brain in the zone.

Noon - 3 PM
Irene Trudel's Fingers Aflame!
There have been many passionate performances on Irene Trudel's show this year, and here's another collection of the best.

3:01 PM - 6 PM
Scott Williams' 12 Years High And Rising
Twelve years of music performed live on Scott's show! Bonus extras! Heavy hitters! Data disc featuring audio, video, pics, notes, and whatever else we can squeeze in there.

6 PM - 7 PM
Bronwyn and Jim the Poet present the Sportsy Talk Score Book
Based on baseball score cards, but made for freeform radio shows, the Sportsy Talk Score Book lets you get statsy with any of your favorite WFMU programs as you fill out the pages of this handy little book.

8 PM - 9 PM
Bethany's Locomotion: Songs and Sounds of the Railways
A freeform journey through orchestral works, workin' songs and field recordings that capture the sonic explosion of the Steam Age.

9 PM - Midnight
Airborne Event CD Airborne Event's Head Cleaner: The Best Live Music from Airborne Event
The very best of 13 lucky years of live music on Airborne Event, including rarities and session outtakes.


Tuesday   TOP

6 AM - 9 AM
Marty McSorley & Nat Roe's Bandana & DJ Clash Battle Disc
Limited edition Bandana with illustration depicting legendary DJs McSorely and N. Roe. Comes with accompanying DJ clash battle disc. Revenge is a dish best served cold, but beef is best slow cooked.

9 AM - Noon
Trouble's CD Trouble's Stop the World and Let Me Off
Dynamite sounds to conjure thoughts without time: far into the future, yet long ago in the past. Fantabulous! Solid! And Right on!

Noon - 3 PM
Joe Belock's Celebrities at their BEST, Vol. 3
Back by popular demand! Another collection of tunes by your favorite stars before they were dumbed down for mass consumption.

3 PM - 6 PM
Brian Turner's Squawkabout - Australia 2014 Sampler
BT's compendium CD of his favorite freeform sounds from (and that have followed him back from) his trip Down Under this past September. Post-postpunk, gnarly abstract synth, Antipodean psychedelia, straight-up artrock thuggery, a couple live tracks from bands visiting the show.

6 PM - 7 PM
Chris T ligher Aerial View's Lighter, 3rd Edition
All-new limited-edition refillable lighter featuring Chris T. artwork by Amedeo Turturro. Chrome w/black design. Light it up!

7 PM - 8 PM
Dave Emory's Life Work
A data disc full of Dave Emory's complete archives.

9 PM - Midnight
Dave Hill's T-shirt Dave Hill presents The Goddamn Dave Hill Show T-shirt
I've been a fan of Danny Hellman's work since I was a little girl growing up in Austria, so when it came time to design a T-shirt for the Goddamn Dave Hill Show, I decided to believe in the power of my dreams and see if he might be up for doing it. Much to my surprise, he said yes! He showed me a sketch of the design a couple days ago and it was so awesome I had to change my pants after looking at it. I don't even want to think what might happen when I'm finally wearing the finished product. I hope you enjoy it as much as I plan to. This T-shirt will be good for wearing in pretty much any situation you might normally wear a T-shirt in and then probably a bunch of other awesome scenarios I haven't even thought of yet. Get yours today and get ready to start living the sweet life. (Sizes available: Men's M, Men's LG, Men's XL, Men's XX)

Midnight - 3 AM
My Castle of Quiet presents The East Orange Ripper
Celebrating the boomeranging presence of the cassette format, both in underground music and radio, and especially on the My Castle of Quiet program, Wm. Berger presents a collection of tracks originally released on cassette, from DDAA, Slasher Risk, Telecult Powers, Putrid Servant, Morgion, Odd Ba and more, plus never-before-aired oddities originally submitted for Wm.'s "Lo-Fi" program ca. 80s-90s.

3 AM - 6 AM
Redundancy T-shirt DJ Disk Jockey presents the Redundancy Radio T-shirt
Get this excellent Redundancy Radio T-shirt and be the COOLEST KID ON YOUR *BLOCK!
(*Offer does not exclude people living in cul-de-sacs.) (Sizes available: Men's S, Men's M, Men's LG, Men's XL, Men's XX, Women's S, Women's M, Women's LG, Women's XL)


Wednesday   TOP

6 AM - 9 AM
John Allen's JA in the AM Year of the Horse T-shirt
2014 Year of the Horse limited-edition tee designed by one of our favorite singer-songwriters, Sophia Knapp (Lights, Cliffie Swan). Includes MP3 download of all of the songs about horses we could find. (Sizes available: Men's M, Men's LG, Men's XL, Men's XX)

9 AM - Noon
Ken's KHLAM!
Music by, for, about, and similar to the anarchic Russian combo Khlam!

Noon - 3 PM
Duane Duane's All the Way Live Party!!
Yes that's right!! For all of those listeners craving some of those rare, funky live cuts that Duane has been playing for years, look no further. You will get vintage live cuts of listener faves, played often on Duane's show and other goodtime tunes. It's more than a premium... It's a portable Paaaarty Train!!!

3 PM - 6 PM
Irwin's Produced by Tom Wilson
Groundbreaking 1950s-60s-70s jazz, rock, & folk tracks helmed by the legendary, enigmatic Wilson (1931-1978), who produced the first recordings of the Mothers of Invention, Velvet Underground, Sun Ra, Cecil Taylor, Soft Machine, Donald Byrd, Simon & Garfunkel, and others.

6 PM - 7 PM
SSD Bingo Boards Seven Second Delay's Bingo Boards
Listen to the show & mark SSD milestones (eg: Andy is rude, Ken talks boilers). (Set of 2 Bingo Boards)

7 PM - 8 PM
Andrea's Why Oh Why Tote Bag
The tote bag that lets everyone know you're interested in the honest, thought-provoking, soul-crushing, cringeworthy particularities of human relationships. Not to be confused with public radio tote bags. Royal blue and white.

9 PM - Midnight
Evan's CD Evan "Funk" Davies' Starting With The '70s III - Punky, Poppy, Glammy and Dancey
Twenty more scintillating seventies selections that K-Tel never got their grubby mitts on, from EFD's personal collection.

Midnight - 3 AM
$mall Change $mall Change's Ritual
A journey into heavy heavy sounds old and new from around the world…

3 AM - 6 AM
Dark Night of the Soul presents Kinky Girls
Female artists pay tribute to Muswell Hill's own Davies brothers. Includes exclusive material.


Thursday   TOP

6 AM - 9 AM
Underwater Theme Park presents Musical Tour of Africa
Underwater Theme Park spent two months touring Africa musically. We explored each country, finding how the music changed depending on terrain, location and who controlled the country. No matter what, the music was upbeat and amazing. As a souvenir of the trip, Meghan has compiled the best sounds from each country.

9 AM - Noon
Joe McGasko's Newman's Loaned Joe McGasko's Newman's Loaned
Hate Randy Newman? You won't after you've heard these great (and previously uncollected) cover versions of his songs.
Joe McGasko's It's a Sunshine Day
A bouquet of sunshine pop gems guaranteed to make you blindly happy. Ba ba ba!

Noon - 3 PM
Diane Kamikaze's Kamikaze Kontenders
The NFL has nothing on WFMU, even if the SuperBowl hits NJ this year! Bands from NFL team cities are scoring hard, roughing the mainstream and amassing personal fouls left and right. CD.

3 PM - 6 PM
Fabio's Enlightenment Through Failure
Experimental and challenging sounds that grip, stun, transport and/or amaze.

6 PM - 7 PM
The Dusty Show presents Clay's ClasSIX
I've spent the last year huffing the dank musk of rotting boxes, rescuing forgotten, abandoned, and unwanted LP's and 45's. It was difficult to go through these records and select thirty tracks for this year's Clay's Classics compilation. I felt that I only had twelve or thirteen songs that were good enough for inclusion. Solution? A drastic and complete relaxation of my selection criteria. It really did make the whole process much easier. Package includes Bonus Mystery Disc and an imaginary 2-pint aquarium with small eel.

7 PM - 8 PM
Hearty White Hearty White's Miracle Nutrition TV
A one hour DVD of Hearty White doing a Miracle Nutrition episode so you can finally SEE him clapping!

8 PM - 9 PM
Sinner's Crossroads Sinner's Crossroads' We Were Gospel Before You Were Gospel T-shirt & Church Fan
Sinner's Crossroads first ever t-shirt! Quickly identify your fellow founding Apostolic brothers and sisters in any well as the hedonistic poseurs and backsliders. AND: The return of the coveted 78 RPM church fan! (T-shirt is non-downloadable.) (Sizes available: Men's M, Men's LG, Men's XL, Men's XX)

9 PM - Midnight
Spazz CD Dave the Spazz presents The Great Unknown
Twenty-five incredible songs, all by unidentified recording artists. Their names are lost to history but their recordings live on!

Midnight - 3 AM
Nick Name's Now That's What I Call Music! 1982
Nick Name appropriates the chart hit compilation "Now That's What I call Music" with his alternative take on 1982.

3 AM - 6 AM
Stan's Destination Saturn
Space is the place and other tales of the cosmos.


Friday   TOP

6 AM - 9 AM
Dave Bombay CD Knuckle Sandwich presents Staying Under the Covers ... with Dave Bombay
Enjoy the best covers from Knuckle Sandwich's "Stay Under the Covers" segment. Who really wants to be out of bed when they could be listening to Knuckle Sandwich with Dave Bombay from 6-9am EST anyway? This little slice of sleep lets you stay 'Under the Covers' no matter where you go.

9 AM - Noon
Imaginary Radio DVD Imaginary Radio presents Imaginary Radio, Mixtapes Vol. 3
The all-you-can-eat buffet of premiums returns: a data DVD filled with music mixtapes! Third, final, best yet!

3 PM - 6 PM
Miniature Minotaurs Hit Parade Miniature Minotaurs presents Your Ceský Hit Parade
A selection of 60s & 70s sides, including many US and UK hits, culled from bookstores in Prague and Ostrava.
Miniature Minotaurs 17YearItch Miniature Minotaurs presents The 17-Year Itch
Listener submitted songs and field recordings celebrating the 2013 emergence of the cicadas from their 17 years spent living underground.

6 PM - 7 PM
Shut Up Weirdo bundle Shut Up Weirdo presents The Shut Up, Weirdo What's Up Hot Nerds! Bundle Wad
Our nerd themed premium contains a limited edition T-shirt along with your very own SUW pen, pencil and notebook set. Plus, a brain shaped stress ball to use when those annoying callers just...won't...stop...talking... (Sizes available: Men's M, Men's LG, Men's XL, Men's XX)

7 PM - 8 PM
Billy Jam Billy Jam's Put The Needle On Billy Jam's 30 Years In Radio
In 1984, Billy Jam became a radio DJ on KALX Berkeley and the very first piece he produced for that California station was an on-location report on New York City graffiti with artist CHICO. That piece plus a slew of very diverse recordings (interviews & performances) that he recorded on the variety of radio stations (commercial, pirate, college, Pacifica, and WFMU) that he has consistently broadcast on for the past three decades will be included on this special 2014 WFMU Marathon Mix.

Includes: Mac Dre, Operation IV, Timothy Leary, Mixmaster Mike, Mike DREAM Francisco, BAS-One, Bulletproof Scratch Hamsters, Vince Mack Mahon DJ crew, Homeboy Sandman, Zion I, DJ Qbert, Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper, Genesis P. Orridge, listener call-in raps, Souls of Mischief w Broun Fellinis, and more.

8 PM - 9 PM
Mr. Fine Wine's Escape from the Shadows of Motown
Yet another batch of those shiny things that used to roll off Motor City assembly lines: soul 45s! 27 more obscurities from tiny Detroit labels.

9 PM - Midnight
Martha's Metals. Rocks. Elements
Songs by/about/including life's basic materials. It will be sturdy, reassuring, and well-grounded, yet unassuming and humble. (Note: Excludes Rolling Stones.)

Midnight - 3 AM
Dangerous for the Brain presents Love Is A Launderette
Selections from the UK cassette underground 1978 - 1983.

3 AM - 6 AM
Bill Mac's CD Bill Mac's Cycle-delic Snooze Alarm
Fourteen hundred and forty minutes makes a day and Zzzzzzero Hours' Cycle-delic Snooze Alarm pays tribute to time with melodies that would bug most people, sequenced AM-PM style for your listening pleasure. Mmmmmmmmmm - cycle-delicious!


Saturday   TOP

6 AM - 9 AM
Jeffrey Davison's Small Wonder
Homeopathic doses of rare folk, collected from singles issued during the Holocene, and recently excavated by a noted musical archaeologist.

9 AM - 11 AM
Bob B.'s CD Bob Brainen's 2nd Set of Tracks
Another comp. of rare and awesome "you-are-there" session reel excerpts, instrumental-only backing tracks, vocal-only tracks, and karaoke tracks for your listening and sing-along pleasure. Full info.

11 AM - 1 PM
Michael Shelley's CD Michael Shelley's More Super Hits of the Seventies!
Twenty great songs from the 1970's re-recorded exclusively for WFMU by your favorite artists of today. See the list of artist & songs.

1 PM - 3 PM
Rex's CD Rex's Do The Dud! Dance Fad Flops
From the Fool's Paradise Archives: 50s/60s dance trends that never trended. They're all here! The Blimp! The Log! The Crow! The Ralphie!

6 PM - 9 PM
TSP CD Transpacific Sound Paradise presents Cross-Cultural Confusion!
Surprising yet beautiful genre-bashing stylistic blends: Polish mountain reggae, bhangra from Japan, Chinese-Norwegian 'bridge' music, the Cuban sound of the Jewish shtetl - TSP spans the globe for unlikely yet magical musical mixtures.

9 PM - Midnight
Hello Children CD and fanzine Hello Children presents What's the Point of Being Good?
Music-mix & fanzine for stepped-on good kids who've realized they need an edge to get ahead.

Midnight - 3 AM
100% Whatever presents The Ladies of Last Year
A collection of songs released in 2013 featuring women vocalists. Contains all new material; no re-issues of old albums. It's not exactly Mary Wing's "best of 2013" list (because that would include some guys as well); it's more like a tasty sampler of recently-recorded music by female voices. Indulge yourself!

3 AM - 6 AM
Blurred and Obscured CD Blurred and Obscured presents Music From "The Unknown Tongue"
A collection of found sounds, unreleased music, and music friends have composed and given me. It's a strange and disjointed compilation of music including lo-fi primitive guitar, minimal electronics, garage punk, music concrete, and various home recordings from around the world. This is a collection of music you are not likely to hear anywhere else. I also included a tape splice sound collage mega mix featuring sound bites I've collected over the years.


Sunday   TOP

9 AM - Noon
Reggae Schoolroom's Love Reggae Music - Sing I Some
Songs reflecting love for reggae music, performed by various artists.

Noon - 3 PM
IBJ Package The Glen Jones Radio Programme featuring X. Ray Burns presents The Official IBJ Package
Includes Glen Jones & X. Ray Burns Tee-shirt and sticker. (Sizes available: Men's M, Men's LG, Men's XL, Men's XX)

3 PM - 5 PM
Bill Kelly's CD Bill Kelly's 7 And 7 Is R-r-real Rock & Roll, Volume 14
More sonic evidence for you merry pranksters that Arthur Lee, Sky Saxon and Sean Bonniwell did not die in vain. Guaranteed to ruin any party.

5 PM - 7 PM
Gaylord Fields' Gaylord Fields' Double Coverage
It's a simple equation: Recording Artist A performs a song made famous by Recording Artist B but in the distinctive style of Recording Artist C. There are more examples of this musical phenomenon than you would think, and this set comprises the most curious ones.

7 PM - 9 PM
Daniel Blumin's CD Daniel Blumin's Your Song, My Foot! Vol. 2 - A Bevy of Cover Versions
Were you to rummage in the furthest corners of your mind to uncover a song loved in youth to be reinterpreted by your insouciant adult self, what would you choose?

Some of Blumin's favorite soundies raised their collective hands not only to answer this very question verbally but also to graciously contribute their cover versions recorded and infused exclusively for this second volume of "Your Song, My Foot!"

As with the first installment, all of the selected originals filled the contributors' youthful ears with magic. And here we are years later as they revisit the tunes, lovingly bending them, dismantling and reassembling them, and making them neigh along the way!

Those being covered: Too saucy for print!

Those doing the covering: Dylan Nyoukis, Le Forte Four, Andy Moor & Anne-James Chaton, Lucrecia Dalt, Kuupuu, Control Unit, Decapitated Hed, Vulcanus 68, Kaboom Karavan, Maan, Reinaldo Laddaga, Fusiller, Lazurite, Uiutna, Wouter van Weldhoven, and Urodi Pod Vodoi!

9 PM - Midnight
Dave M's CD Dave Mandl's Hippies
An hour or so of gorgeous tunes from several generations of dreamers, dropouts, and druggies.

Midnight - 3 AM
Therese's No, Heather. It's Heather's Turn
An examination of what is, as far as Therese is concerned, the ultimate teen movie: 1988's Heathers. (Audio mix download). PLUS: 4 out of 8 exclusive "All-Talk with Therese & Amedeo" pins!


Tom Scharpling, Give the Drummer Radio and Misc Shows   TOP

amEdeo's Dr. Dylan Thomas Poughkeepsie III's Guided Nightmare Meditation Guide
Now You Can Too!: A downloadable musical meditation guide calculated to inspire nightmares! PLUS: 4 out of 8 exclusive "All-Talk with Therese & Amedeo" pins!

Do or DIY CD Do or DIY presents Gwilly Edmondez Sings Chart Sweep
A magical misery tour through all the top 10 hits by noise blatherer Gwilly Edmondez. Too much, too long, too good.

Nat Roe & Marty McSorley's Bandana & DJ Clash Battle Disc
Limited edition Bandana with illustration depicting legendary DJs McSorely and N. Roe. Comes with accompanying DJ clash battle disc. Revenge is a dish best served cold, but beef is best slow cooked.

Dance with Me, Stanley presents Stashu Offers Samples
Perfect for sound hoarders: the audio equivalent to a porcelain statue of a golden retriever or Virgin Mary. A collection of bizarre sound effects and sounds, for you to use, loop, or be grossed out by. This CD contains audio clips created by various contributors. Each sample comes with a short description of its origin. Make something, its purpose is to serve you!

Distort Jersey City Distort Jersey City presents This Is Jersey City Not New Brunswick
The best DIY hardcore, punk, and noise acts that played live on Distort Jersey City this year. Please, no posers.

Antique Phonograph Music Program presents Ethnic Eccentricities
Take an aural trip around the world with these multinational acoustic recordings played on a period crank-up phonograph. All from MAC's personal collection.

Pseu's T-shirt Pseu's Thing With a Hook's Hook and Heart T-shirt
When it comes to melodic pop, if you can't wear your heart on your sleeve, wear it on your chest with this stunning tee! Designed with love by Pop genius Dan Bryk in bleeding heart red with black on a white shirt. (Sizes available: Men's M, Men's LG, Men's XL, Men's XX)

Terre towel The Cherry Blossom Clinic presents The Cherry Terre Towel and Button Combo Pack!
This amazing package contains a Cherry Blossom Clinic large towel with the famous Terre T logo, plus a super cool CBC button!

Destination:Out CD Destination:Out presents Sharrock and Roll - Jazz Guitar for People Who Don't Like Jazz Guitar
Don't fret! This collection of non-trad shredders contains no "licks" and nothing "tasty." Just pure unadulterated fuzz.

Tony Coulter CD Tony Coulter's Forza Italia: Italian Post-Punk, Industrial, and Experimental Music from the 1980s
Sure, "Forza Italia" is the name of Silvio Berlusconi's political party. But this is the music he's guaranteed to hate.

Doug Schulkind's CD Doug Schulkind's African Twang - Country Songs from the Motherland
The global spread of 78rpm country recordings and cinematic "Westerns" in the mid-20th century led to some far-flung fans of iconic U.S. culture. No more so than in some African neighborhoods where American country music has been all the rage since the the 1950s. Don't believe me? Check out the song Chemirocha from Kenya about Jimmie Rodgers! Meanwhile, in 1960s Congo, fashionable youths where preening at local nightspots dressed like characters in American Westerns.

Capturing the spirit of this peculiar fascination, AFRICAN TWANG presents a collection of astonishing American-style country songs performed by African pop artists. [These tracks were generously provided by Uchenna Ikonne and his blog With Comb & Razor.]

Kaminsky Kamoutsky CD Kaminsky Kamoutsky presents Ritmo Falso - A collection of rare international Latin music forgeries
From the post-war Cuban music fads in Japan and United States to the Yugoslavian Mariachi bands who made "Meksikanski" records. Mambos from Hong Kong, Egypt, and Holland. Greek timbales, Pakistani güiras and much more.

Amanda's The Nazario Scenario Zine-ario
Twenty-plus pages of comix, music journalism and bánh mì reviews, lovingly xeroxed in stunning black and white. Adults Only!

Bodega Pop Live Bodega Pop Live presents Rap Around the World
Bizarre to breathtaking hip-hop from Brazil, Cambodia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Palestine, Zimbabwe and beyond.

Matt Fiveash Matt Fiveash's VG Minus!
A CD compilation of rips from original 45s, some hits and some should-have been hits, all guaranteed to sound better than the crappy mp3s you will find elsewhere. Like oldies radio if oldies radio were still any good.

Hinky Dinky CD Hinky Dinky Time presents The Many Heads of Uncle Michael
With apologies to Dickie Goodman, Uncle Michael presents his custom-made break-in, "Marathon 2014," and all of its parts.

Ken's Last Ever DVD Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza's To Decadence in Obsolescence (two-decade dance cadence)
38 of Kenzo's most transformative, hypnotic, sample-rich broadcasts from the past 20 years of live sound collage remixes, on radio & stage, improvised and unplanned. (MP3 DVD)

Eternal Now CD The Eternal Now presents An Exacerbating Eclectic Compliation
Curated by Andy Ortmann for The Eternal Now, and featuring exclusive tracks from Vita Noctis, ONO, Evil Moisture, Circuit De Yeux, Cock E.S.P., Rhys Chatham, Barnett+Coloccia, Illusion of Safety, CM Von Hauswolf, Pauline Oliveros and MORE!

The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling presents 25 Classics
A data disc packed with 25 classic episodes of The Best Show for your listening pleasure.


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