November 6, 2000

The Clash: Listen   (go ahead, listen!)
The Walkabouts: The Train Leaves at Eight
The Towne Dandies: Tales From the Hotsy Totsy Club
Clifton Chenier: Johnny Can't Dance
Los Lobos: Johnny 99
Johnny Cash: It Ain't Me, Babe
Neil Young: Don't Cry No Tears
The Schramms: Torn in Two

P.J. Harvey: Good Fortune
Patti Smith: Kimberly
The Jim Carroll Band: I Want the Angels
Television: See No Evil
Marshall Crenshaw: Someday Someway (demo)
Hardtops: I Know a Girl
The Knack: Good Girls Don't

Kelly Hogan & the Pine Valley Cosmonauts: Papa Was a Rodeo
The Magnetic Fields: Sweet-Lovin' Man
The 6ths (with Sarah Cracknell): Kissing Things
Petty Booka: Sitting in Limbo
The Knitters: Silver Wings
The Flatlanders: Dallas
Michael Hurley: The Portland Water
DeathGrooveLoveParty: George Bush Lies

Generation X: Gimme Some Truth
The Barracudas: I Can't Pretend
The Boyfriends: I Don't Want Nobody (I Want You)
The Wombats: Bye Bye Baby
Pom Poms: Do Ya Like It
The Go-Go's: Speeding
The Revillos: Where Is the Boy for Me?
Slow Children: President Am I

Nino Tempo & April Stevens: All Strung Out
The Tremeloes: Gentleman of Pleasure
The Ventures: Needles and Pins
The Lilys: The Any Several Sundays
Liz Brady: Partie de dames
CÚcilia et ses ennuis: Viens me vampiriser
Elvis Costello & the Attractions: Crawling to the U.S.A.
The Minders: Young and With It

Cinerama: Because I'm Beautiful
The Parcels: Snappy New Haircut
The Cannanes & Steward: Music and Me
Mark Robinson: Putting Up Good Numbers
The Braille Drivers: Cat and Mouse Games for Kids
The Small Faces: Understanding
The Insomniacs: Girl
The Archies: Everything's Alright

The Lisa Marr Experiment: Broke
Kirsty MacColl: There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis

The Mekons: The Curse

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