October 9, 2000

The Clash: Listen   (go ahead, listen!)
The 6ths (with Momus): As You Turn To Go
The Shins: When I Goose Step
Aztec Camera: From Pillar to Post
Juicy: The Boys of Summer
The New Colony Six: The Time of Year Is Sunset
Bryan MacLean: I Can't Remember
Ananda Shankar: Light My Fire
The Posies: Will You Ever Ease Your Mind?

The Minders: Young and With It
The Who: Pictures of Lily
The Autumn Leaves: The Summer's Gone
Michael Shelley: Think With Your Heart
The Raspberries: I Wanna Be With You
The White Stripes: You're Pretty Good Looking
The Mr. T Experience: Leave the Thinking to the Smart People

The Philistines Jr.: Happy Birthday, Captain Columbus!
The Replacements: Never Mind
The Lisa Marr Experiment: Little Sugar
Andy Kim: Rock Me Gently
The Kirby Grips: Tie It Into a Knot
The Shermans: Practiced Performance
Fat Tulips: Take Me Back to Heaven
The Go-Betweens: When She Sang About Angels
The Modern Lovers: Girl Friend

Mocean Worker: Hey Baby
Ladytron: Play Girl
Connie Acher & Jelly: Pop Boy
Holly Golightly: Here Beside You
Marianne Faithfull: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
The John Doe Thing: Beat-Up World
Beachwood Sparks: Something I Don't Recognize
Laura Cantrell: Do You Ever Think Of Me

Green Pajamas: Sweet Sorrow
The Mekons: Enter the Lists
Elf Power: The Winter Is Coming
The Velvet Underground: Rock & Roll
The Castle: The Almond Gorilla
The Mayflies USA: Thinking Out Loud

The Mooney Suzuki: Singin' a Song About Today
The Bobbyteens: I Taught You Everything You Know
Shonen Knife: Flying Jelly Attack
The Fantastic Baggys: When Surfers Rule (instrumental)
The Orchids: Oo Chang-a-Lang

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