August 14, 2000

The Clash: Listen  (go ahead, listen!)
The Plimsouls: 12 O'Clock Midnight
The Insomniacs: Egarag
Rainy Day: Rainy Day, Dream Away
The Doors: You're Lost, Little Girl
The John Doe Thing: Beat-Up World

The Fastbacks: Save Room for Me
The Muffs: You Can Cry If You Want
The Calamities: With a Boy Like You
The Pussywillows: Don't Say He's Gone
The Bangles: Mary Street
The Long Ryders: Looking for Lewis and Clark
Sir Dance-a-Lot: (Do You Wanna) Grilled Cheese

Adventures in Stereo: Groove
The Beach Boys: All I Wanna Do
Donovan: Under the Greenwood Tree
Chris Knox: It's Love
The Olivia Tremor Control: Today I Lost a Tooth
Souvenir: Ne Dis Pas (Girl Don't Tell Me)
Barbara Manning: Joed Out
The Lucky Pierres: Jacksboro Highway
Devil in a Woodpile: Lepidoptera
Hank Thompson: Nancy Ann's Hotel

The Groovie Ghoulies: A New England
Devo: Go Monkey Go
Elastica: Mad Dog
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her: Pretty in Pink
Shonen Knife: Strawberry Cream Puff (Lala Version)
Future Bible Heroes: Hopeless (Remix)
The Clash: Lost in the Supermarket

Solomon Burke: Proud Mary
The Houston Outlaws: Soul Power
Bobby Byrd featuring the J.B.'s: Doin' the Do
Toots & the Maytals: Time Tough
Roland Alphonso: James Bond
Prince Buster All-Stars: Judge Dread

The Glands: When I Laugh
Silkworm: Treat the New Guy Right
Spooky Pie: Fake Boyfriend
The Diaboliks: Never Thought You'd Leave Me
Tee & the Crumpets: Pieces of Me
Holly Golightly: Overtaking
Sally Timms & Jon Langford: I Picked Up the Pieces
Victoria Williams: Grandma's Hat Pin
Hank Penny: Progressive Country Music for a Hollywood Flapper

The Kung Fu Monkeys: Double Bubble

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