July 31, 2000

Special Meet John Doe Edition!
The Clash: Listen : :(go ahead, listen!)
Can: Yoo Doo Right
The Buzzcocks: I Believe
Band of Susans: Hell Bent
The John Doe Thing: Telephone by the Bed

Beat-Up World
Catch Me
Long Chain On
Poor Little Girl
Smile and Wave

The John Doe Thing: Ultimately Yours
Bill Fox: Over and Away She Goes
X: Crystal Ship

Totally Yours
Highway 5
See How We Are
Born To Be Wild

Television: Marquee Moon
Mugwump Establishment: Mondo Hollywood Freakout
Family Souls: Cyke
The Stooges: No Fun
Small Faces: All or Nothing

The Pernice Brothers: Monkey Suit
Elliott Smith: Oh Well, Okay
The Mekons: Myth
Kelly Hogan & the Rock*a*Teens: Someone Like You
The Knitters: The New World
Chickenwolf: Born To Be Wild

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