July 10, 2000

The Clash: Listen
Nikki & the Corvettes: C'Mon
Bionic Finger: Melting Ice
Future Bible Heroes: Hopeless (remix)
Barcelona: Sunshine Delay (Holland Shower mix)
Broadcast: Papercuts
Huon: Basement
St. Etienne: Sycamore
Quix*o*tic: What's So Good About Goodbye

The Apples in Stereo: Signal in the Sky (Let's Go)
Ray Carmen: It Must Be Hard
The Blank Stares: Mr. Sun
The Mometers: The Day
Pete Miller: Where Did It Go?
The Westbury Squares: Hero in You
The Come Ons: Oooh
Jimmy Gordon: Buzzzzzz

Sally Timms & Jon Langford: Horses
Robert Forster & Grant McLennan: Dive for Your Memory
The Handsome Family: Moving Furniture Around
The John Doe Thing: Catch Me
Pernice Brothers: Crestfallen
Belle & Sebastian: Woman's Realm
Cinerama: 10 Denier

The Put-Outs: Longbranch Fadeaway
The Replacements: Bastards of the Young
The Embrooks: (For) Another Man
Red Squares: You Can Be My Baby
The Music Machine: Two Much
Lost Ones: Trouble in the Street
Tasmanians: Baby
Mile Ends: Candy Man
Richard & the Young Lions: You Can Make It

Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her: Red Dress
Lassie Foundation: El Rey
The Jesus & Mary Chain: Just Like Honey
Land of the Loops: Single Girl Summer Home
Wonder 3: W-w-w-wonder
The Calamities: You Can't Sit Down
Mummy the Peepshow: Hateful

The Waxwings: Into the Scenery
Nick Lowe: Marie Provost
Singles: You're For Me
The Villas: Pull You Back
Crowded House: I Am in Love
Aimee Mann: Deathly

The Muffs: Everywhere I Go

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