June 19, 2000

The Clash: Listen
Luna: Sideshow by the Seashore
Meat Puppets: Up on the Sun
Huon: Innocent It's Not
The Mekons: When Darkness falls
The Velvet Underground: Femme Fatale
Belle & Sebastian: Women's Realm

The Wayfarers: Have We Time
Link Cromwell: Crazy Like a Fox
The Waistcoats: You Know He Did
The Calamities: The Kids Are All Right
The Maulies: Rude Limey
The Dolly Mixture: How Come You're Such a Hit With the Boys, Jane?
The Undertones: Here Comes the Summer

Mummy the Peepshow: Hateful
The Bangs: Train Wreck
The Dishes: She's #1
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her: No Star
The Fall: Totally Wired
The Sex Pistols: Holidays in the Sun

The Cannanes with Explosion Robinson: You Name It
Land of the Loops: Single Girl Summer Home
The Apples in Stereo: Stay Gold
Quix*o*tic: What's So Good About Goodbye
Tahiti 80: Mr. Davies
Clem Snide: Exercise
Peter Case: Let Me Fall

Butterscott: Infinity Forever
Elf Power: All Your Experiments
The Westbury Squares: The Hero in You
True Wheel: New York Song
Dealership: Faded Crushes
Broadcast: Papercuts
Bettie Serveert: Unsound
St. Etienne: Late Morning

The Blank Stares: Sunday's Child
Let's Active: Every Word Means No
The Records: Starry Eyes
Big Star: September Gurls
Shoes: A Thing of the Past
Hot Pursuit: Summer Song
The Aislers Set: Balloon Song
Look Blue Go Purple: Cactus cat

The Mayflies USA: Summertown
Fountains of Wayne: Sick Day

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