April 3, 2000

The Clash: Listen
The Apples in Stereo: I Can't Believe
The Smoke: My Friend Jack
Blue's Men: The Day the World Fried My Brain
Os Mutantes: A Minha Menina
The Monkys: Triste Estoy
Los Anis: Mary Mary

Joy Zipper: Like 24 (6+1=3)
Brittle Stars: Tripping Me Up
Stereolab: Wow and Flutter
Trembling Blue Stars: To Leave It Now
The Moles: Bury Me Happy
The Velvet Underground: Who Loves the Sun
Push Kings: Nine Straight Lines

Belle & Sebastian: Lazy Line Painter Jane
Laura Cantrell: Queen of the Coast
The Flying Burrito Brothers: Sin City
Beachwood Sparks: Something I Don't Recognize
Ween: Stay Forever
Marshall Crenshaw: T.M.D.

Marshall Crenshaw: Someday, Someway
The Grip Weeds: Strange Bird
Todd Rundgren: Couldn't I Just Tell You
Bill Fox: Electrocution
Holly Golightly: I Hear You
Royal Knights: I Wanna Know
The Poor Boys: Washboard, Take 1

The Apples in Stereo: Go
Kimberley Rew: Tart With the Heart
The Original Sins: I Surrender
Don Air: There'll Be Soul
The Meters: Chicken Strut
Louis Chachere: The Hen
The Rivieras: Killer Joe
Doug Sahm: Baby Tell Me
Los Lobos: Anselma

The Essex Green: Chester
The Fastbacks: One More Hour
Shonen Knife: Punk Rock Star
M&Ms: I'm Tired
The Swingin' Neckbreakers: Hail to the Baron
The Jam: The Modern World
The Mekons: I [Heart] Apple

Poster Children: Daisy Changed
The Loud Family: Years of Wrong Impressions
Lina: 27,000,000 de mecs (ne pouvent se tromper)
Barcelona: Why Do You Have So Much Fun Without Me?

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