March 20, 2000

The Clash: Listen
Sly & the Family Stone: Thank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin
Beastie Boys with Miho Hatori: Start!
Boss Hog: Whiteout
Sonic Youth: Kool Thing
Patti Smith: Glitter in Their Eyes
The Zippers: You're So Strange
Shake Appeal: You're Too Rich

The Mekons: Tina
Cat Power: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Bill Fox: Electrocution
The I Live the Life of a Movie Star Secret Hideout: Charlemagne
The Bartlebees: In My Box
Black Tambourine: Throw Aggi Off the Bridge
The Clash: Career Opportunities
The Wipers: Does It Hurt
The Dils: You're Not Blank

The Flashing Lights: Highschool
Poster Children: This Town Needs a Fire
The Plimsouls: Lost Time
The Arondies: Sigma Nu
The Stalagmites: Frat Rock
The Nazz: Open My Eyes
The Barbarians: Moulty

The Countdown Quartet: The Capuchin
Los Lobos: I Wanna Be Like You
Little Tommy Brown: Don't Leave Me
The Kinks: Stop Your Sobbing
Kimberley Rew: Simple Pleasures
Laura Cantrell: Do You Ever Think of Me
Joe Goldmark: Eight Miles High

Stella: O.K., Tomorrow I'll Be Perfect
The Appples in Stereo: Everybody Let Up
AM/FM: We Will Study Your Life
Guided by Voices: Underground Initiations
Dean Wells: Climb to Insertable
The Velvet Crush: On My Side

Yo La Tengo: Cherry Chapstick
Superchunk: 1,000 Pounds
Trembling Blue Stars: To Leave It Now
Mary Timony: I Fire Myself
Lois Maffeo & Brendan Canty: You Love Your Wounds
Kristin Hersh: Pennyroyal Tea

Beachwood Sparks: Desert Skies (country version)
Beachwood Sparks: Desert Skies (pop version)
The Moles: Bury Me Happy
Barbara Manning & the Go-Luckys: Life/Luck
Suicide: Cheree (remix)
Electrik Cokernut: Jeepster
Jonny & the Shamen: Boris Bomb
Brave Sir Knight & the Squires: Tilt-a-Whirl Tongue

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