March 13, 2000

Marathon 2000 continues, with co-host Jeffrey Davison! No fair scrolling past the Insta-Pledge (pat. pending) form if you haven't pledged!

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The Clash: Listen
The Clash: Capital Radio Two
Girls at Our Best: Getting Nowhere Fast
The Flamin' Groovies: Shake Some Action

The Clash: This Is Radio Clash
The Jam: Going Underground

Dressy Bessy: Lookaround
Les CalamitÚs: With a Boy Like You
Danielle Denin: Quand tu m'embrasses

Nick Lowe: Mary Provost
Wreckless Eric: Whole Wide World
The Prissteens: Sorrow
Stiv Bators: Not That Way Anymore

The Only Ones: Another Girl, Another Planet

Petty Booka: Sitting Here in Limbo
Nina Simone: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
The Supremes: Because

NRBQ: Breakaway to My Dreams
Michael Shelley: Riding in My Car
Jonathan Richman: Roadrunner
NRBQ: Puddin' Truck

The Go-Betweens: Spring Rain
The Go-Betweens: Dive for Your Memory (live)
The Go-Betweens: Cattle and Cane

The Apples in Stereo: Strawberryfire
The Clique: Superman
The Velvet Underground: Rock and Roll
The Kinks: Come On Now

The Olivia Tremor Control: Hideaway
The Rain Parade: I Look Around

The Ladybugs: How Do You Do It?

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