Visions of Swag!
Fall 2007

Some people hear things as they are and ask, "Why?"
Others hear things that aren't there and ask, "Why not?"
And then there are those who hear things coming from the next cubicle and ask, "What the hell are you listening to?"

The answer, more often than not, is WFMU.

While we might occasionally befuddle your coworkers, friends and family, what we're really trying to do is make great radio, with as few interruptions for fundraising as possible. That's where you come in. We're hoping that you can help us make it through the Fall and Winter months by making a tax-deductible donation.

For WFMU's end-of-the-year appeal, we're offering our first-ever winter scarf, designed by Dennis Favello, which can be yours for a donation of $50. Donors of $100 are eligible to receive a set of limited-edition art prints. Get your hands on 3 classic cover designs from our old 'zine, LCD, with artwork by Joost Swarte, Drew Friedman, and Gary Panter. Or if art isn't your bag, you can choose to receive 2 scarves instead. If you can help us with a $125 donation, we'll send you a scarf AND the set of art prints. Pictures and full descriptions of everything we're offering can be seen if you scroll down this page.

For $50 - $99 - You're entitled to a WFMU winter scarf.

For $100 - $124 - You can choose either the set of 3 screen-printed art posters OR 2 scarves.

For $125 and up - You get a WFMU winter scarf PLUS a set of 3 screen-printed art posters.

If youd like to make a donation right now, you can make your swag selections and pay via credit card or PayPal on our secure online pledge page here. If you have any questions about the premiums or pledging, please get in touch with Swag Master Joe by clicking this email link, or calling him at (201) 521-1416, ext 229.

WFMU winter scarf

WFMU winter scarf, black fleece (10" wide x 60" long).

Set of 3 screen-printed art posters

Screen-printed art poster set (each poster is 12 x 15"), with artwork by Joost Swarte, Drew Friedman, and Gary Panter (from left).

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