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For this December's special end-of-the-year appeal, we've got a brand new T-shirt - the "Creepy Meatball" designed by Listener Greg, available in (Men's) sizes Small - XXL. The t-shirt can be yours for a donation of $45. Or, if creepy meatballs aren't your style, you can choose from our Swag of the Past, including old DJ premiums, WFMU Live CDs, or Miscellaneous Swag. Full descriptions of everything we're offering can be seen if you scroll down this page.

For $45 - $99 - You can choose either a "Creepy Meatball" shirt or one item from the Swag of the Past.

For $100 and up - You can choose either three Swag of the Past items or two Swag of the Past items AND a Creepy Meatball t-shirt.

If you'd like to make a donation right now, you can pay via credit card or PayPal on our secure online pledge page here; just let us know your December swag choices in the special "comments" section. If you have any questions about the premiums or pledging, please get in touch with Swag Mistress Megan at by clicking this email link, or calling her at (201) 521-1416, ext 229.

creepy meatball t-shirt

Creepy Meatball T-shirt, shown in full color. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL.

creepy meatball t-shirt, detail

The Creepy Meatball logo, closeup.

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Glen Jones and X-Ray Burns (2004)
A full-length CD featuring both Glen Jones and X.Ray Burns as well as live in-studio performances by the artists who have appeared on Jonesville Station.

Stefan - Introduction to the Spiral Sun Plan (2004)
Beginner steps towards attaining the sught-after Spiral Sun can be absorbed by listening to political propaganda, power metal, and sludge.

Ken - Unintelligible at Any Speed (2004)
Unless you hail from any of the countries featured on this collection of covers and assorted incomprehensibility from the lands of midnight sun blindness: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Germany. Plus the best mash-ups of 2003.

Dan Mackta - Starving Artist (2004)
A specially compiled discful of obscure and favorite New Jersey punk and hardcore rarities from the 70's and 80's.

Rich Hazelton - Escape, Sound Icons 2 (2004)
Shh! Don't move... don't breathe... listen... to this collection of suspenseful interludes from soundtracks of films you may or may not know. These are the sounds of desperate moments, where precise execution determines the difference between failure and freedom. Sit on the edge of your seat and relax.

Irwin - NJX@NY$! (2003)
New Jersey Excitement at New York Prices! A CD of otherwise unobtainable sonic wiggery and crackpotism (music and non-music) that punctuates Irwin's program and reflects WFMU as an unpredictable force.

Small Change - Major Havoc (2003)
A collage of Nickel and Dime Radio from the past year, cut, pasted, and squeezed together into 69 minutes of pure audio pleasure.

Diane - Kamikaze Slow 45 Favorites Plus (2003)
The best of slwo 45's selected from DKFM. Each has been additionally manhandled by Diane for added fun! Features favorites from Neil Young, The Stranglers, Prince, Sylvia & Black Flag. 45/33 formula included.

Laura Cantrell - Aloha Y'all (2003)
The Proprietress says "Mahalo" to her listeners, serving up a tropical cocktail of vintage Hawaiiana, country, and swing. Heavy on the steel guitar, with a dash of Don Ho for kick.

Sinner's Crossroads - Gospel Rockers 1955-1962 (2003)
70+ minutes of incredible sanctified gospel stompers. All have been mastered directly form the 45s and 78s and have never been reissued in any form. Don't ever forget that the rock and the shout started in church.

Joe Belock - Not Your Average Joe (2002)
Variations on Hey Joe, from the familiar to forgotten, psych to psychos, parodies to punkers, Joes to Schmoes. Not only does everyone cover Hey Joe, they all claim to have written it. 100% Hendrix-free.

Pat Duncan - That's What I Call Punk (2002)
A collection of Pat's punk favorites.

Bob Brainen - Feeding Frenzy (2002)
25 Rarities and Sundries: Alternate takes, demos, soundtrack pieces, session takes, etc by: The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Cream, Traffic, Judee Sill, Ennio Morricone, Phil Spector, Fats Domino, Strawbs, Electric Flag, Bridget St. John and Kevin Ayers, Dave Clark Five, Beach Boys, and more. 68 min.

Monica - I Was a Disco Flag Hag (2002)
You'd look like hell too if you hung out all night. A star-spangled collection of rare disco, dance, electro, and rap. Lots of fun fanfares too! Pre-tattered, antenna ready. 74 min.

Donna - Prattle (2002)
Picking up where her 2001 CD Babble left off. Vocal stylings from across the globe. Tommyrot and twaddle from your favorite witch hunter, field hand and avant garde hipster.

Joe Frank - Love Prisoner (2002)
60 minutes of Joe Frank brilliance.

Scott - Guess Who Came to WFMU? (2002)
A twofer fer you -- legendary Bonzo Dog, Rutle, and Python sidekick Neil Innes appears on the same show with Everybody's Favorite Rock Band Clinic! Wow. 68 mins.

Irene - Evidence of Life Transmitted By Air (2002)
Another compilation of live music performed on Irene Trudel's show. Most of the musicians on this CD don't have a big label behind 'em, but the music's superb. 60+min.

Bethany - The Un-Tempered Radio Book One (2002)
Compositions, improvisations, and songs that use the radio as musical instrument. Shortwave's sound is unpredictable and unmistakeable in works by a collection of avant-sound artists. 68 min.

Rob Weisberg - Transpacific Sunshine Holiday (2001)
A thoroughly mixed bag of rare and rarely heard popular music from around the world, reflecting the range of music heard on Transpacific Sound Paradise. CD, 70 minutes.

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Tunes on Toxic Terrain (2004)
This is a two CD set of live music performed in the WFMU studios. It was offered to our listeners during the 2004 fundraising marathon. Cover art by Paper Rad.
Disc 1 - 1. Flaming Fire / Gun Through a Razor 2. Dalek / From Mole Hills 3. Rocket from the Tombs / 30 Seconds Over Tokyo 4. The Dirtbombs / I'm Through with White Girls 5. Le Nombre / Souris 6. Sally Crewe / Drive It Like You Stole It 7. Smokey and Miho / The Summer Rain 8. Zmrzlina / Sweden 9. Gary Wilson / 6.4 = Make Out 10. Devendra Banhart / Horseheaded Ovarian Flesh Wizard 11. Reverend Isaiah Owens with Ann Talbert / Everything Will Be Alright 12. Revolutionary Snake Ensemble / Goin' Back to New Orleans 13. Mojave 3 / This Road I'm Travelling 14. Dan Melchior / This is Not the Medway Sound! 15. Brian Jonestown Massacre / Nailing Honey to the Bee
Disc 2 - 1. Neko Case / Look for Me (I'll Be Around) 2. The Soft Boys / If You Know Time 3. Measles Mumps Rubella / Zusammen Mit Motown 4. Comets On Fire / Beneath the Ice Age 5. Miminokoto / Kurikaeshi 6. Khanate / Skin Coat 7. Deerhoof / Panda Penalty 8. Tim Eriksen and Friends / The Golden Harp 9. Sunroof! / Limit 10. Coachwhips / Fight with My Heart 11. Aavikko / Ralliautokuski 12. Brother JT3 / Dry Bones 13. Harris Newman / Sometimes a Bad Attitude Is All It Takes 14. Julia Vorontsova / Horseshoe 15. Gogol Bordello / Madagascar

Don't Shoot the Toy Piano Player (2002)
A 2-CD set of music recorded especially for broadcast on WFMU, given away to listeners during our 2002 fundraising marathon. Cover art by Gary Panter.
Disc One - 1. Clinic / Welcome 2. Kinski / I Wouldn't Hurt a Fly 3. The Delgados / Accused of Stealing 4. Steve Wynn / Halloween 5. The Du-Tels / Ring of Fire 6. The Muffins / Walking the Duck 7. Lightning Bolt / 13 Monsters 8. Mastodon / Shadows That Move 9. The Misfits / Six Pack 10. New Pornographers / Throw Her Away and Get a New One 11. Skywave / Ceremony 12. Uragsha / Hymn to the Horse 13. Faun Fables / Shadowsound 14. Flashpapr / Panther's Paw 15. ST-37 / Discorporate 16. Mark Robinson / New Jersey, the Garden State
Disc Two - 1. Rick Benson / Never Give Up on a Good Thing 2. Peaches~Gonzales~Feist / Cum Undone 3. The Moldy Peaches / Lucky No. 9 4. Dead Moon / Dead Moon Night 5. Howe Gelb / Saint Conformity 6. The Bevis Frond / New River Head 7. Kelly Hogan / In Time 8. The Lowdown / Dance Punks 9. Mz Pakman / D.F. 10. Connie Acher & Jelly / No Company 11. The Clogs / Elevenses 12. Jaap Blonk / Ggeen Kkrimp 13. PG Six / Divine Invasion 14. Magic Carpathians Project / Vydunis 15. Kokolo Afrobeat / Fuss & Fight 16. Oneida / Doing Business in Japan 17. The Bellrays / Tie Me Down: Voodoo Train

More Music, Less Parking (1999)
The first two CD set of live music to come out of our great new(in 1999) studios in Jersey City, we offered it to our listeners during the 2000 fundraising marathon. The list of artists is long and varied.
Disc One - 1. Special Moments / The Brothers is Back 2. Pretty Things / SF Sorrow 3. Add N to (X) / Buckminster Fuller 4. Ex-Girl / Space-Man Melon 5. Del McCoury Band, / Love is a Long Road 6. Guided by Voices / Wrecking Now 7. Holly GolightlyDirectly from My Heart 8. John Fahey / Manicure 9. The Olivia Tremor Control / Outside Explorations Part Three 10. Wizz Jones / Dazzling Stranger 11. Tiger Lillies / Sheep 12. Nihilist Spasm Band / Mother Canada 13. Disc~Matmos~Lucky Kitchen Collective / Stealing Shit to Sample from Brian Turner's Desk 14. Big Lazy / Theme From Head Trader 15. Mia Doi Todd / Strawberries 16. Scott Robinson with Jules Thayer and Klaus Suonsaari / Amazing Grace 17. High Llamas / Nomads 18. Ida / Are You Tired of Me, My Darling?
Disc Two - 1. Stereo Total / C'est La Mort 2. Wharton Tiers Ensemble / Heatseeker 3. Calexico / Minas De Cobre 4. Robert Forster and Grant McLennan / Dive for Your Memory 5. Troka / Sequence Polka 6. Gorky's Zygotic Mynci / She Lives on a Mountain 7. Roy Harper / Broken Wing 8. Vinicius Cantuaria / Pra Gil 9. Cobra Verde / One Step Away from Myself 10. Overhang Party~Primordial Undermind~Salamander / La Fievre 11. Plastic People of the Universe / Prsi Prsi (It's Raining) 12. Artek Ensemble / Chiccona 13. BJ Snowden / WFMU Song

Live Music From a Dead Campus (1998)
This collection of live music on two CDs was the last to be recorded in the old East Orange Studios of FMU. As usual it includes an amazing array of performers. Cover artwork by David Sandlin.
Disc One - 1. 2 Foot Flame / Peacock Coal 2. Amoeba(Raft Boy) / Karma Bank 3. Harvey Sid Fischer / Country Scat 4. Eletfa / Dance Suite from Szek 5. Richard Davies / Surface of the Sun 6. Margaret Leng-Tan / Mirabella 7. Danielson Family / LIke a Vaccuum 8. James Kochalka Superstar / Show Respect for Michael Jackson 9. The Mekons / Bomb 10. Baby Steps / Popular Troublesome Heartache 11. Vic Chesnutt / Old Hotel 12. Jin Hi Kim / Yellow Seed 13. Bubble / Ladder of Success 14. Planet Philly / Paper Moon 15. Pest 5000 / Crossing Things 16. Zusaan Kali Fasteau / Rapture 17. Momus / Virtual Valerie 18. Quintron / Ghost Rider 19. Logical Nonsense / Hypo-Christian 20. Ronald Thomas Clontel with Tom Scharpling / Rock, Rot, and Rule(exerpt)
Disc Two - 1. Intro:The Price is Beans(exerpt) 2.Spaceheads / Joyriding 3. Uz Jsme Doma / Kuzelina 4. Rancid Vat / Testify 5. Chris Butler / Cage-ian Disembowlment of an Acoustic Guitar While Whoring for Marathon Dollars-3rd Movement 6. Original Sins / Bethlehem : Shopping Trip to Mercury 7. Phillip Johnston's Transparent Quartet / Pipeline 8. Suddenly Tammy! / Beautiful Dream 9. Loren Mazzacane Connors / Improvisation 10. Mark Eitzel / Mission Rock Resort 11. Karen Mantler and Michael Evans / My Life is Hell 12. The Kropotkins / Truck Stop Girls 13. The Frogs / I Only Play for Money 14. Silver Apples / Fractal Flow 15. Lynnfield Pioneers / Latoya 16. The Renderers / Like a Virus 17. Untamed Youth / Mailbox Jamboree 18. Oblivians / Pill Popper 19. Happiest Guys in the World / Free Range Chicken

Upsalapalooza (1995)
This two CD set was recorded in East Orange and offered to our listeners in 1995. Cover art by J.D. King.
Disc One - 1. Stereolab / Jenny Ondioline 2. Wake Ooloo / Doin' it Again 3. Coctails / Waterlogged 4. Haney Brothers / God Sees 5. Brian Dewan / Blue Haired Jimmy 6. Peter Holsapple / Bald-Headed Baby 7. Raincoats / In Love 8. Chandler Travis / Chandler Travis, King of the World 9. Chris Smither / Bittersweet 10. Professor and Maryann / House by the Water 11. Crystalites / Blessed are the Pure in Heart 12. Jowe Head / Shiny Black Shirt 13. Giant Sand / Get to Leave 14. Dog Faced Hermans / Blessed are the Follies 15. Hoover / TNT for the Man 16. Rats of Unusual Size / The Elephant Man 17. The Smugglers / What'd I Do Wrong 18. They Might be Giants / When It Rains, It Snows 19. Lisa Germano / Messages from Sophia
Disc Two - 1. Die Knodel / Vielfacher(The Multiple) 2. Susan McKeown and the Chanting House / Green Dawn 3. Bob Mould / Hoover Dam 4. Max Nagl-Patrice Heral / Respekt 5. Flat Old World / Who Killed Poor Robin? 6. Pork Chop / Old Yazoo(Take Me Back To) 7. Richard Sinclair / Going for a Song 8. Katell Keineg / Franklin 9. Pinetop Perkins / 3-Finger Boogie 10. Amy McMahon Rigby / Solitaire 11. Cordell Jackson / Knockin' Sixty 12. Murphy's Oil Soap Boys / Wish You Knew 13. Michael Hurley / Uncle Bob's Corner 14. Richard Barone / Standing in the Line 15. Dots Will Echo / My 20th Century 16. Amy Allison and Maudlins / Drinkin' Thru Christmas 17. Lol Coxhill / A Quarter for the Asteroids 18. Homer Erotic / Mount Fuji 19. Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band / Indinski Cocek 20. Kustard Kings / Nina E 21. Mental Decay / We Love You

They Came, They Played, They Blocked the Driveway (1993)
Originally offered during the 1993 fundraiser this action packed two CD set features music recorded at FMU's old East Orange studio.
Disc One - 1. Universal Congress Of / Pickled Bullhorn 2. Jac Berrocal~Jean Francois Pauvros~Johnathan Kane / It's Raining on New York 3. ESG / Earn It 4. The Mommyheads / Hepsaba's Compass 5. Sun City Girls / The Bearded Hermes 6. David Kilgour~Hamish Kilgour~Graeme Jefferies / What U Should Be Now 7. Tijuanna Bible / The Mark of Zorro 8. Cowboy Junkies / Captain Kidd 9. Swans / Can't Find My Way Home 10. The Dentists / Snapdragon 11. Screaching Weasel / What We Hate 12. The Faith Healers / Moona-ina-Joona 13. Scrawl / Misery(Someone Is Winning) 14. Jeff Buckley~Gary Lucas: Gods and Monsters / Farewell Angelina 15. Yo La Tengo / Barnaby,Hardly Working
Disc Two - 1. Jad Fair~Tim Foljahn~Steve Shelley / Please, Please, Please, Please 2. God Is My Co-Pilot / Zonnebloem : Le Corps Sans Merci 3. Sister Carol / Get It Straight Africans 4. Daniel Johnston / I Killed the Monster 5. Angel Dean with Tony Maimone and Phillip Dray / Little Pictures 6. Linda Gibbs with Pat McKearn and Hearn Gadbois / Tennesee Waltz 7. The Vacant Lot / From Above 8. Tall Dwarves / Crush 9. World Famous Blue Jays / Mercy of the Moon 10. Peter Stampfel / Goldfinger 11. Parsons Green / Banjo Dog 12. Hasil Adkins / Shake that Thing 13. Baby Gramps / Two Bit Song 14. Mr. Rhythm( Sam Ulano ) / The Three Bears 15. Les Batteries / Bataille de Valmy 16. Suzanne Vega with John Guth / Neighborhood Girls 17. Birdsongs of the Mesozoic / Why Not Circulate 18. Andrew Cyrille / Drumsongs for Leadbelly 19. King Missile / Jesus Was Way Cool

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WFMU Airwave Idols - DJ Trading Cards
Full boxed set of 72 WFMU DJ trading cards, each with full-color picture and stats. The entire set, when assembled, reveals a secret image on the back of the cards.

Radio Archival Oddities, Volume 2
2 CDs of unique audio you won't find anywhere else.

Classic WFMU Night Light
Circular yellow night light, with design by Bill Graef.

Radio Bear Night Light
Rectangular yellow night light, with design by Jerry Todd.

WFMU Lunchbox, designed by Ron English
Ron English managed a truly irreverent design for our 2000 fundraiser. Look closely, and have a laugh at the expense of corporate religion and commerce.

Rock and Roll Death Floaty Pen
Commemorate the tragic fate of Southern rock with the Lynyrd Skynyrd Memorial Floaty Pen.

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