January 25, 2001
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What's with Terre? The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T is currently heard on FRIDAYS from 3 to 6pm (EST) on WFMU, 91.1 fm (NYC/East Central NJ) and on WXHD, 90.1 fm (Hudson Valley,lower Catskills, Western NJ) and worldwide on the internet.
Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
ArtistTitleAlbum, Label, Notes (NR = New Release)
UNDERTONESwhats with terryhypnotised (1980), ryko cd reissue
EXITSglandula angelaanarchy in the uk vol. 1
MZ. PAKMANxx xyoh shit it's, (www.geocities.com/mzpakman), (www.slutfishrecords.com)-NR
SICK THINGSanti-social diseasemy girlfriend was a punk comp
LE TIGREget off the internetfrom the desk of, cd ep (www.mrlady.com)-NR
CECILIA ET SES ENNUISmon engin d'enfer7"telstar -NR
BAGSwe will bury you7" dangerhouse, 1978, no excess baggage
HALL AND OATESrich girlbigger than the both of us, 1978
FOUTREcroyes vouschaos en france
SPACE KITTENSi hate you 7" hi peach comp. nana 4,1997
DOAenemybloodied but unbowed, 1978-83
ANIMATRONICSandromeda2000 year of the future (www.morphius.com)-NR
THE MALE NURSEmy own private patrick swayze7" guided missile
ECHO BOYtelstar recoveryv-2, mute
SNAPPERhot sunshotgun blossom xpressway,1990
FAUSTit's a rainy day, sunshine girlfaust so far reissue collector's choice -NR
PUNJAB ROVERshe's another one of them aliens7" honey bear records, 1999
PRINCESS SUPERSTARthe little freakazoid that couldceo, abrml

Long Distance Dedication - To Jim (the winner of the 'cool dad' award) and his 13 year-old "alt-rock" daughter in Takoma, Maryland
BRYAN FERRYanother time another placeself-titled, 1974
THE SWEETfunny funnycollection
SHOWADDYWADDYrock and roll ladyself-titled, 1976, arista
JACKIE AND THE CEDRICSmockingbird10" presents norton -NR
DEATH BY CHOCOLATEwho needs wings to flyself-titled, jetset -NR
DOGSsleaze cityfed up, dionysus -NR
ÄSSdon't bring me downhoboken sux, nepotism records -NR
DICKBATHspace hateself-titled on dickbath records-NR
PUSSY GALOREyo gungsugarshit sharp, matador
CLEAR LIGHTthink againself-titled
NECKBONESocean bluethe lights are getting dim, fat possum -NR
GRIFTERSsoda popshangri-la 7", 1992
RUTSin a rut7" rut records, 1979
IGGY POPnew valuesnew values, 1979
CHICKS ON SPEEDgive me back my manchix 52 (www.chicksonspeed.com) -NR
THE STICKMENlevel headinsatiable, cuneiform (www.cuneiformrecords.com) -NR
MARSpuerto rican ghostNo NY comp, 1978
CANDY MACHINEspotlighta modest proposal/skene, 1994