November 2, 2000
The Political Partee: This week's special guest LIVE in the studio, Ray Dowd of the Green Party, running for NY State Assembly!
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What's with Terre? The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T is currently heard on FRIDAYS from 3 to 6pm (EST) on WFMU, 91.1 fm (NYC/East Central NJ) and on WXHD, 90.1 fm (Hudson Valley,lower Catskills, Western NJ) and worldwide on the internet.
Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
ArtistTitleAlbum, Label, Notes (NR = New Release)
UNDERTONESwhats with terryhypnotised (1980), ryko cd reissue
PAINTED SHIPlittle white liesacid dreams testament comp
SCIENTISTSfrantic romanticwhere the birdmen flew comp-OZ
BRAILLE DRIVERScoals to newcastleNR
DOGShere comes my baby planet punk #1,(
WARSAW PAKT#5needle time, captain trip cd re-NR
NOVAK oh farrah 7", dumb, 1978
MOCKETspot for best visionpro forma cd, kill rock stars
HEFNERa hymn for the postal servicebreaking God's heart, pure
EGO SUMMIT(shepard,,m.rep, howland)illogicalold-noage,199?
WHITE STRIPESwhy can't you be nicer to me?de stijl-NR
POLLY BROWNup in a puff of smoke -
SLADEgoodby t' jane-
SISTER PAULsaturday nightthe edge of the world, capt trip-NR
THE LOWDOWNextra special existentialrevolverII, ( -NR
FOREIGN LEGIONnowhere to hidekidnapper van-NR
TOMMY GUERRO AND GADGETcomme disait papihoy yen, Function -NR
ALTHEA AND DONNAuptown top rankin-early 8Ts
CHANDRAsubwaytransportation, 8Ts,on-gogo
GIRLS AT OUR BESTpolitixvinyl japan cd re
MINDERSon+ondown in fall, spinart-NR
TWINKsuicidethink pink, cd re
STRAPPING FIELDHANDSthe demiurgegobs on the midway,siltbreeze
SOLE SURVIVORSlover her sopsychedelic crown jewels v.3, gear fab-NR
AFTER DARKrain in africa7" killed by absurdity vol. 1-NR
DALEKswollen tongue burnstea at the palace of hooz comp-NR
BROADCASTwarpi tommy boyextended play-NR
HANGOVERSsuspicionjacksons jukebox comp, KRS
DIE MONSTER DIEamerica burningwe are your friend,alohol,UK-NR
GAIJINmod themegun court 7" wabana (
SKYWAVEgot that feelinglive at WFMU