July 21, 2000
patients in t-shirts, drug reps in calvin

What's with Terre? The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T is currently heard on FRIDAYS from 3 to 6pm (EST) on WFMU, 91.1 fm (NYC/East Central NJ) and on WXHD, 90.1 fm (Hudson Valley,lower Catskills, Western NJ) and worldwide on the internet.
Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
ArtistTitleAlbum, Label, Notes (NR = New Release)
undertoneswhats with terryhypnotised
prolapseflexback Saturday, uk 1995, lissy's
xdelinquent causeaspirations, 1979 noise archive, am rep
television personalities3 wisheswham 7"1982, or yes darling,but is it art(early rarities cd) seed 1995 or they could have been bigger than the beatles,fire uk,1990
salford jetssteady with you-
georgiolooky looky70's 7" atco
pretty thingsstone heart mama1971 on pretty things 67-71, see for miles cd
roxy musiceditions of yousecond album, 1973
cobra verdecrashing in a planenitelife, motel 1999
couchhaters of couchbulb 7", 1993
half japaneseno more beatlemaniahalf gentlemen, not beasts
mud city wranglersi wanna kill my friendsrepublic of chesterfield comm. 1997
elf powerdrug storevainly clutching phantom limbs on arena rock-NR
bullysdamn fistful of rock and roll vol 3, tee pee-NR
gene woodburyit's only youbest of del val records philly soul 65-75
senor coconut y su conjuntohome computerel baile alemar,emperor norton-NR
live humanlagoona hopelefish jellyphant,matador-NR
lolita stormyou make me highcd gf50, digital hardcore-NR
huggy bearher jazztaking the rough with the smooch, wiija, krs records
lilliputeisiger wind 7" ,1980
josealsjealle kranten leest1967, from kitchen to garage comp, distortions
touch tone terroristsjim bob's casting call a permanent lapse of reason (prank calls) on infestation-NR
white hasslefuture trancelfe is still sweet, orange NR
prisonshakejimjimmyjim jimcar crash 7", 1995
overhang partyla fantome de la liberteother side of pata physique double live cd-NR
leigh stevensi grow higherred weather (blue cheer-ster's solo lp on philips)
le savy favhide me from next feb rome,southern records-NR
kid 606two fingers in the air anarchy styledown with the scene, ipecac-NR
sun lightning inc.quasarbuzz buzz buzz,vol.1-NR
arab on radar#1soak the saddle, skin graft-NR
barbara manningb4 we go underteen beat 7", 1993
sweet tartsout in the streetswhiplash 7", 1983
searchersdon't hide it awayanthology, pye 1963-67
lassie foundationi'm stealin' to be your one in a millionel ray-NR