June 16, 2000
...no mommy there?

What's with Terre? The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T is currently heard on FRIDAYS from 3 to 6pm (EST) on WFMU, 91.1 fm (NYC/East Central NJ) and on WXHD, 90.1 fm (Hudson Valley,lower Catskills, Western NJ) and worldwide on the internet.
Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
ArtistTitleAlbum, Label, Notes (NR = New Release)
undertoneswhats with terryhypnotised (1980), ryko cd reissue
railroad jerkrollercoasterone track mind, matador
b peoplei said everybody-
100 flowersdyslexia100 years of pulchritude, rhino comp cd
jack rippersi feel like a tram-
flower poweri can feel ita lethal dose of hard psych comp cd, arf arf
tuxedomoon59 to 1half mute
delta 5try7"
slant 6ladybug superlyinzombia, dischord cd
quixoticwitch hazelnight for day-NR
kahimi hariethe harder they comekkk le grant
michio kadotami#2 rotten telepathiespsf 14
scientific americansg-staltbeyond rational thought ep, 1980
mark thortrakboston, 1979
sladewhen the lights are outstomp your hands, clap your feet lp
eton cropyes pleasebob 7"
rotterssit on my face stevie nickspull it and see, dionysus cd -NR
mauliesride limey7"-NR
hot pursuitspring cleaningthe thrill dept-NR
flatmatesif not for youshimmer, 1988,subway
kent 3cave ballhot pinball rock vol 1 comp
tom smith and don flemingdizzygin blossoms ep
carnival coalbaker streetfrench can can-NR
walls of geniusletter to dan fogelbergGod bless america,RRR
sunset stripthe rising windscrape it out ep, dog meat
sonic rendezvous bandthat's all right with mecity slang ep
look blue go purplehiawathaFN
outhud4th of July BBQ 7"
slitstypical girlslive in SF (typ. girls wouldnt pay more...), 1980
the dishesdirty highwayself-titled-NR
deerhoofgore in brancool beans #12mag-NR
buzzcoxboredomspiral scratch
bastardsschizo terrorist-
chipmunksheart breakerchipmunk rock lp