Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland

Bill Kelly's 2001 Marathon Premium:
R-R-Real Rock & Roll!

Garage punk and psychedelic pop artyfacts from the psecond psychedelic era: This is a Nuggets/Pebbles styled collection of obscure 60's inspired rock and roll from the 80's and 90's. CD, 60 min. Pledge $50 or more during Bill's show and get this great CD!

Track Listing:

Petals: Lay Down With Flowers
Mummies: On The Planet Of The Apes
Barracudas: 1965 Again
Mood 6: Hanging Around
Your Funeral: I Want To Be You
Mark & the Mastodon: Return of the Unused Portion
Livingstones: Sunshine
Creeping Pumpkins: That's My Girl
Creatures of the Golden Dawn: Acid Test
Mystic Eyes: I'm Higher Than I'm Down
Stepford Husbands: Seems Like Years
Delmontes: Don't Cry Your Tears
Projectiles: Some Things Never Change
Shoutless: I Tell No Lies
Lime Spiders: 25th Hour
Thee Waistcoats: Too Kinky
The Phatons: My Heart Is Full...
The Nozems: Psycho
Sawney Bean: Surf & Slam
The Chud: Rumble at the Love In
Orin Portnoy: Don't Tell Me

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