Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland

November 4, 2001

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Die Matrosen - Lilliput
In The Echo Chamber - The Hoodoo Gurus

Go Walking Down There - Chris Isaak
I Know - The Illusion
SHe'll Never Know - The Priests
She's Sorry - The Journey Men
Name That's A Number - Jimmy Silva & the Goats
You Lie - The Lynx

The Hives Are Law, You Are Crime - The Hives
All Over Town - The Au Go-Go's
Get Back At You - Red Planet
Don't You Dare Blame Me - The Five Americans
My Heart Is Full of Hurt - The Phatons
I Need Love - The Third Booth

Whisper In Time - Bad Religion
I'll Sell My Soul - The Allies
Girl - The Insomniacs
What'cha Gonna Do Baby - The Mersey Lads
Surfin' Tamales - The Magnetic IV
And Then - The Emperors

Pussy And Money - The Dictators
Don't Cry - Richie's Renegades
Car Fiction - Echobelly
You're Never Gonna Love Me Anymore - The Bucaneers
Something Wrong - The Hissyfits
Cry Girl - The Kan Dells

I Like You - Brian Jones Was Murdered
Never Going Back To Georgia - The Badd Boys
Shimmy Watusi - The Downbeat 5
Girl In The Mini Skirt - The Era Of Sound
That's My Girl - The Creeping Pumpkins
Sun's Going Down - (Wally Tax &) The Outsiders

Mood Ring - The Sugar Twins
Don't Say Why - The Plymouth Rockers
Gullible - Bankhead
I Believe - The High Spirits
Lands End - Laika & the Cosmonauts
Rari - The Standells

Denise - The Fountains Of Wayne
Say That You Will - Phil & the Frantics
L.O.V.E. - It's My Party
Enough - The Bohemian Vendetta
Jean Shepherd - Jim Testa & the Jerseybeats

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