Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland

July 29, 2001

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Get Rid Of Him - The Cuts
Fly At Night - Chilliwack
Time Bomb - The Astroglides

Hideous Sun Demon - Funch
Baby Send For Me - The Checkerlads
Coming Up For Air - Carriage H
Who Dat? - The Jury
It's Not About Love (It's About Love) - The Seconds

Dusty - It's My Party
Shakin' All Over - The Guess Who
I Don't Want To Live Forever - Martin Phillips
I Told Those Little White Lies - The Painted Ship
In A Forest Sometimes - Ferry Boat Bill

Kill Yourself - The Stuck-Ups
As The Years Go By - Mashmakhan
Like A Prayer - The Rondelles
Never Alone - The Five Canadians
BBC - The Ming Tea

Keep On Runnin' - The Generators
Dance - Rayburn Anthony
She Monster - Satan's Satellites
Renaissance Fair - The Byrds
At a Turtle's Pace - Winter Hours

Bye Bye Baby - The Detroit Cobras
My Friend Jack - The Smoke
Shogun Warrior - Dirtbike Annie
The Boat That I Row - Lulu
Adrenaline - The Sisters of Sharon

Blood From A Stone - Creatures of the Golden Dawn
Moulty - The Barbarians
Good Good Crack - The Fleshtones
Evil Hearted You - The Human Beingz
Yes Please Bob - The Eton Crop

I Don't Wanna - Scared of Chaka
The Other Way Around - The Heathens
Get Back At You - The Red Planet
Fluctuation - The Shades Of Night
Cellar Door - Laura Cantrell

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