Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland

June 24, 2001

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Beach Baby - First Class
I Don't Wanna - Black Flamingo
To Cut A Long Story Short - The Spandau Ballet

All Again - Sonny Vincent
I'll Keep Holding On - The Action
Accusatory - The Hentchmen
All Night Stand - The Thoughts
I Need A-Nuddin' - Ile Turner & the Kings of Rhythm

Devil's Martini - The Dynotones
Breakdown - The Trolley
Black And Blue - KO & the Knockouts
I Tell No Lies - The Escapades
I Wanna Kill My Mom - The Panics
Heart Of Stone - The Rolling Stones

Trains - Holidy Flyer
Everything (That's Mine) - The Motions
Rape Me - Nirvana
The Life I Live - Q65
Ain't You - Liliput

Good Good Crack - The Fleshtones
When My Little Girl Is Smiling - Jimmy Justice
He's Waitin' - The New Original Sonic Sound
Dr. Stone - The Leaves
Trash - Punkassbitch

Apology - The Go-Gos
Lorke Lorke - Silvetler
West Side Guitar - The Royal Fingers
Trip - Baris Manco & Kaygisizlar
Sizzler - The Fast

Shadows Of The Night - Dead Moon
Evol, Not Love - The Five Americans
Gonna Be A Man - The Mullens
Everyday I Have To Cry - Steve Alaimo
Arrested - Harry Viderci

It's Gonna Work Out Fine - Andre Williams & Ronnie Spector
Love Potion No. 9 - The Searchers
Go Betty - The Cocktail Preachers
I Need Love - The Mad Hatters
Feelin' Like A Vampire - The Putrid Flowers

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