Bell Kelly's Teenage Wasteland

January 21, 2001

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Before the Swine - Wolf Roxon
Don't Look - Nervus Rex
Wendy - The Beach Boys
Bad Situation - The Strollers
Look and See - The Young Aristocracy
You Lied - The Female Chauvinist Pigs
Yesterday's Hero - The Satyrs
Porno Beach - Smogtown
This Decade's Idiots - Everlounge
Darkness Darkness - The Youngbloods
Psycho Kitty - Mz Pak Man
Never Going Back To Georgia - The Badd Boys
Me Mad - Texas Terri & the Stiff Ones
I Never Thought - The Hillbilly Hellcats
All Over Town - The Au-Go-Go's
King Dork - The Mr. T Experience
Don't Look Back - The Remains
Solitary Man - Johnny Cash
It's Not Real - The High
Put The Clock Back On The Wall - The E-Types
Ramones - Motorhead
Evil Hearted You - The Human Beinz
Lard Ass - The Coyote Men
Mi-A-Suri Talk - Mike Taylor
Bonneville Stomp - The Cave 4
Richard Cory - Them
Whisper In Time - Bad Religion
I'll Sell My Soul - The Allies
I Wanna Be Sedated - The Skandalous All-Stars
Miss Fay Regrets - The Makers
I Hope You're Proud - Bo Allen
Surfin' with the Mountain King - The Surf Trio
Run Run Run - The Third Rail
That's What You Always Say - Junket
Mongoloid - Äss
Fever - McCoys
Anna - The Jesus Lizard
Shame - The King's Ransom
Where The Girls Are - The Gossip
Don't You Dare Blame Me - The Five Americans

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