Scott Williams

Friday afternoons 3PM - 6PM

Playlist for Dec 3, 1999

Scotts William Death March

Andy Kaufman "One More Song For You" MAN ON THE MOON sdtk
Crick Diefendorf "Eruption" EVERYBODY WANTS SOME trib to Van Halen
Holly Golightly "Your Love is Mine" V/A YOUR SOLDIERS IN PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE Surefire Distrib. sampler
Mr. Brinkman "Trom Ping" TRANSMITTENS
Inflatable Boy Clams "I'm Sorry" double 7"
John Rose & Robert Edward Smith "Satie's Venomous Obstacles" CHAPELLE DES MORTS
Necronomicon "Prolog" TIPS ZUM SELBSTMORD
Pink Floyd "Vegetable Man" ANTHOLOGY VOL. 1 (Italian Bootleg)
The Lovin' Spoonful "Darling Be Home Soon" V/A UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED VOL. 10

Kevin Rowland "I Can't Tell The Bottom From the Top" V/A UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED VOL. 10

Jim O'Rourke "The Workplace" HALFWAY TO A THREEWAY
The Magick Heads "Use Your Charms" TRANSVECTION
Alice Despard "Twilight Lucy" PUSH ME PULL YOU
Pop-Off Tuesday "Wafflehead" SEE MY GHOST
Shirley Collins "The Cherry Tree Carol" SWEET ENGLAND
Mike Cooper "Theme in C" DO I KNOW YOU?
w/ Derek Bailey & Eugene Chadbourne "Promo Interview" TOUT FOR TEA 10"

Pink Floyd "It Would Be So Nice" (ditto above)
Oneida "I Remember It Well" ENEMY HOGS
Leichenzug "mit Blaskapelle" V/A DEAD & GONE VOL. 1 FUNERAL MARCHES
Univers Zero "Affinite" THE HARD QUEST
Robert Wyatt "Song for Che" V/A DEAD & GONE Vol. 1
White Star Orchestra "Mon Couer Souvre a ta Voix" MUSIC AS HEARD ON THE FATEFUL VOYAGE
Tuxedo Brass Band "Nearer My God to Thee" V/A DEAD & GONE Vol. 1

Gavin Bryars "The Sinking of the Titanic" THE SINKING OF THE TITANIC
Kevin Ayers & Bridget St. John "Jolie Madame" ODD DITTIES
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 "Electrocutioner" EYE SORE: A STAB AT THE RESIDENTS
Mr. Bungle "Golem 2: The Bionic Vapour Boy" CALIFORNIA
The Teardrop Explodes "Bouncing Babies" PIANO

Snap-on Voles "Powerhouse" V/A HAPPY HOUR FOR A PACK OF SCREAMING MONKEYS trib. to Raymond Scott
The Residents "Matchmaker" V/A KNITTING ON THE ROOF
Death of Samantha "Gigolo Aunt" V/A BEYOND THE WILDWOOD trib. to Syd Barrett
Matmosphere "Yer Blues" V/A WITHOUT THE BEATLES
Guy Klucevsek "Who Gets the Guy?/This Guy's in Love With You" V/A GREAT JEWISH MUSIC: BURT BACHARACH
Mike Patton "She's Gone Away" (ditto above)

Seompi "Almost in A Hole" AWOL

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