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Friday afternoons 3PM - 6PM

Playlist for Oct 8, 1999


The Human Instinct "Stoned Guitar" STONED GUITAR
John Cale (w/ K. Ayers, Eno, Nico) "Heartbreak Hotel" JUNE 1, 1974
King Frog "Tingo Tango" COCOANUT GROVE
w/ David Maranha "Piano Suspenso" PIANO SUSPENSO
Amps For Christ "Forward Pipes" ELECTROSPHERE
Davey Graham "Apotheosis of the Whimsey-Horse" CRIMINAL PURSUITS
The Frogs "Golden Showers" BANANIMALS
Madison "Man on the Moon" V/A PORN TO ROCK

Farmer's Market "Gankino Horo" V/A BALKANS WITHOUT BORDERS
High Rise "Disallow" DISALLOW
Clinic "Porno" CLINIC
The Lonesome Organist "Swarm of Bullets" YAKUZA Comp "JAPANESE RUMBA"
Bobby Conn "Maria B" LLOVESSONNGS
Mr. Quark "Happy Birthday, Julius" EAT NUOC-MAM WITH MR. QUARK 7"
Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters "Tonite, You Belong to Me" THE JERK (off the videotape)
Donovan "Peregrine" HURDY GURDY MAN

The White Noise "My Game of Loving" AN ELECTRIC STORM
Kimmo Pohjonen "Anastaja" KIELO
Tor Lundvall & Tony Wakeford "The Final Green Place" AUTUMN CALLS
The Tiger Lillies "Maria" BAD BLOOD BLASPHEMY
Royal Trux "Witch's Tit" VETERAN'S OF DISORDER
Pretty Things "All Light Up" TOUR ONLY 7"
Robert Pollard "Submarine Teams" KID MARINE
Ralph Carney "Far Oud" I LIKE YOU (A LOT)
The Chipmunks "Let's Go" CHIPMUNK PUNK

Atomic Bitchwax "Stork Theme" ATOMIC BITCHWAX
Asteroid #4 "Tricks of the Trade" V/A SONGS FROM PSYCHDELPHIA
Jaloppy "Misty Mountain High" OWNER'S MANUAL
Kevin Ayers "There is Loving Among Us, There Is Loving" WHATEVERSHEBRINGSWESING
Listening "Laugh At The Stars" LISTENING

Billy Pigg "Archie's Fancy / Holey Ha'Penny" V/A NORTHUMBERLAND RANT
Alva "Sharch of Tearry" SLATTERY FOR UNGDOM
Walter Ghoul's Lavender Parade "Frumpy & The Strange Machine" WALTER GHOUL'S LAVENDER PARADE...IS COMING
Stuart Gillespie "The Handsome Cabin Boy" SEA CHANTEY'S & FORECASTLE SONGS
Inger Lorre "Yard of BLonde Girls" TRANSCENDENTAL MEDICATION
Roxy Music "Out of the Blue" SPACE DAZE VOL. 3 comp.

Brother JT "Way to Go" WAY TO GO

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