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Playlist for June 27, 1999


Alejandra & Underwood "Fozzy Skating Backwards Trying to Get Our Attention" CHILDREN'S RECORD
Lightning Bolt "Caught Deep in the Zone" LIGHTNING BOLT
Vas Deferens Organization "Kazzo Jajouka" QUEAS AND ART
Melt Banana "Taen Taen Taen (?)" CHARLIE
Nurse With Wound "Lunar Cement Sidewalk" AN AWKWARD PAUSE
Celluloid Mata "Come to Me Chicks" BIMBO OSCILLATIONS
Daniel Steven Crafts "Brief Interlude: The Telephone Call" SOAP OPERA SUITE
Alejandro & Underwood "Indonesian Children's Song Website" CHILDREN'S RECORD
Daniel Steven Crafts "The Conversation" SOAP OPERA SUITE
New Zealand Dairy Ministry "Treat Your Teats" MASTITIS MELODIES
The Mothers of Invention "Weasels Ripped My Flesh" WEASELS RIPPED MY FLESH
Einsturzende Neuabauten "Prolog" HAUS DER LUEGE

Brainville "Alphaville Beach" CHILDREN'S CRUSADE
Robert Charlesbois & Louise Forestier "CPR Blues" LINDBERG
The Magic Pacer "Electric Games" DIG THIS DIG THAT
Teach Me Tiger "How Can I Stop Loving U. pt. 2" LITTLE DARLA HAS A TREAT FOR YOU VOL. 12 comp
Per Saemund Bjorkum, Knut Reiersrud & Bjorn Kjellemyr "Springar Dance In Gjermund's Tuning" DEVIL'S TUNE (Northside comp)
Idyll Swords "Autumn in Empire" IDYLL SWORDS
Robert Wyatt "Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road" ROCK BOTTOM
Brian Jonestown Massacre "Reign On" BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME AGAIN
Flanger "Short Note With A Few" TEMPLATES
David Stevens Crafts "The Essence of Melodrama" SOAP OPERA SUITE
Michael Nyman "The Kiss" THE KISS & OTHER MOVEMENTS

Ween "Dr. Rock" PAINTIN' THE TOWN BROWN (LIVE 1990-1998)
Captain Beefheart "Hobo Chang Ba" C.B. & THE MAGIC BAND GROW FINS
Eason "Black Wall" VIA SATELLITE
Henry Cowell "Sinister Resonance" A HENRY COWELL CONCERT (performed by Chris Burn)
Olivia Tremor Control "Do You Like Worms? (Do You Dig Worms?)" SMILING PETS (Beach Boys Tribute)
The Frogs "Vacation" UNSEALED (Go-Gos Tribute)
The Beta Band "Number 15" THE BETA BAND
Chinese Instrumental Ensemble "When Will You Come Again?" MASTERPIECES OF CHINESE SONGS OF THE 1930s

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