Scott Williams

Sunday mornings 3 am - 6 am

Playlist for May 2nd, 1999

Half as Nice For Twice the Price (excluding Bryce)

Anon. "Saltarello" Norton Enjoyment Of Music (Anthology)
Paul Anka "Crazy Love" Paul Anka Sings His Big 15
Fantomas "Page 3 / Page 4" Fantomas
Zmrzlina "Fantasy" Zmrzlina
Jack Nietzche "End Title Theme" One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Sdtk

Johnnie Whitaker & Fred Gwynne "I Have Saved" The Littlest Angel Sdtk
W/ The Bran Flakes "They're Laughing At Me" / "Let Us Praise Him, Children" Hey, Won't Somebody Come And Play?
Herschel Bernardi "Fiddler On The Roof" Fiddler On The Roof Sdtk
Father Moo & The Black Sheep "?" Father Moo & The Black Sheep
W/ Owen Hand "Jack Hawk" Something New
W/ Jean Redford "Children's Song In Lallan's Scots" Celtic Mouth Music (Anthology)
Mogwai "May Nothing But Happiness Come Thru Your Door" Come On Die Young
Marianne Faithful "Yesterday" Go Away From My World

Verdi "Dies Irae (Beginning)" Messa De Requiem
Nicolas Collins "Tobabo Fonio" It Was A Dark & Stormy Night
W/ Herschel Gordon Lewis "(Excerpts)" Blood Feast Sdtk
Freak's Amour "2wtc68dwr" One For Juanita
Loituma "Te Quiero Dijiste" In The Moonlight
Peter Ivers "In Heaven (Everything Is Fine)" Eraserhead Sdtk
? "When Will You Come Again?" Masterpieces Of Chinese Songs Of The 30s
Frank Pahl "Grandmother's Treadle" Remove The Cork
Frequent Animation "Aureola's Area" (Personal Cassette)

Gary Lucas "Autobahn" @ Paradiso
Psychic Tv "Eden 1, 2 & 3" Dreams Less Sweet
Robert Wyatt "Costa (Memories Of Under-Development)" Dendestan
Arvo Part "Pari Intervallo" New Music Masters Comp
Nico "Little Sister" Chelsea Girl
Jefferson Airplane "Comin' Back To Me" Surrealistic Pillow
Kermit D. Frog "Lydia The Tattooed Lady" The Muppet Show Sdtk

Shirley Anne Hofmann's Euphoria "Down In Prescott Way (Sex Got Into Prescott)" From The Depths
Mercury Rev Isolation" Goddess On A Highway Ep
Bryan Ferry "All Tomorrow's Parties" Taxi
"Tonite...Satie" (See Playlist #1)

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