Scott Williams

Sunday mornings 3 am - 6 am

Playlist for February 28, 1999


Psychic Tv "Rites Of Reversal" A Prayer For Derek Jarman
Danielson "Thanx To Noah" Tri-Danielson (Omega)
The Faces "Ooh, La La" Ooh La La
The Work "With Wings Pressed Back" Miniatures Comp
Neil Innes & Son "Come On Feel The Noize" Miniatures Comp
Donovan "Jersey Thursday"
Beatles "Strawberry Fields Forever" The Beatles Anthology Vol. 2
Led Zeppelin "Friends" Led Zeppelin 3
The Who "A Quick One (While He's Away)" Live At Leeds

The Guess Who "These Eyes" The Best Of The Guess Who
Lois Tundravoice "Dance Under The Snow"
Wilco "Misunderstood" Being There
Kevin Ayers "Why Are We Sleeping"
The Bee Gees "I Started A Joke"
John Cale & Terry Riley "Ides Of March"
Tobin Sprout "Vertical Insect (The Lights Are On)"

Mazinga Phaser "Katia (My Enchantress)" Cruising In The Neon Glories Of The New American Night
Strangulated Beatoffs "Exorcist" 7"
Comus "Diana"
Robert Hollis & Chris Swartz "Nothing Is Stranger Than Paradise"
Jim O'roarke "Prelude To 110 Or 120 / Women Of The World" Eureka
Magnetic Fields "The Flowers She Sent & The Flowers She Said She Sent"
Beck "Ramshackle" Odelay

Nick Drake "Cello Song"
Neil Hamburger (Bits)
White Star Orchestra "The Convergence Of The Twain" / "Glow Worm" Music As Heard On The Fateful Voyage
Of Montreal "Fun Loving Nun" The Gay Parade
White Star Orchestra "Mon Couer Souvre A Ta Voix" Music As Heard On The Fateful Voyage

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