Scott Williams

Sunday mornings 3 am - 6 am

Playlist for February 21st, 1999


Comus "The Herald" First Utterance
The Frogs "Rearviewmirror" ??
Suckdog "Something In Me Ugly" Little Flowers Dying
Transmillenia Consort "Plot Zero" Plot Zero
"Sesame Street Porn"--
Gary Wilson "Groovy Girls Make Love At The Beach" You Think You Really Know Me?
Gary Wilson "6.4=Make-Out" (Ditto)
Curtis Mayfield "Get Down" Roots

The Pretty Things "Private Sorrow" Sf Sorrow
Lindsay Cooper, Chris Cutler, Bill Ligonis, Tim Hodgkinson, Robert Wyatt In The Dark Year" The Last Nightingale
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "Y Bachgen Oedd Yn Dwyn Fy Prynhawn" Triskedekaphilia Comp
"I Wanna Die Too"--
Neu "Sonderangebot" Neu!
Wayne "Half Crazy Angel" At Last!
It's A Beautiful Day "Bombay Calling / Bulgaria" It's A Beautiful Day
Linda Perhacs "Parallelograms" Hippie Goddesses Comp
Pink Floyd Loops --
The Space Needle "Old Spice" The Moray Eel Eats The Space Needle

Vas Deferens Organization Lazy-Eyed Locusts Indefocused Landscapes" Saturation
Grand Funk Railroad "I'm Your Captain / Closer To Home" Collector's Series
Incredible String Band Beyond The See" Wee Tam & The Big Huge
Gene Moore "Profane / Sacrilege" Carnival Of Souls Sdtk
The Beta Band "She's The One" The 3 Eps
Kevin Ayers "Clarence In Wonderland / Red Green & You Blue" Shooting At The Moon

Crevice "Think Of Pleasant Things Pt. 2" Think Of Pleasant Things
Aerial M "Wedding Song Remix (By Tied & Tickled Trio)" Post Global Music
Exhaust "Two Years On Welfare" Exhaust
Joe Jackson "Different For Girls" 200 Cigarettes Sdtk
"Tonite...Satie" (See Playlist #1)

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