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Playlist for January 10th, 1999


Casio "Tonite, You Belong To Me" (Personal Cassette)
Jake Holmes "Dazed And Confused" The Aboveground Sound Of Jake Holmes
Julie Tippett "Shifting Still" Sunset Glow
Anton Lavey "Book Of Satan Verse 3" The Black Mass
Transmillenia Consort "Mushroom Trip" Plot Zero
Harmony Rockets "L'apocalypse Des Animeaux" I've Got A Golden Ticket
N/A (Excerpts) The Farm
Paul Giovanni "Hum" The Wicker Man Soundtrack
Peter Duchin "Let's Face The Music And Dance" That Duchin Touch
Our Glassie Azoth "Weirdstone" Our Glassie Azoth
Reservoir "Tributary"
Mall "Lo Rider" Special Education
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci "2d" Amber Gambler Ep
Psychic Tv "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" Trip Reset
Vincent Price (Excerpts) Witchcraft...
Teletubbies "Teletubbies Say Eh-Oh" Teletubbies
Tibor Szemzo "The Sex Appeal Of Death"
Rod Poole (Excerpts) December 96
Land Of Nod "Masaki" 10" Ep
Chinese Instrumental Ensemble "When Will You Come Again"
Shelly Duvall "He Needs Me" Popeye Sdntk
Stuart Gillespie "Handsome Cabin Boy"
Aphex Twin "#9" Space Daze Comp
(Tape 1 Rewind)  
World Standard "Cowboys Don't Cry" Country Gazette
Jessica Kane "Interview With Gas Station Attendant Varicose Days
Roxy Music "For Your Pleasure" For Your Pleasure
David Bedford "The Sirens" The Odyssey
Angelo Badalamenti "Laura Palmer's Theme" Twin Peaks Sdtk
King Missile "Happy Hour" Happy Hour
Family Of God "Take The Monsters"
N/A "Funeral March"
David Bedford "The Battle In The Hall" The Odyssey
N/A "Gregorian Chant"
Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters "Tonite, You Belong To Me" The Jerk Sdtk
Erik Satie "Gymnopedies #2"

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